The Ablution Solution Wudu Water Bottle: Istinja like a ninja! Red

The Ablution Solution Wudu Water Bottle: Istinja like a ninja! Red

The Ablution Solution Wudu Water Bottle: Istinja like a ninja! Red      

The Ablution Solution Wudu Water Bottle: Istinja like a ninja! Red      

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The Ablution Solution Wudu Water Bottle: Istinja like a ninja! Red
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26.5cm cm
55gm / 0.12lbs
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Jul 2013
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The Wudu bottle is a fantastic way to perform wudu, istinja (washing of private areas) and generally freshening up.

It stands like a bottle when full and rolls up when empty!

With the Wudu bottle you can also wash away these worries:

- No more hygiene issues at work or out and about
- No more delaying the prayer, due lo lack of Wudu (ablution before prayer)
- No more embarrassing containers, just ‘fold-and-go‘ anywhere, anytime
- No more hiding, easily slips into pockets & purses

- Reusable
- Foldable
- Dishwasher safe
- Clip handle to easily clip on to belt loops, bags etc. or to use it to secure the bottle when rolled up
- Spout allows for more accurate cleaning
- Range of colours for all the family
- Capacity 0.5 litre / 16 oz

Length of container (not including the lid): approx 22cm
Width: approx 12cm
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12/22/2019 1:49:27 AM
review by:
Lontine Hunley
As salamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh, This is Great for traveling and while out and about. Maa shaa Allah Allahummah barak alaih Aameen Shukran for the business cards and gift.
Solution Ablution.
6/28/2016 3:31:39 PM
review by:
Linah Top
The solution ablution product is amazing! Life saver!
The Ablution Solution Bottle: Istinja like a ninja
2/3/2015 10:58:53 AM
review by:
Eitimaad Jones
An excellent product for the handbag. Very useful for solving washing problems when out and about. Bottle stands freely when filled, folds neatly when not in use. Will highly recommend it.
Istinja Bottle
12/11/2013 3:58:54 PM
review by:
Baqiya Adam
As Salaam Alaikum: The product was excellent. I really enjoyed it. However, what I was most impressed with was the delivery time. It came much sooner than I was expecting it to come. Alhumdulllah, thank you
10/23/2013 8:29:09 PM
review by:
hadiza buhari
good, a bit too long

Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

If I takes 50 ablutions solutions and 50 travels pockets prayers in how much make me you the whole please?
By salim on 23.12.2013
We can offer you a price of £2 for each item, in sha Allah
By Customer Services on 23.12.2013
Salamu alaikum i want to know if the rates also there for wholesale prices ?? for example i would buy 50 pieces for wholesale - what would be the price in sha allah ?? barakallahu feekum
By Abdelouahed on 12.08.2013
Yes, we offer more discount for wholesale customers. We have a dedicated area for wholesale purchasers or volume buyers. The area is open to all. In order to qualify for wholesale prices: 1. products must be purchased in the stated multiple quantities. 2. Minimum spend must be £150 / US$250 (current special offer - due to increase) If you are already a customer, then all you need to do to register for a wholesale purchase is login as normal, but click the new 'TRADER' check box underneath in order to add some extra details to your account.
By Customer Services on 12.08.2013
Salam, We are running a charity store ( and looking for drop-ship companies. Do you offer such services?
By Nurul Haque on 06.10.2014
W/asalaam. Yes, we do. Please see here for details:
By Customer Services on 06.10.2014
Salam this bottle was £3.99 it's of poor quality I filled it with water and it had a leak I'm very disappointed I was looking forward to this item as it would have made wudu easy
By S Khan on 05.08.2015
Asalaamu Alaikum, sincere apologies, I have been using the same bottle for over one year (not regularly) and it still works fine. In sha Allah we will send you out a replacement
By Customer Services on 06.08.2015
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