The Hidaya: Commentary on the Islamic Laws Vol. 1

The Hidaya: Commentary on the Islamic Laws Vol. 1
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The Hidaya: Commentary on the Islamic Laws Vol. 1
Al Hasan Ali Marghinani
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Vol. 1 - Contains Part 1 and 2

Shaykh Burhan uddin Ali (503-593 AH) who was born in Marghinan, a village fifteen farsakh from Samarqand in Farghanah, wrote the volumnious celebrated law treatise. The Hidayah, literally `the guidance'. In the words of the Dictionary of Islam, it is the hidayah fil furu' or 'guidance in particular points.' The book covers all subjects of Islam relevant to everyday life. The opinions of the jurisprudents and the imams are cited on all legal issues involving salah, zakah, charity, mutual dealings, marriage, divorce, dower, gifts, death, funeral, iddah, orphanage, fosterage, wills, bequests, inheritance, guardianship, waqf sales, partnership, huddud or punishments. The authorities cited include Imams Abu Hanifah, Shafi', Malik, Ibn Hanbal, Zafar, etc. Differing opinions are discussed in the light of the noble Prophet's ahadith and the rulings of the respected sahabah like Sayyidina Umar and Ali
The English translation of Charles Hamilton was published in four volumes in 1791 CE. This was reprinted now and then without any revision. We at Darul-Ishaat have now revised it and done away with the biased discourse. This difficult brain-racking and time-consuming task is accomplished by Mrs. Z. Bainter. The work will enable scholars and the common men to explore Islamic principles concerning every field of life and to develope ideas on how to apply them and to solve complex issues.
An alphabetical index of subjects on the pattern of a list of contents with sub-headings and of Arabic terminology are included. There are also brief indices of the first words of the Prophet's sayings and of proper names.
Our painstaking effort should help the scholars and common men to get answers to their questions from a logical, religious angle.
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Assalamu'alaykum Do you have both volume 1 and 2 of the above book?
By Mahbubur Rahman on 31.03.2017
This is the price for both vols.
By Customer Services on 31.03.2017
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