Men's Thobe Thawb Jubba Stone Grey

Men's Thobe Thawb Jubba Stone Grey

Men's Thobe Thawb Jubba Stone Grey      

Men's Thobe Thawb Jubba Stone Grey

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Men's Thobe Thawb Jubba Stone Grey
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650gm / 1.43lbs
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Jul 2014
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Made from a thicker polyester material - suitable for the colder climate.

Available in several sizes and colours.

Size chart is available in the images of the product.

Your Height 5'4" / Chest 36" Purchase Size 52
Your Height 5'6" / Chest 38" Purchase Size 54
Your Height 5'8" / Chest 40" Purchase Size 56
Your Height 5'10" / Chest 42" Purchase Size 58
Your Height 6" 0" / Chest 44" Purchase Size 58
Your Height 6'2" / Chest 46" Purchase Size 62

Note: Chest size is just an indicative size. The garment is worn loose and so will have a few spare extra inches compared to usual western clothing
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Hi Ive ordered the winter Jubba on payment left message the Jubba collar size needs to be 18.5i inches otherwise please cancel order and refund if you have any Jubba that fit my neck please let me know Thanks Perwiz
By perwiz on 29.11.2018
Yes, we will check and process your order in the morning
By Customer Services on 29.11.2018
AssalamuAlaikum, the thobe that I've received is not described as its suggests. It say 'Daffah' on the item supposed to be sold however it is another brand. Please can you rectify this and get back to me. Wassalam
By dukandar247 on 28.06.2019
Actually we just entered Daffah in the title because a lot of people search using that term when looking for thobes. We do not mention the brand in the description of the product. Jazakallah
By Customer Services on 01.07.2019
Slms brother do u have alharamain winter jubbas?what colours n am after size 58/26
By anythingneverything22 on 23.01.2016
Hi Bought this item from you very pleased with it very nice quality fabric but it's bit large for me can you please advise me how to return this for exchange if possible or refund in case you don't have my size Will post ASAP after your response Item is packed in its original packaging with all tags on it Regards
By abm_home_deals on 16.02.2015
Asalaam and Hello. No problem, please just return with a short note stating your name, address order no. / ebay ID and the size you require and we will sort that out for you. Thanks. Returns Dept. 4 Corners UK Ltd. Unit 7, Crown Point Ind. Park, King St. Denton, Greater Manchester. M34 6PG United Kingdom
By Customer Services on 16.02.2015
Asalaamu Alaikum, could you let me know which colours of Daffah Jubbas you have in 62 XXL? Also which colours in Aseel Jubbas also in 62 XXL? ...If you have any of either in that size. JazakAllahu Khairan.
By honest_jimbob on 15.10.2019
Asalaam, we don't have any original Aseel or Daffah thobes. Those usually start where our price point ends. If you are looking for cheaper stock then I can check for you. Jazakallah
By Customer Services on 15.10.2019
do you whit color
By Neb Harrison on 14.11.2015
Hello, i already bought from you for my previous Umra and as i am to perform another, i was browsing through ebay to find stuff and saw those thawbs.
I am really interested in getting that grey and a navy blue, so first i was wandering how the combined purchse will work regarding postage, and second, i am, as always not sure about the size i have to choose, i'm about 5"9 and about 178 lbs, i usually take L sized cloths but sometimes, it's not the right size which is indicated and i have to take XL;
So i need your advice please, and i might also buy a new irham cloth (1 cloth = 2 pieces), postage then? THANK YOU.
By abdella9 on 14.01.2015
Asalaam. Congratulations on your intention of making your 2nd Umrah! Its fairly simple - you need size 58 and with this particular thobe you have options of width. So select which one suits your chest and waist size. Delivery charges will be combined automatically, just make sure you are logged in at and then add both items to your cart before checking out.
By Customer Services on 14.01.2015
Hi,Is the material of the thawb light or heavy?
By appledore1234 on 07.01.2016
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