Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (DVD)

Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (DVD)
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Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (DVD)
Micheal Wolfe
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Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet tells the story of the 7th century merchant who changed world history in 23 years, and continues to shape the lives of more than 1.2 billion people today. This film creates a lively, thorough, and honest portrait of Muhammad, one that takes viewers not only to ancient Arabian locations where Muhammad's story unfolded, but also into the homes, mosques and workplaces of some of America's seven million Muslims. Leading scholars and theologians round out the documentary with insights and details about Muhammad, what he did, and why Muslims call him the Final Prophet.

This sweeping two-hour documentary goes well beyond the boundaries of the past. "Muhammad is 'history in the present tense,'" says co-creator/producer Michael Wolfe, a well-known Muslim author. "In it, we reflect on this 7th century story through the experiences of 21st century Americans who feel deeply connected to what Muhammad did, said and believed." A presentation of KQED/San Francisco, the documentary is produced by Kikim Media and Unity Productions Foundation. Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet was created and produced by Michael Wolfe and Alexander Kronemer, and produced and directed by Michael Schwarz. Noted actor André Braugher is the narrator. With some of the world's greatest scholars on Islam providing historical context and critical perspective, Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet tells of intrigue and faith, revolutionary ideas and bitter persecution, brutal war and brilliant diplomacy in an arid desert where tribal allegiance was often the only protection. Muhammad was orphaned as a child, but he was fortunate to be born into the powerful tribe of the Quraysh in the city of Mecca, a regional pilgrimage site and commercial crossroads. He became a successful trader based in this cosmopolitan center and married a woman who was a wealthy merchant. Yet as Muhammad prospered with the city, he saw that the poor were increasingly neglected and hedonism dominated the culture.

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9/27/2008 2:36:29 PM
review by:
Ballal Rauf
good dvd and very factual about the life of the prophet
Legacy of a Prophet
1/23/2006 9:11:13 AM
review by:
Haseen Mughal
Very Inspiring. Jazakalla
7/29/2005 9:50:44 PM
review by:
Michael Miksa
great service
7/23/2005 6:55:01 PM
review by:
Mahmoud Samy
Excellant and very informative DVD. Highly recommended for both Muslims and non-muslims.
Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (DVD)
3/21/2005 11:46:39 PM
review by:
This dvd is informative, entertaining and inspiring. It is a stunning documentary telling the life story of Muhammad (PBUH). Recommended to both Muslims and non-Muslims. It has the following special features - Deleted scenes, Virtual hajj, The making of ‘Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet’ - Interviews. English and Arabic subtitles are available on the disc. DURATION- 1-hour 56 mins.

