The story of Prophet Shoaib and Prophet Ayyub - CD ROM(ARABIC)

The story of Prophet Shoaib and Prophet Ayyub - CD ROM(ARABIC)
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The story of Prophet Shoaib and Prophet Ayyub - CD ROM(ARABIC)
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The program covers the events and the situations related to the stories of Prophets Shu'aib, Ayyub and Dhul Kifl (peace be upon them). The animated story focuses on the story of Prophet Shu'aib(peace be upon him).

Program's Sections:

* The display of the events of the stories is by means of animated cartoons and interesting dialogues aiming at dramatizing the situations and events from which Muslim children may get to learn Islamic values and good manners.
* Displaying the Qur'anic verses related to the story with the option of listening to the recitation of these verses, and the explanation of difficult words.
* Indirect display of the lessons learned from the events of the story through animated pictures.
* A detailed display of the miracles with which Allah supported His Prophets. These miracles are displayed using animated cartoons.
* The display of a good collection of Islamic songs related to the events of the story in order to inculcate these events in the minds of children.
* There are also a collection of games for the sake of entertainment and the development of the children's sense of observation and intelligence.
Language: Arabic
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