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Click for Charity: Humanitarian Crisis in Syria

Syria Appeal

Just click the button opposite. Then on your behalf simplyislam.com will donate 10p to Human Appeal Int.'s Syria Crisis Fund. Simplyislam's target is to raise 5,000.00, inshallah. Simplyislam have already made a launch donation of 10,000 clicks to get the campaign off to a flying start, but there is still a long way to go so please click and get all your friends, family and online contacts to click too.

Since the Syrian Revolutionbegan on 18th March 2011 there have been violent clashes across the region, indiscriminate shelling of civilian homes and deliberate deprivation of food, water and other basic necessities. The United Nations reports that there have been over 8,700recorded deaths over the past year, with the figure rising each day. The estimated number of unrecorded deaths is said to be equally as disturbing.Without access to adequate hospitals and medical treatment and with the level of food insecurity rising, thousands of injured civilians, women and children have escaped Syria and fled to the borders of neighbouring countries. Please help the Syrian people. They need your support.

Please forward a link to this page to all your email contacts and post the address on your web site or blog. The more people who click on the button, the more money we will be able to donate. Only one click per UK visitor will be recorded in any 24 hour period. Please note that no personal details will be collected.

Human Appeal International

Our call to serve humanity with emergency relief, humanitarian aid and sustainability, started 20 years ago. Today, our aid work has grown and a major  part of this is our support to over 60,000 orphans worldwide. When disasters have occurred in places like Haiti, Pakistan and Syria, we've been one of the first to respond to the need of the people. We've also pioneered eco-friendly and affordable technology for our long-term sustainability programs in places like Pakistan, Palestine and Somalia. In some of the most barren places on earth we have implemented ground breaking water projects and given the local communities a healthy source of safe clean water.

If you wish to make a private donation please visit the web site of Human Appeal Int.
IMPORTANT:This is a means to donate more than would have been otherwise possible. If you wish to query our intentions please submit a message at http://www.simplyislam.com/customerservices/customersupport.asp and Allah (swt) knows best.

NB: Only UK clicks will be recorded

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