Omani Thobe Thawb Jubba (Cream) - Mens

Omani Thobe  Thawb Jubba (Cream) - Mens

Omani Thobe  Thawb Jubba (Cream) - Mens      

Omani Thobe  Thawb Jubba (Cream) - Mens      

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Omani Thobe Thawb Jubba (Cream) - Mens
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330gm / 0.73lbs
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Oct 2011
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Softer silkier material.

Material: Polyester
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I would like to buy atleast three omani style thawbs. Please specify what other colours do you have besided white and cream? Please confirm the chest, arm length and total length for the size 56? I currently wear a size 54 and its chest is 44, but according to your size guide size 56 has 38 chest. How much would you charge to post three omani thawb and 3 trousers to Trinidad and Tobago?
By anwar on 06.12.2011
We only have the white in stock. Please ignore the size guide, it is not related to this item. To discover the shipping charge for your order, add the required items to your cart and select your location. Please note shipping is charged @ cost. There are no handling charges.
By Customer Services on 06.12.2011
Dear Madam,. dear Sir, you are offering a Pakol of size 60 cm. I am wondering, if there is also a larger size, e.g. 63 cm? Your are also offering an Al Othamiman Thobe of size 58. I am wondering if that corresponds with german measures? I am 194 cm tall and weigh 100+ kg. Would that fit? Kind Regatds, Juergen Weiss
By Juergen Weiss on 06.02.2012
There is no standardisation of sizes of the hats that we sell. However most tend to be 'flexible' to fit most head sizes. As a general rule I would suggest that 56cm circumference of head size would be the ideal size for most of our hats. However, the premium Afghan hats are of a larger size and should be suitable for 63cm sizes.
By Customer Services on 08.02.2012
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