Omani Thobe Dishdasha No Collar Thawb Jubba (White) - Boys

Omani Thobe Dishdasha No Collar Thawb Jubba (White) - Boys

Omani Thobe Dishdasha No Collar Thawb Jubba (White) - Boys      

Omani Thobe Dishdasha No Collar Thawb Jubba (White) - Boys      

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Omani Thobe Dishdasha No Collar Thawb Jubba (White) - Boys

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330gm / 0.73lbs
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Sep 2005
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Material: Soft Touch Polyester
Please click here for the sizing chart for this particular range
Full flowing juba, the material falls very nicely. Good Quality cool fabric.

To find your child's size; measure in inches from your child's shoulder to his ankles. Then select the matching size from our dropdown box, inshallah.

If the child is not available to measure here are general guidelines:


30=3-4 years old
32=4-5 years old
34=5 years old
40=9 years old
42=9-10 years old
44-46=11-12years old
46-48=12-13years old
48-50=13-14 Years old
50-52=14-15 Years old
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7/26/2014 10:00:41 AM
review by:
Viktorija Jakusenoka
Very good quality! Highly recomend!
review of childs thobe
9/29/2011 12:22:19 PM
review by:
sofia hussain
I was unhappy with this order as i needed these thobes for Eid, I ordered them a week before Eid and recieved them a couple of days before in a size larger than I ordered! When I rang to get this resolved I was told you dont have any in the size i requested, i wish i was told this upon submission of my order.Of course it was too late by then to go elsewhere...i ended up keeping the thobes for next Eid as it was too much hassle to send them back
Omani Thobe (White) - Childrens
9/1/2011 7:04:45 PM
review by:
Good product, good price, quick service and delivery. What more can you ask for?
11/8/2010 10:30:09 PM
review by:
Good thobe, the fabric feels nice even though it is polyester. Great value for money
white thobe
12/14/2005 3:03:39 AM
review by:
craig hoosier
nice. highly reccommend

Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

what material is it made of?
By fm on 31.08.2009
By Customer Services on 31.08.2009
where do you located?
By MAME DIOP on 30.09.2009
We are based in Manchester UK.
By Customer Services on 30.09.2009
I am 6' 200lbs. I would like Omani thobe (black) do you have this, of not when?
By john khalfan on 30.07.2010
Please, follow the lik for size chart:
By Customer Services on 30.07.2010
still didnt get this item ! please send me full refound
By golizar88 on 30.05.2016
I'm 5'6 in height what size should best fit me?
By S Kar on 30.01.2006
Size 56 or 58 will be suitable for you depending on how you wish to wear the garment on the ankles or above the ankles.
By Customer Services on 31.01.2006
im from Colombia latinoamerica , i can pay with my country money or Dollars in efective
By GIAN FRANCO JIMENEZ on 29.10.2013
We accept credit cards and paypal from worldwide customers. Unfortunately not cash.
By Customer Services on 30.10.2013
Dear Sir
I sent an email 2 days ago asking if you can provide me with a tracking number for my item.
Please if you can provide me with updated data for my item.
By alialazawi1979 on 29.01.2015
Unfortunately you selected our default shipping method which is not a trackable service. Your item will be with you shortly, in sha Allah.
By Customer Services on 29.01.2015

I have not received this item and urgently need it for next Friday .... Is it in the post please ?

Many thanks

By graham.w.mitchell on 27.11.2015

My full address is as per our application which is half penny bridge cottage. Bampton. Tiverton. Devon EX169EF

What happens now please ? My son needs to be dressed properly next Friday !!

