We Love Muhammad (SAW)- Life In Mecca (Part 1)- (CD)

We Love Muhammad (SAW)- Life In Mecca (Part 1)- (CD)
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We Love Muhammad (SAW)- Life In Mecca (Part 1)- (CD)
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Jul 2005
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Track Listings

1/ Ya Muhammad (S)
2/ Special Child
3/ Bahira
4/ Great Lady Khadijah
5/ Al Amin
6/ The Black Stone
7/ Read
8/ We Love Muhammad (S)
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salam aleikoum i was wondering if any of the kids songs are in arabic? shoukran Annie
By annie-sana on 18.08.2006
I beleive they are all in English, please listen to online sample.
By Customer Services on 22.08.2006
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