Taj ul Qalam Colour Coded Tajweed Quran Read Pen

Taj ul Qalam Colour Coded Tajweed Quran Read Pen

Taj ul Qalam Colour Coded Tajweed Quran Read Pen      

Taj ul Qalam Colour Coded Tajweed Quran Read Pen      

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Taj ul Qalam Colour Coded Tajweed Quran Read Pen
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31 x 17 x 6.5 cm / 12.20x6.69 inches
1750gm / 3.86lbs
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Oct 2017
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Taj-Ul-Qalam the Colour Coded Tajweed Quran Read Pen by Taj Company
Quran Pen Reader with colour coded tajweed lettering to enhance your recitation of the Quran. Must have for urdu speaking Muslims as the Quran that comes with the pen reader is written in the Naskh Script which is the ideal calligraphic style mainly followed in India, Pakistan, and Turkey
Other features that will aid your learning is the 16 line Qurani Hafiz system which is used to memorize the Quran in the most efficient way possible. Quran size 9" x 6". Colour of Quran may vary

Top quality full colour art paper printed by the world famous Taj computers of Pakistan.

Other features of the pen reader -

-Recitation word for word by Muhammad Ibrahim
Complete Arabic Recitations by the following Qaris
-Abdul Basfer
-Muhammed Ayub
-Abu Bakr Ashatri
-Abdul Rahman Al-Hudaifi
-Muhammed Siddique al Minshawi with tajweed
-Minshari bin Rashid al Afasi
-Abdul Basit
-Mahir ul Muaikali
-Abdullah matand
-Abdullah bin ajmi
-Akram Al-Akimi
-Hani Ar Rifai
-Saad Al-Ghamdi
-Saud Asharaim
-Ali Jabar
-Ahmed Alili
-Faris Abad

-Urdu by Fateh Muhammad Jalandari
-Urdu by Farat Hashmi
-Urdu by Ahmed Raza khan
-English -Dari

Also contains the following flash cards which when used with the Pen Reader show

-wudoo instructions in urdu
-namaz ka tarika in urdu
-masnoon duain in urdu
-ahkam e tajweed in urdu
-Chahal Hadith Urdu
-Hamsafar Hajj wa Umrah in Urdu

With booklet and touchpoints where you can place pen and hear duas in Arabic and Urdu Translation

Noorani Qaida
Arabic with Urdu Instructions

Sahih Bukhari
In Urdu translation

Accessories include
USB Charger Lead
2 Pin Adaptor Plug
Ear phones
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Assalam o alaikum, please could you tell nee how long the warranty is on this? Also what is included?
By Nadia Sethi on 05.04.2019
Asalaam, Warranty is 30 days as we don't have any returns arrangement with the supplier as it is an imported product. Everything that is stated is included in the package, but as with all the pens they don't include all the recitations - as there is not enough memory on the pen to hold them all.
By Customer Services on 08.04.2019
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