Regards. Graham
By graham.w.mitchell on 27.11.2015
What is the smallest size available, and what age does it correspond to?
By URWAH ABDUL RAHMAN on 26.08.2011
Smallest size I 28 it fits a cold of approx. 2ft 8" tall
By Customer Services on 27.08.2011
Salaam, I wanted to buy one of these thobes for my little brother who is 18months but have not got a clue as to what size i should get for him, could you pls advise me as to which size you think would be suitable for his age?
By Fahimah on 26.07.2012
Inshallah we will be updating the sizes of all these thobes including chest, shoulder and sleeve lengths. Inshallah please check back later on today or tomorrow as this will be updated on the products description pages Inshallah.
By Customer Services on 26.07.2012
Dear SirDo you have a tracking number for the above item.Awaiting your kind reply.regardsAli
By alialazawi1979 on 25.01.2015
Unfortunately you selected our default shipping method which is not a trackable service. There are presently major delays for mail entering the USA due to heightened security, but inshallah your item will be with you shortly.
By Customer Services on 26.01.2015
Hallo, Do you have this Iterm in size 58? If yes, then please tell as Quick as you can. thanks & I'am waiting for your reply. Selmer
By Sabine Selmer on 24.02.2010
Unfortunately we do not have size 58 and we are not expecting in the near future.
By Customer Services on 25.02.2010
Essalamou^Aleykoum do you have the omani thobe size 50 in toher colors than white?
By anas on 23.07.2011
Yes we will be getting black omani thobes in stock towards the end of ramadhan.
By Customer Services on 25.07.2011
i am 5ft11 what siize should i get i want it alil above the ankle
By mustafa abdur rahman on 22.08.2009
Size 58 should suit you, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 22.08.2009
Thanks foryour cooperation
By golizar88 on 22.06.2016
Thanks foryour cooperation
By golizar88 on 22.06.2016
Hello, if i was to order this today, would it arrive in time for the 29th/30th of december? i can pay extra for postage if need be to garantee it.
By Chris on 21.12.2009
Yes, please select a courier service and inshallah the item would be despatched on Wednesday to reach you in good time for the 29th.
By Customer Services on 22.12.2009
still didnt received this item..and checked with the post office too!...can you please send me the refund
By golizar88 on 21.06.2016
Hi will this fit a 18-24 month old baby?
By nazuk-3btpdao9 on 19.07.2014
Hello, The measurements relate to the length of the garment from the shoulder to the bottom hem of the garment. We suggest that you carry out a similar measurement to the child from the shoulder to the ankle, in order to establish whether the garment will fit. Thanks
By Customer Services on 21.07.2014
im 14 and i dont think the mens will fit me because i am kind of small, but if im 5'2 will this fit me???
By kory satter on 19.03.2009
Yes, if we have this in size 52, then that is made for someone who is 5ft 2" in height.
By Customer Services on 19.03.2009
Im 5ft 12inch what size shall i choose
By Mustaf on 18.11.2010
5ft 12inches, that's 6 foot - right? Size 60 or 62 should suit you inshallah.
By Customer Services on 19.11.2010
looking for 2 Thobes size 62 for a 44inch chest? Can you supply please this XXL size please?
By bain on 16.06.2010
Unfortunately, this size is not in stock. Thanks
By Customer Services on 16.06.2010
I just wanted to know if you got any jubba for a new born baby its just been a month since born can you please get back to me as i need it for next friday 26 december i can pick it up as your based in manchester, can you please email me back.
By yasin on 15.12.2014
No, unfortunately we don't have any that small.
By Customer Services on 16.12.2014
Assalamualaikum I am looking for Mens Omani Thobe (White) in size 52 how much would it cost with the postage? What is the material?
By Yusuf on 14.09.2009
It is made from a cotton polyester mix. To discover the shipping charge for your order, add the required items to your cart and select your location. Please note shipping is charged @ cost. There are no handling charges. Delivery Times: We aim to despatch all orders within 24 hours of receipt, or otherwise advise via email. UK: Within 3 days Europe: Within 7 days USA : between 5 -10 days Rest of the World: 10 - 21 days
By Customer Services on 14.09.2009
salaam. item 56086 childrens thobe size 50- is whats chest size in inches? jakallah
By sarfaraz on 14.08.2012
This is 51 cms, approx 20inches
By Customer Services on 14.08.2012
Could you please explain the sizes a little more. I am 6 ft tall with chest 54. What size cotton Omani thob would fit me
By Max on 14.07.2012
The sizes for men are indicative of the length of the thobe. So for example, size 60 would be 60 inches in length etc.
By Customer Services on 16.07.2012
as-salaamu alaiykum. i have trouble fitting jalibiyyahs and thobes. i am only 5 foot 6 but i lift weights and my chest is 58in and my arms are 19and a half inches and i have very broad shoulders. can i place a custom order? shukran.
By jamiir-ali on 13.08.2009
Thank you for your message. Unfortunately we do not do custom order.
By Customer Services on 14.08.2009
what is the estimated date please?
By golizar88 on 13.05.2016
Salam, my son is 3 and half he normally fits size 3-4 years english clothes would this item be suitable??
By Farzana on 12.08.2011
Once you determine your son's size you can check it against our stock levels.
By Customer Services on 12.08.2011
How small is the smallest throbe you have? My son is wearing clothes 2-3?
By 78klt on 12.06.2015
This is our smallest size: Size 28 length in inches, Chest 35cm, Shoulder 27cm Sleeve 32cm 32
By Customer Services on 12.06.2015
Can you tell me which size I would need to purchase for an average 6 year old? Thank You
By Amir Rahman Azadi on 09.08.2012
The sizes we have available are the length in inches from shoulder to hem. So 38, 40, 42 etc would be the length. We have provided a comprehensive chart for the measurements of the chest, shoulder and sleeve in cm on the product description page Inshallah. It would be advisable to measure the person before finding the right fit.
By Customer Services on 09.08.2012
Omani Thobe (White) - Childrens do you have this in a mans size please I belive I had one befor at 60" or 62" yours Michael
By Michael griffiths on 07.07.2011
The mens sizes are due to come in stock in the first week of ramadhan inshaAllah.
By Customer Services on 08.07.2011
Please can you tell me the cotton mix of your childrens white Thobe.
I am looking for cotton.
Thank you
By cathwreneliz on 07.01.2014
The material of this garment is polyester. It does not contain cotton.
By Customer Services on 08.01.2014
Salam alaykum, I dont see the size chart for children. Are the sizes by length in inches? Jazakallah khair
By G on 04.08.2011
It is usually according to height e.g size 28 would fit a child who is 2ft8".
By Customer Services on 05.08.2011
Please tell me what material the boy's white 'jubba' long shirt is made of. It doesn't say and I need it to be 100% cotton.
By Giles on 04.07.2015
It is 100% soft polyester
By Customer Services on 05.07.2015
my son is an average sized 9yr old, not exceedingly tall or short, not fat or very thin. what size would be appropriate for him?
By somera malak on 04.05.2012
The sizes we have available refers to the length of the Thobe. Please find the closest match to the height of your son. The width of the Thobes are standard one size for children.
By Customer Services on 08.05.2012
By MUBIN on 04.04.2009
We have some children's clothing under the link "Clothing". Or copy and paste this link into your browser:
By Customer Services on 05.04.2009
Aa Just enquiring if you have size 18 thawb for boys available for purchase? And any other colour other then white or is there only white?
By Asma Shaikh on 04.02.2015
We have black also, but from memory I think our smallest size is 20 or 24?
By Customer Services on 05.02.2015
can i get my item delivered for next day delivery
By hassina on 04.01.2015
Walaikum Asalaam, apologies, we were closed for the holiday period. We are back to work now and we will dispatch your order shortly, Insh Allah.
By Customer Services on 05.01.2015
Yes this is the address on our orginal order
By graham.w.mitchell on 01.12.2015
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