Yassarnal Quran (VHS)

Yassarnal Quran (VHS)
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Yassarnal Quran (VHS)
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With an expert Qari, English instructions, and Arabic text, this video will guide a student through the proper pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet, to joining letters and reading words. The format has helped Muslim children from non-Arabic speaking countries learn to read the Quran for over a hundred years. An excellent self-guided learning tutorial on video.

PAL (European Standard) video. Not compatible with USA NTSC standard.
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Yassarnal Quran
2/2/2006 3:38:52 PM
review by:
Khalida akoub
Kids found it educational but a bit boring

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As-Salaikum. My name is Abdul Hameed, and I live in Bayonne, n.j, i have program on the cable access television station intitled: Understanding Islam. And what i would like to know if you have any VHS videos, i need some fro the program we air each sundays from five pm, to seven pm but i need some Islamic vhs videos, because the station the are not playing CD. IF YOU HAVE THEM I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE PRICE SO THAT I CAN OBTAIN THEM FOR MY PROGRAM. Thank you, and may Allah, bless you As-Salaikum Abdul Hameed telephone# 201-243-6811
By Abdul Hameed on 28.06.2006
You should contact www.soundvision.com based in Chicago - they are teh copyright holders for this video.
By Customer Services on 28.06.2006
Salaam I have a number of Qs first is this available in DVD? second its for my child who is 6. will the teacher in speak in enlish and arabic to explain? thanks Nadim
By Nadim asghar on 19.02.2005
It is only available on VHS, but it is delivered in English and Arabic.
By Customer Services on 21.02.2005
Is Yassarnal Quran available compatable with US vcr or dvd?
By KHenry on 18.07.2004
For USA compatibility please order from www.soundvision.com
By Customer Services on 19.07.2004
By QANTA on 14.06.2003
Please just click the "buy" button, or if u mean payment modes then access this page for more info: http://simplyislam.com/faqs.asp
By Customer Services on 14.06.2003
Assalamulaikum, My Name is MOhd Firdaus Abdullah ( malaysia ) Dear Sir i most interested in buying DVD produts in islamic children story and Ahmed deedat debate in DVD. If sir, could give me a guideline of buying your produts. Anyway iam living in asian country ( Malaysia ) if i give a full adress of mine isthere any possiblites in shippping in our country by DHL. andalso i wuldlike to now how many days i could recevd your products. Thanking you Sir , i am waiting your kind reply sir.. Assalamulaikum......
By Mohd Firdaus Abdullah on 09.05.2006
We supply worldwide and so all your questions will be answered douring checkout where you will be supplied with different shipping options and the dates of delivery, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 09.05.2006
salam, i was wondering if you have any books that teach tajweed material recited by arab qaris but also with audio or video or dvd so i can check and compare my voce to the recitor because i dont have a teacher in my location so a book without audio would be useless to me. also can you tell me if you plan on stock the lexicon of edward w lane on cd rom and also if you plan on selling any arabic books in the future
By bilal on 01.10.2005
We have the following with CD, but I don't think it teaches Tajweed recitation: The Modern Teacher Holy Qur'an Hadith & Supplications eCode # 53102 34.99 We have not recieved any response to our order for lexicon of edward w lane on cd rom. We do not plan to sell Arabic books in the near future.
By Customer Services on 03.10.2005
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