Wuduwater - Istinja like a ninja!

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Wuduwater - Istinja like a ninja!

Wuduwater - Istinja like a ninja!      

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Wuduwater - Istinja like a ninja!

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55gm / 0.12lbs
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Dec 2011
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Available in red and blue only. If you have a colour preference please add to the order comments box during checkout. We will do our best to comply, inshallah.

Wudu Water is a fantastic way to perfom istinja (washing of private areas) and freshening up

With ihe Wudu Water you can also wash away these worries:

- No more hygiene issues at work or out and about
- No more delaying the prayer, due lo lack of Wudu (ablution before prayer)
- No more embarrassing containers, just ‘fold-and-go‘ anywhere, anyiime
- No more hiding, easily slips into pockets & purses

- Reusable
- Foldeble
- Dishwasher safe
- Discreet
- Spout allows for more aocurafe cleaning
- Range of colours for all the family
- Capacity 0.5 litre / 16 oz
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2/18/2013 4:20:35 PM
review by:
Aisha Forsythe
Great product! Good quality, nice color, awesome price!
10/25/2012 1:14:46 PM
review by:
Karim El hamraui
Read the desciption it is self explanatory.. ;-) A must have for muslim leaving home for work/holiday...
Great invention
2/24/2012 10:12:26 AM
review by:
Jaweed Wali
This has to be a great innovation, so helpful and convenient to carry and use. Looks great too in different colours!! bought two, but will buy more soon. Great for travel.
Could be better and cheaper!
2/16/2012 4:03:59 PM
review by:
I like the concept of it but feel it could be made better. An attached side handle would be good for easy pouring instead of the keychain and like the other reviewer suggested a catch to keep it folded when not in use. Also don't think it should be priced at £3.99 as it's only an empty pouch at the end of the day. Although i have a given some negative comments, i am glad that someone has used their initiative to make such a product as there's definitely a market for it.
wadhu water not that great
2/11/2012 8:58:20 AM
review by:
Jamal smith-graham
Brought this, but never used it, there is no catch to keep it folded so it just unravels itself. Very annoying.
Good idea
12/27/2011 2:36:42 PM
review by:
Very handy when out and about!!!
12/27/2011 10:02:14 AM
review by:
Abdulkarim Gheewala
This product is very practicable, specially for regular travellers...so easy to carry in a discreet way, and use it in a convenient way. I certainly found it very useful and have given out as gifts to many. It was found very useful by mums with young babies and children for wash during the travel. One of my friends keeps it in a car for regular use during the travel. Well thought of the design considering the needs of travelling people.
Too Much Money
12/21/2011 1:32:44 PM
review by:
Rashida Brookins
I baught 10 of these and should have gotten a wholesale price, not worth it the quality was poor!

Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

When will this item be restocked? I am looking to buy several.
By Mr. Nasir on 30.07.2013
We now stock The Ablution Solution bottle which is very similar to this product. Please visit the following section of our website: http://www.simplyislam.com/iteminfo.asp?item=63099
By Customer Services on 31.07.2013
Asalamu alaikum, Does the Wudu Water bottle have a special spray nozzle, or just a normal spout like an ordinary drinks bottle?
By Khadijah Bint-Graham on 22.01.2012
Just an ordinary spout.
By Customer Services on 23.01.2012
When will they be back in stock
By munira Patel on 15.05.2012
Inshallah we are hoping to order more if they are available from the supplier. This can take upward of a month or more.
By Customer Services on 16.05.2012
Salam, when will you restock this product? it is out of stock
By Nasir on 12.04.2013
In order to be informed automatically by email when an item is re-stocked, please browse to the products information page and enter your email address in the space provided on that page.
By Customer Services on 15.04.2013
As salaamu alaikum I am interested in buying a number of wuduwater bottles from you, however the stock in always very low. Do you know when you will be receiving more stock? Please let me know as soon as you receive more, I will buy them! Jazak Allah khair Aisha Forsythe
By Aisha Forsythe on 12.01.2013
Inshallah we hope to procure more in stock but at the moment within the next few months.
By Customer Services on 14.01.2013
Do you have a distributor in South Africa
By marilyn on 11.12.2012
I'm afraid we are not aware of other vendors who supply this product in South Africa.
By Customer Services on 12.12.2012
When will the wudu water bottle be in stock every time i check they are always out if stock.
By chris on 10.07.2013
Unfortunately we do not expect to restock this product in the foreseeable future
By Customer Services on 10.07.2013
Assalamu Alaikum Would it be possible to find out who are the owners or makers of Wuduwater -Istinja Like a ninja ! I would like to contact the company directly . is it possible to get their contact information and it is not because I want to buy from them and save buying whole sale I have some other reason and concern . and their contact information would very much appreciated . if you dso not feel comfortable giving disclosing the information would you then be welling to forward a private message to them and I would really appreciate that as well Thank you so much Assalamu Alaikum Sadi
By Sadi on 08.01.2013
Our suppliers are Siratt Arts. Please search for them on Google.
By Customer Services on 09.01.2013
dear sirs, i would like to know if it is possible to make a wholesale order for your wuduwater - istinja like a ninja to distribute your products in france. I would also like to know what your best price is. Please let me know. Regards,
By Yasmine on 04.11.2013
Would it be possible for you to print out logo on these bottles?
By Qasim on 02.12.2011
It is possible, but unfortunately to make it viable, a minimum qty of 500pcs would need to be ordered.
By Customer Services on 02.12.2011
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