Colour Digital Quran - EQ400 - New Lower Price!

Colour Digital Quran - EQ400 - New Lower Price!
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Colour Digital Quran - EQ400 - New Lower Price!      

Colour Digital Quran - EQ400 - New Lower Price!      

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Colour Digital Quran - EQ400 - New Lower Price!
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11 x 7 cm / 4.33x2.76 inches
330gm / 0.73lbs
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Aug 2011
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*** Pouch is no longer supplied with this product***
- Complete Holy Quran Audio of 14 Reciters namely:
* Sheikh Al-Sudais
* Sheikh Mahir Moeqali
* Sheikh Mishary Bin Rashid
* Sheikh Saad Al-Gamdi
* Abdullah Basfar
* Abu Bakar Shatree
* Ahmed Bin Ali Al-Ajmi
* Ali Al-Hothefi
* Awad Al Juhaynee
* Sheikh Salah Budair
* Sheikh Ayub
* Saddiq Al-Manshawi (child)
* Al-Hussary Al-Azazy (child)
* Abdul Rashid Ali Sufi

- Tafseer, Hadeeth, History and other Islamic Books:
* Tafseer Ibne Katheer (Arabic)
* Tafseer Ibne Katheer (English)
* Tafseer Ibne Katheer (Urdu)
* Tafseer Al-Jalalain (Arabic)
* Tafseer Al-Jalalain (Mly-Indo)
* Tafseer Al-Qurtabi (Arabic)
* Tafseer Al-Tabari (Arabic)
* Saheeh Al-Bukhari (Arabic)
* Saheeh Al-Bukhari (English)
* Saheeh Al-Bukhari (Mly-Indo)
* Saheeh Al-Bukhari (Urdu)
* Saheeh Muslim (Arabic)
* Saheeh Muslim (Urdu)
* Riad-as-Salheen (Arabic)
* Riad-as-Salheen (English)
* Riad-as-Salheen (French)
* Sunnen Ibne Majja (Arabic)
* Sunnen Nissaie (Arabic)
* Sunnen Abu Dowood (Arabic)
* Sunnen Tirmizi (Arabic)
* Arabaeen Nawawi (Arabic)
* Arabaeen Nawawi (English)
* Hadeth Qudsi (Arabic)
* Qasas-ul-Anbia (Arabic)
* Al-Kabaer (Arabic)
* Al-Rahiq Al-Makhtum (Arabic)
* Belugh elmaram (Arabic)
* Hisn-ul-Muslim (Arabic)
* Hisn-ul-Muslim (English)
* Ahakm Al-Tajweed

- Quran Translation in 29 Languages:
Albanian, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hausa, Indonesian, Italian,Latin, Malayalam, Malaysian, Maranao, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Transliteration, Turkish, Urdu.

- 38 Font styles
Different Text Styles & Sizes

- Digital Compass
- Zakat calculator
- Quran Learning
- Hajj Guide
- Tafseez-ul-Qur'an
- Many Fonts in different Text styles and Sizes
- Recitation Album for last 20 surahs by 15 Famous Reciters
- Prayer Times with Adhan Alarm
- Qibla Direction feature
- Islamic Album with Video & Audio
- A collection of Islamic images

Multimedia Features:
- E-Book, Maps
- Explore folders
- Games.(More games can be downloaded)
- Audio & Video Recorder
- Menu in English, Arabic & Turkish languages
- View calendar, set Clock and Alarms
- Built-in Speaker
- Color high Quality LCD with more then 65K Colors
- Camera, for photo and video recording
- Video player for all portable video formats (avi, mpeg, mp4)
- Image Browser to browse all types of images
- Audio Player for all audio types including MP3, WMA, WAV, AMR, MIDI, MP4
- Dual Charging: AC/DC Adapter and PC USB
- Replaceable Batteries
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Customer Ratings

Digital colour quran
4/9/2013 8:17:58 AM
review by:
Maria Mufti
Excellent! My father loved it :)
11/13/2011 5:27:38 PM
review by:
SANA Arshad
problems with soft ware. Hardly able to listen to verses can only read them. charger not UK adapted .have to hold it in had to get it recharged. Would not recommend to anyone.
digital quran
10/25/2011 12:21:39 AM
review by:
Mohamed Arabat
It is a complete version. Better then the older versions With allot of qaris. It is very handy when your are travelling etc

Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

If I selected Surah Baqarah verse 30. Then will the device play from verse 30 onwards automatically i.e I can listen from verse 30 to verse 69 without me having to keep selecting the next ayah. It says it has an MP3 player attached so can I upload onto this the MP3 version of the tafseer by dr israr ahmad and then select the Surah I want to listen to ?
By Uzma Chaudhry on 28.11.2017
Asalaamu Alaikum, Yes it will play automatically from the Surah that you select. Yes, if you upload any MP3 file which has chapters encoded then you will be able to click next to move to your desired position. But of course there will be no written information on screen as with the included MP3 Quran
By Customer Services on 28.11.2017
i need this product when will it be back in stock
By fardowsa on 25.02.2014
Unfortunately we do not expect to restock this product in the foreseeable future
By Customer Services on 26.02.2014
does it include colour coded tajweed feature also. have you tested the urdu trnaslatio version is it working??? also tafseer and other features can only be read but can't listen to them like Quraan recitation???
By mominah on 24.08.2011
No it does not include colour coded tajweed rules. Yes, all the information apart from the Arabic Quran is read only.
By Customer Services on 24.08.2011
when you will have some of these item EQ400
By syed on 24.07.2014
Unfortunately we do not expect to restock this product in the foreseeable future
By Customer Services on 24.07.2014
Salaams Can you tell me if and when you will get Color Digital Quran EQ400 back in stock?
By Yusuf on 23.08.2013
Inshallah within the next 4 weeks.
By Customer Services on 24.08.2013
i want to ask that where hands free are inserted in this digital i can not see the hands free inserting port in it plzz help me
By fatima on 23.04.2014
I want to buy pocket digital quran eq400. How do I get it. I'm resident in Nigeria
By Rukayyah Sulaiman on 21.08.2013
I want to buy pocket digital quran eq400. How do I get it? I'm resident in Nigeria
By Rukayyah Sulaiman on 21.08.2013
salaam...I want to buy the digital quraan EQ 400 and delivery will be at pretoria laudium...could ypu please tell me if you deliver there? thanks
By Faizan on 21.04.2018
Asalaam, yes we can
By Customer Services on 22.04.2018
salaam...I want to buy the digital quraan EQ 400 and delivery will be at pretoria laudium...could ypu please tell me if you deliver there? thanks
By Faizan on 21.04.2018
By Customer Services on 22.04.2018
Salaams Can you tell me when you will get this back in stock
By Yusuf on 19.08.2013
Inshallah within 4 weeks time.
By Customer Services on 21.08.2013
what type of battery is used?
By Rezwan on 18.06.2012
The battery is an adapted one, used only for these Digital Qurans.
By Customer Services on 19.06.2012
Assalamoualaikum, I believe this product does not return to its previous location when turned on and off, is that correct? If so do you know any digital qurans that do?
By Riaz on 14.08.2011
Yes, this is the very latest model. It has this feature as standard, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 15.08.2011
ASA. does this digital Quran have a repeat mechanism for an ayah. That is, can an ayah be repeated a number of times before moving on?
By Abdul Qadir on 14.02.2016
Walaykum Assalam The ayah could be made to repeat manually.
By Customer Services on 15.02.2016
Assalamualaikum Does it offer the option to play one particular ayat and surah repeatedly?
By Umm Esa on 12.01.2012
Yes, it has a repeat function as do most other modern digital Qurans
By Customer Services on 12.01.2012
AOA, Brother i cannot play the urdu/english translation on quran text i select it from menu then play any surah it reads in arabic then and display, but after that go onto next surah without any translation, it only plays few recition in urdu and thats it. please help
By Goher masood on 11.08.2011
We would have to test the product and see what the problem is. We only recieved this product in stock a few days and have been too busy of Ramadan to open one and test it.
By Customer Services on 11.08.2011
what is the latest eq400 or eq509
By m on 09.08.2014
EQ-509 is the latest. EQ400 is no longer available.
By Customer Services on 11.08.2014
im in indonesia a want to buy it (cause this is syeikh misyari rasid as qori) how can i buy this one?
By nur on 08.12.2017
To discover the shipping charge for your order, add the required items to your cart and select your location. Please note shipping is charged @ cost. There are no handling charges. Delivery Times: We aim to despatch all orders within 24 hours of receipt, or otherwise advise via email. UK: Within 3 days Europe: Within 7 days USA : between 5 -10 days Rest of the World: 10 - 21 days
By Customer Services on 11.12.2017
assalaamu alaikum how to add the reciter on eq400 (meaning adding another qari with his quran recitation of selected surahs)
By muhammad dada on 07.09.2011
Assalamu Alaykum. I'm interested in this electronic quran but just wondering if it is reading and listening quran. Also is the English translation reading and listening as well. I'm also interested in the Hadeeth- Does it include all of Saheeh Al-Bukhari (English) collections. Is this e-quaran the lastest version. Jazakumlahi Khayran
By ola on 07.04.2012
Yes, this Quran is listening and reading in Arabic with the english translation on screen to read only. The Hadeeths given includs Saheeh Al-Bukhari as well.
By Customer Services on 10.04.2012
How much would the wholesale price be for this item. We are interested in bulk purchases of Digital Qur'an that you carry.
By Awais on 06.07.2015
Asalaamu Alaikum, I can offer you a price of 36 if you are able to purchase 6 or more pieces, in sha Allah.
By Customer Services on 07.07.2015
I would like to buy this product, but I am concerned about the fault that Goher Masood reported on 11.9.2011. Have you managed to test the product yet? I am particularly keen for you to ensure that all that English translations (spoken and written text) are working throughout the system. Please may you check the product and if it is in full working order then I will make a purchase. Many thanks
By Riaz on 03.09.2011
As this is a technical product, from our experience most problems are due to users not reading the manually in order to operate the product correctly. However we will check just to make sure, but we have already sold a number of these brand new DQs and there has been no other complaint.
By Customer Services on 04.09.2011
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