Men's Viali Sport Thobe Thawb Jubba : Black with waterproof sleeves and hood

Men's Viali Sport Thobe Thawb Jubba : Black with waterproof sleeves and hood

Men's Viali Sport Thobe Thawb Jubba : Black with waterproof sleeves and hood      

Men's Viali Sport Thobe Thawb Jubba : Black with waterproof sleeves and hood      

Men's Viali Sport Thobe Thawb Jubba : Black with waterproof sleeves and hood

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Men's Viali Sport Thobe Thawb Jubba : Black with waterproof sleeves and hood
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785gm / 1.73lbs
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Jul 2013
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The Brand New Range of Men's Clothing!

Viali branded thobes are designed for the Modern Muslim Man. Style ranges from the practical to the stylish and fashionable to adapt to the modern environment.

This Viali design is for the adventurous outdoorsy man. Black with waterproof sleeves and hoood is perfect for the outdoor man. Ribbed jersey style cuffs at the sleeves added for ease and comfort.

Please see additional images for size chart.

90% Polyester
10% Spandex

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Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

Do you have smaller size in this
By ambermylove on 26.08.2015
No unfortunately
By Customer Services on 26.08.2015
Assalamu alaykum, Do you anymore available in S or M by any chance? JazakAllahu khair. If no, when will they come back in stock Insha'aAllah
By haaaanann on 24.05.2016
Hi I wanted to know that where it says say on the large one on the chest it says 50 is it in inches meaning all the way round not arm pit to arm pit , I got a measuring tape so measured my chest full round 45" inch and I got bit of a belly comes to 52 inch full round so shall I go for Large or X-L ? Please tell me I want to buy one today ??
By syedshahid786 on 23.03.2015
And my height is 5foot 8inches so please let me know thanks ???
By syedshahid786 on 23.03.2015
So which one is XL 56 ? In the black one I sent the picture to you it only says XL & XXL so please can you be more clear and specific of the one I want ,I want this one below in XL- 56 black ????????????????????????
By syedshahid786 on 23.03.2015
I'm still bit confused with Ur small On 23/03/2015 12:58 pm, atifdarr wrote:Re: General atifdarr sent a message about Thobe Jubba Mens Thick Warm Winter Black Hooded. Islamic Clothing #190875625936Asalaamu alaikum

Apologies, in that range we don't have variation in the body sizes. It is fixed i.e teh bigger the boddy the longer the thobe. So the XL size is 62 inches in length

We have these thobes which have various width fittings:


Atif Darr
By syedshahid786 on 23.03.2015
Do you have this one in 56X-L ?
By syedshahid786 on 23.03.2015
We only have what is listed unfortunately.
By Customer Services on 23.03.2015
Salaam is this avail in black Large thx
By jessop121 on 22.07.2014
Walaikum Asalaam. Yes, it is currently available in large size. It is only available in black,
By Customer Services on 23.07.2014
Sallams can i have the jubba deliverd to: Crow Nest Park CafeCemetry RoadDewsburyWest YorkshireWF13 2SG07999 03 2222 Jzk.
By bighand786 on 22.01.2016
Asalam alaikum wa rahimahullah wa barakatuhu. Brother I would like to some of your islamic male clothes but I wanted to find out if you ship to uganda. Thanks
By mali-ssen on 22.01.2015
SalamDo you have this in size medium?
By sara_newt on 18.09.2015
Asalaamu Alaikum, no unfortunately just large sizes
By Customer Services on 18.09.2015
Hi,Do you ship to Australia? How much would postage be?Thanks
By omarcarmel on 17.06.2015
Asalaamu Alaikum, yes we deliver worldwide. May I suggest that you place your order on our own website. You will receive the same level of protection as eBay if you elect to pay by PayPal on our website. By adding the item to your cart you will automatically be given the delivery charges for Australia. Jazakallah.
By Customer Services on 17.06.2015
Do you have smaller size
By ambermylove on 16.09.2015
Asalaamu Alaikum, no just the large sizes are remaining now
By Customer Services on 16.09.2015
Hey can u let me know if u get any of the hooded sports thobes in xxl please . Thanks
By au2014.kost on 14.10.2014
Hello, At present we do not have the size you require. However, we are reordering new stock from our suppliers which we expect to receive by the end of next week. Thanks
By Customer Services on 14.10.2014
Salaams, I sell mens thobes at wholesale price. I currently have 5 different styles and very good quality thobes. If your interested please message me.
By sabs120382 on 10.06.2014
Please send some images to
By Customer Services on 10.06.2014
Salaam brother I was wondering if you could help me regarding this Jubba... It would be my first Jubba but I am confused on size. I am 6 foot 1 tall and chest size is 46-48inches... Uk top size I am XL-XXL what size do you recommend?
By wakasmasoodicon2007 on 09.05.2014
W/asalaam. Those sizes on the chart are absolute sizes rather than to fit chest - sizes. So XL would be fine for you.
By Customer Services on 09.05.2014
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