It's Story Time 2 with Zaky : The Story of Abraham (as) (DVD)

It's Story Time 2 with Zaky : The Story of Abraham (as) (DVD)
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It's Story Time 2 with Zaky : The Story of Abraham (as) (DVD)
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May 2008
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1 Islam Productions are happy to present their second very own children's programme series titled 'StoryTime 2: The Story of Abraham (as)'.

- The Story of Abraham(as) with & without text
- Quiztime with Zaky
- Full scale animation production
- Bonous “Zain Bhikha feat Dawud Wharnsby– Allah Knows Nasheed video clip
- Bonus colouring in book
- Bonus “Zaky” Bookmark

This is a fun way for children to learn. Come along on our Journey as we learn about the Prophets Abraham (AS)!

This DVD contains The Story of Abraham (AS). Suitable for children of all ages.
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dvd did not work in U.S. dvd player
5/11/2012 2:22:00 PM
review by:
rachel preiser
the shipment arrived very quickly but unfortunately it did not work in my dvd player. IF you check the FAQ section it says there may be a possibility of that happening but most of their dvd's are zero region and should work. I had to return all of them, which they accepted. I gave 3 stars bc I like the preview of the dvd but couldnt play the full version.
Prophet Abraham AS
11/11/2011 7:54:48 PM
review by:
Jannat Maqbool
The best DVD yet
Good video, but my daught is scared of the idols
10/20/2011 12:45:22 PM
review by:
Ismail Campbell
Very well done, love the animations. My daughter however is scared of the idols in the Kaaba, so she doesn't want to watch it any more. InshaAllaah I will try another Zaky & friends video
Storytime with zaky
9/3/2010 5:07:01 PM
review by:
Amenah Patel
This is a very good way to get your to learn the story of Ibrahim as. My children really enyoy watching it.
story of Abraham DVD
8/16/2010 10:53:18 PM
review by:
Abisola Atere
Very good for the children
StoryTime 2: The Story of Abraham (as)
7/30/2010 4:12:11 PM
review by:
palestine yassin
This program is one of the best that i have found!! i have a 6yr old and a 3yr old and they love this DVD!! what i love about this DVD program is the way they make it fun and educational and have fun questions in the end ... my kids watch it more then once and they really enjoy it!! it's fun and educational that they really like to watch it completely and do not get bored watching it!! highly recommended!!! i also have the story of Adan and Noah!! also excellent!!
very informative dvd
10/5/2009 11:33:03 AM
review by:
shazia noor
my kids loved it. they have learned a lot about our five daily prayers. it has also corrected my salah.
9/30/2009 11:16:11 PM
review by:
Kamran Sheikh
very good a must have for all muslim children

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asalama calaykum do you have that dvd let me know
By mohaned on 29.01.2009
At the time of writing we have 3 instock.
By Customer Services on 30.01.2009
The whole price was €9.73 but its coming up as €13.44. what is the true price?
By Abisola Atere on 13.11.2009
I will have someone take a look at this on Monday and get back to you, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 14.11.2009
The whole price was €9.73 but its coming up as €13.44. what is the true price?
By Abisola Atere on 13.11.2009
Asalam alicum does this dvd show a person representing the prophet Abraham?
By Rita O Keeffe on 10.08.2008
It does not show a person but has a shadow which is used so that the children will find it easy yo understand the story which has been approved by many scholars.
By Customer Services on 12.08.2008
Dos these DVDs offer the chance to watch it in Arabic? My husband's family is arab so the children do not speak English... Do you have any books about Stories of the Prophets in Arabic? Jazakallah.
By Diane on 10.02.2011
Unfortunately we are English language based and so very little of our material is in Arabic. However, we do have a full series of Stories of the Prophets in Arabic on PC CD-Rom. Take a look at the bottom of this page:
By Customer Services on 11.02.2011
Do you not post the length of the dvds?
By shireen on 03.04.2011
Its about 1 hour long approx.
By Customer Services on 04.04.2011
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