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Covers a very wide range and provides the English as well as Urdu equivalents and synonyms of over fifty thousand English words, idioms, technical terms, expressions and phrases both archaic and modern. The dictionary is of current English words in general use in literature and conversation. It covers a wide field of vocabulary and words of continental languages used in law, fiction, poetry and drama. Latin, Greek and modern foreign language words commonly in use in current English have also been included. Words are arranged in alphabetical order and derivatives and phrases follow the main head-words. Pronunciation is given immediately after the word in parenthesis. The etymology, the

By Ferozsons

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El Motkan: The Illustrated School Dictionary


List Price: $27.30 Saving: 50%
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The All New Al-Mawrid al-Hadeeth 2009. A Modern English - Arabic Dictionary. The modern English-Arabic dictionary of 2009. This practical dictionary follows the chronological and historical order that organizes the meaning with the origin of the word. Rich with examples that enables the researcher to build a complete idea about the target word. It incorporates many new features, including: Material is expanded to contain more entities, meanings and definitions; the linguistics terms cover 1400 entries, not including the index Includes up to date material and concepts that developed recently, specifically those related to electronics, communication and computer science fields I

By Munir Baalbaki

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Arabic - English Advanced Level Vocabulay Handbook Arranged By Topic

By Zeina Debs Khayat

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A dictionary of basic terms applied to various names and references in Islam.

By Ruqaiyyah W Maqsood

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A dictionary is an essential commodity of everyday use. Compilation and production of dictionaries is a fine art. The basic function of a dictionary is presentation of the meaning of words in an accurate systematic and understandable manner. Of all the various varieties of the dictionaries a concise dictionary is usually the most frequently consulted category.

By Ferzsons

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Wortabets Pocket Dictionary Arabic - English by John Wortabet and Harvey Porter

By John Wortabet

List Price: $8.18 Saving: 50%
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