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PERCEPTIONS OF ISLAM IN EUROPEAN WRITINGS is part of the wider study of Islam and the West: a history of European, mainly French and English, intellectual responses to Islam from the seventeenth century onwards. It focuses on the nineteenth century. Studies on Islam and the West have so far tended to be dominated by nonMuslim writers. This study, therefore, attempts to put forward a scholarly, Muslim, point of view, on a subject which has acquired increasing importance in our time. Relying on primary European and Islamic source materials, it remains firmly committed to the notion of fidelity to European thought. It paves the way to a constructive dialogue between equals, Islam and the West. more

By Ahmad Gunny

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The work presents 41 Quranic themes with definitions and benefits. Provides references from around one third of the Quran, beautifully illustrated in full colour.

By Dr Muhammad Ibrahim H.I.Surty

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By Gai Eaton

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"The man is a living wonder; intellectually apropos religion, equally in depth and breadth, the paragon of our time. I know of no living thinker who begins to rival him ...", wrote Professor Huston Smith of Frithjof Schuoh. Whether it be the domain od religion, art, theology or epistemology, the perspective of Schuon remains always metaphysical. He is first and foremost a metaphysician concerned with the reality of religion, art, human society or the cosmic order. In this book Schuon deals with a wide range of metaphysical, doctrinal and practical matters. His profound insights into the great religious traditions elucidate with remarkable clarity the essential aspects of spiritual wisdom, more

By Frithjof Schuon

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The All New Al-Mawrid al-Hadeeth 2009. A Modern English - Arabic Dictionary. The modern English-Arabic dictionary of 2009. This practical dictionary follows the chronological and historical order that organizes the meaning with the origin of the word. Rich with examples that enables the researcher to build a complete idea about the target word. It incorporates many new features, including: Material is expanded to contain more entities, meanings and definitions; the linguistics terms cover 1400 entries, not including the index Includes up to date material and concepts that developed recently, specifically those related to electronics, communication and computer science fields I

By Munir Baalbaki

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Against the prevailing assumption that "the warfare between science and theology" ... is a thing of the past, I propose to argue that if this is true it can only be because science has won the war. Only an exhausted theology, one about to sink into the sands of science like a spent wave, could fail to sense the enormous tension between its claims and those of a scientific worldview. There is, of course, a sense in which no tension exists or ever has existed. As truth is one and religion and science are both concerned with it, in principle they must be partners. But that is principle only-de jure, not de facto. For the partnership to work we would need to see clearly the inherent limitations more

By Huston Smth

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By Alan Jones

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Understanding Islam The writings of Frithjof Schuon are well known in the original French for the evident authority and clear insight with which they treat spiritual matters over a wide range. Ananda Coomaraswamy considered him one of the very few Europeans qualified to give an authentic interpretation of Oriental doctrines and T.S. Eliot wrote of the first of M. Schuon's books to appear in English that he had met no more impressive work in the field of the comparative study of Oriental and Occidental Religion. But these writings are not mere works of scholarship: for all who, in the chaotic world of today, seek to understand the permanent and universal truths of which every sacred more

By Frithjof Schuon

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This collection of essays by one of the best known contemporary Muslim scholars writing in the English language covers many facets of Islamic life and thought. The author has brought together studies dealing with practical as well as intellectual aspects of Islam in both their historical and contemporary reality. Although concerned with the scholarly dimension of the subjects with which he deals, the author devotes himself especially to the contemporary significance of such themes as religion and secularism, the meaning of freedom, and the tradition of Islamic science and philosophy. The traditional perspective of the author runs throughout all of these studies and provides a unified more

By Seyyed Hossein Nasr

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Modern Man at the Crossroads IT HAS BECOME increasingly clear to many "modern" individuals today that the paradigm of knowledge that is set forth by modern science as the prevailing world view, while it bedazzles us with its intricacy, its precision, and its technological edge, has led to a crisis of identity and fails on fundamental levels to answer the perennial questions that lie at the heart of man's being In the present work, the author surveys the traditional knowledge of the religions and the findings of modern science in the light of the two prevailing questions of our time, namely the Origin of Life/Man and the _true nature of the Reality and Final End. Part One, The Search for more

By John Herlihy

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