Roman Urdu Kaida

Roman Urdu Kaida
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Roman Urdu Kaida
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24x18 cm / 9.45x7.09 inches
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Oct 2002
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Urdu starter with transliteration.
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Salam alaikum, I am looking for a software wherein if I type Urdu word in English (kaida) it should write in urdu script. Can you help me in getting it please. Ali, with regards
By Dr. MM Ali on 30.07.2003
I am sorry we have not come accross such a product
By Customer Services on 31.07.2003
I am looking for a comprehesive software for teaching urdu to children. Can you help please
By siraj on 28.12.2003
We have not come accross any Urdu teaching software, only Arabic
By Customer Services on 30.12.2003
I need Urdu roman english qaida i didn't found
By rafi on 27.12.2012
I'm afraid we do not have this in our stock
By Customer Services on 28.12.2012
Hi I am trying to learn urdu. I cannot read nastaliq. Are there any books available in roman urdu?
By Aanan on 16.06.2011
Unfortunately we do not have any books available.
By Customer Services on 17.06.2011
1. how many pages are in urdu roman qaida? 2. I dont see urdu book 1 ,as I see book 2 ,3 ,4 and more? 3. do you have some charts for children to show full alphabets and short form of letters which are used in joining and formimg a word?
By naz on 14.11.2009
I will have someone check to advise you of the number of pages. Urdu book 1 is currently out of stock. We will try to get some more in this coming week, inshallah. We don't have any urdu charts unfortunately.
By Customer Services on 14.11.2009
helo sir, plz send me some about espanish urdu kaida (allphabatic)
By imran on 08.05.2005
How is that and waht is name of his wive
By qarem on 07.07.2006
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