New Dimensions: SR-SU09-VD01 Black - Silk Route Jilbab

New Dimensions: SR-SU09-VD01 Black - Silk Route Jilbab
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New Dimensions: SR-SU09-VD01 Black - Silk Route Jilbab
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510gm / 1.12lbs
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Aug 2009
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Love it!!!
1/16/2012 12:22:43 PM
review by:
izolda ashor
My favourite! Love the fabric, design. It's modest, trendy and comfy.

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What material is this jilbab? Are there other zippers or buttons to help put this one on and off easily than those visible on the picture provided? Is this really black, it looks dark brown or grey on the picture (which would be fine with me)? Thank you!
By Inci Bremer-Schoonjans on 26.09.2012
This is a polycotton blend. The zippers are the only one you can see on the picture (by the shoulder). It is black but not a pure black colour. Hope that helps.
By Customer Services on 28.09.2012
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