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Assalaamu alaikum. Is this dvd in region 2 format? Will it play on UK players?
By Mohamed on 30.08.2004
Yes, all our DVDs and VHS tapes will play in the UK and Europe and other Region 2 areas.
By Customer Services on 31.08.2004
when should this dvd be back in stock?
By Erin on 28.09.2004
We are expecting it very shortly, we are awaiting delivery anyday now.
By Customer Services on 29.09.2004
when will you have this in stock we need it ASAP
By R El-khateeb on 28.02.2006
We have a standing order for this DVD. As soon as it is reproduced we will have in our stock. We have been informed by suppliers that it may be another 4 weeks.
By Customer Services on 06.03.2006
Will you please advice me how I could get a copy the DVDs for final lagecy
By Mohamud hassa Omer on 26.05.2011
In regards to current UK book, CD, DVD and tapes stock we have a regular re-order cycle of approx. 3-4 weeks, or quicker if it is a popular item. On other items it can very dramtically. Many of our artefacts are imported from overseas and so may take upto 3-4 months to be re-stocked. Therefore in most cases we suggest you order an alternative item. It is not always possible for us to re-stock certain items due to many reasons; no longer available; was not popular etc. If you are set on purchasing a particular item then it would be best to contact us via our website and as if and when we will be re-stocking an item. For all the out-of-stock items on our website you have the option of adding your email address on the product's information page. By doing so you will be automatically notified as soon as we update our stock records for these items on our website.
By Customer Services on 27.05.2011
can i have the dvd in french i am leaving in cote d'ivoire abidjan and i would like to buy a french copy of the dvd
By oyeyemi fatahou on 24.02.2010
Apologies, currently we dont have it in French.
By Customer Services on 24.02.2010
Assalamu Alaikum! I've seen the documentary on PBS and loved it. I highly recommend the DVD. It is not just for Muslims but also for Non-Muslims. In Shaalah, I will be ordering one soon.
By Amor A. on 23.04.2004
Assalaamu alaikum, I've just returned to find an email from you about this item ~ I see I'm too late for the half price offer, Alhamdulillah Can you please tell me, in sha' Allah, is it possible to switch the music off whilst watching and listening to this DVD? JazaakumAllahu khairan for your help
By summayah on 21.02.2010
No, the music is part of the soundtrack unfortunately and cannot be disabled without turning off the speech volume too.
By Customer Services on 22.02.2010
i recently watched the film 'passion of christ' and want to know how we as muslims believe hoe prphet Isa(jesus)pbuh died?
By s.khanum on 19.05.2004
Prophet Jesus (pbuh) was not crucified by the Romans or the Jews. As stated in the Quran , Surat An Nisa : 157.
By Customer Services on 19.05.2004
Assalamu Alaikum I am a convert to Islam. This documentary was very helpful and opened my eyes more to Islam. Inshallah Allah will keep me strong.
By Ruth Keliel on 17.03.2004
Since you have now this title in stock, I suppose you will send it to me right now. So, when I will receive it ?
By civitello on 17.02.2005
Actually you have ordered the following VHS tape ecode #1241 The Life Of The Prophet Muhammad (VHS)and not the Legacy of the Prophet DVD. Inshallah we should have that VHS shortly.
By Customer Services on 21.02.2005
Assalamu Alaikum. Could you tell me please if this DVD has french subtitles ?
By Kamal on 15.02.2010
No unfortunately it does not have French subtitles
By Customer Services on 16.02.2010
when will you be restocked in this dvd because i have been waiting a very long time.
By bilal on 15.01.2005
Inshallah we will place an order within this week. The stock comes from the US so may take some weeks to arrive.
By Customer Services on 17.01.2005
how many pages are in this book
By Hafeez Anwar on 14.03.2004
sorry, it is a DVD, I will update our records to show this
By Customer Services on 15.03.2004
Could you please tell me whether this product is a dvd as it is not been specified on the web page.
By a on 14.03.2004
It is a DVD, we have updated our records to reflect this
By Customer Services on 15.03.2004
Assalamu alaikum, I have come to learn and practice that a man gets twice the share of his sister when their parent's estate is shared. And one of the reasons for this is that the male is responsible for the female even after she gets her share, as long as she is not married. What I want to know is what rights does a man's in-laws (siblings of his wife) have over him if they are bereved and do not have anone to support them financially. I am refering to the rights outside his helping out of his own free will. Ma salaam
By AbdulRasheed Ibn Nasir on 08.11.2005
Hi, Can you please tell me if the it has any subtiles. Thank you
By Hoda on 05.12.2010
No, unfortunately it has no subtitles.
By Customer Services on 06.12.2010
Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (DVD). Is this able to be played on a USA DVD player. i live in USA and notice some of your DVD's are only for European versions.
By Brian on 03.07.2004
Only 2 of our DVDs are European coded i.e Lion of the Desert and the Message. All other DVDs listed on the site can be played on any machine, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 05.07.2004
where can i buy this dvd in south africa.
By azam ally on 02.11.2009
we are not aware of any supplier in your country unfortunatley.
By Customer Services on 02.11.2009
when are you going to be restocked with this DVD ( Muhammad the legacy of the prophet)again?
By Ahmad Mahfouz on 02.10.2004
We are waiting for a long overdue delivery, inshallah, any day now.
By Customer Services on 03.10.2004
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