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Digital Azan Clock (HA-3005) AC-01

Digital Azan Clock (HA-3005) AC-01      

Digital Azan Clock (HA-3005) AC-01      

Digital Azan Clock (HA-3005) AC-01

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Digital Azan Clock (HA-3005) AC-01

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ecode 60489 
Size 9 x 6 cm / 3.54x2.36 inches
Weight 270gm / 0.60lbs
Stock 303 in stock
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Added on Jul 2010
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Digital Azaan Clock
New Stock *** Latest 2014 Version***

Note: These are the City Codes for the UK. If you live outside of these areas select the nearest area and use the adjust facility within the clock to make the times accurate for your location.
020, 029, 0121, 0131, 0141, 0151, 0161, 01232, 01234, 01279, 01392, 01394, 01582, 01632, 01638, 01993, 01423, 01843

Set Once and Forget Automatic Azaan Clock. 1 year Guarantee.
Modern and reliable azaan clock featuring a vast array of advanced features, but easy to use. Just set the current time and date and select your nearest city from the included preset list and your clock is set! The clock will automatically adjust to the changing times of the five prayers. All models share the same features.

If you require further configurability, there are many fine-tuning options: Set Azaan According to Local Taqween, University of Islamic Sciences, ISNA, Fajar Time is calculated 1:30 hours before Shurooq and Isha 1:30hrs after Maghrib

Azaan time can be adjusted any number of minutes forward or backward by a fixed number of minutes

Feature List: Complete azan for all prayers, Alarm adjusted automatically everyday, Daily alarm (weekends optional), Qibla direction (relative to North), Hijri and Gregorian calendars, Temperature, Full screen light, Crescendo alarm, Daylight saving time option, Snooze option and Compass.

Azan Clock HA-3005 Features

Complete azan for all prayers
Azan times(1150 cities around the world)
Volume control
Fajr Alarm, re-adjusted automatically
Qibla direction relative to North
Hijri and Gregorian calendars
Daylight saving time option
Full screen EL-light
Crescendo alarm
Snooze option
External Speakers can be attached using standard headphones jack.

Requires 2xAA batteries,

Azan clocks can either be run on batteries or a 6v mains adaptor which will have to be bought separately.

** 60 Day Guarantee **

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   Customer Ratings    
Comment/Review CLOCK 10/27/2014 8:49:04 AM

review by:
User Tahir PIERCE 
Not the easiest to understand even following the manual but it works ok
Comment/Review Good 6/16/2014 3:54:32 PM

review by:
User Talha Siddiqui 
Good as described.
Comment/Review . 4/2/2014 3:26:25 PM

review by:
User Toni Page 
Comment/Review Excellent - really is 1/23/2012 10:04:50 PM

review by:
User SB 
And compared with more expensive models of the same thing it's really good, good quality, great azan, very good alarm and has great functionality, easy to set up etc and you won't miss fajr
Comment/Review azan clock 9/19/2011 1:06:36 PM

review by:
User Ferdousi Begum 
a must-have for all muslim homes. works so well. lovely to hear the azan
Comment/Review Good value 9/7/2011 6:45:55 AM

review by:
User John Ruskin 
Good value item, whilst it can take a few minutes to set up correctly (applying the most appropriate telephone code) it does the job and is a lot less expensive than some competitors
Comment/Review clock 9/6/2011 8:49:34 AM

review by:
User Josie Luscombe 
was a present which went down very well!
Comment/Review Digital Azan Clock 8/18/2011 5:58:09 PM

review by:
User Sameera Mohammad 
been using this clock because my old athan clock gave up, and it so much better than my old clock. Easy instructions
Comment/Review Azan Clock 8/15/2011 6:06:38 AM

review by:
User Fadime Yavuzcehre 
I would like to see a clear information about power adaptor option and if possible listed on the same page if customers want to buy it together. I haven't used the item yet. It is a Ramazan gift for my husband.
Comment/Review Good 8/5/2011 10:13:05 AM

review by:
User Therese Dahlberg 
Real Good item. Im satisfied and going to order new stuff soon again.
Comment/Review I LIKE IT 5/17/2011 2:18:49 PM

review by:
this azan clock is very good. I had another one that didn't work because I was unable to set it when they changing the clock in summer. but this one is easy to set initially as well as it has a button that you can use to adjust the summer time ( adding one hour). Also it has pre set cities (New York ) is one of them which makes it easier to use. I'm glad that I got it so it reminds me and the kids about prayer times. also to let them hear the azan.
Comment/Review Great Reminder to Pray! 2/13/2011 3:55:08 PM

review by:
User Mariam Malik 
I love this product, it's the perfect reminder to pray on time. The clock is easy enough to use. Just program your city-code in and it automatically sets the azan times for each prayer. You can adjust these times manually by + or - minutes, up to an hour from the set time. The volume has a good range and on full volume is quite loud (so you're bound to hear it!). The only down side is that when you change the batteries it resets the clock so you have to set the time/date/city-code all over again (so keep the little booklet that comes with it safe!) but overall... fantastic and does exactly what it says on the label!
Comment/Review Great Product 10/13/2010 5:07:18 PM

review by:
User Hussain 
Mashallah. This is a great product and does exaclty what it says it will. I found that turning off the Fajr "beeping" alarm tricky as it wasn't obvious from the instructions...eventually found out how (switch on the front). Aside from that, it's helped me and my wife be better muslims by helping us wake up for Fajr. The Azaan is a great way to wake up for Fajr...rather than a shocking "beep" alarm. I also like the fact that it displays all 5 times on the screen.
Comment/Review Digital Alarm clock 9/17/2010 6:38:37 AM

review by:
User Tayba Hashmi 
Amazing piece of kit. Gives an accurate qiblah direction for just about any city in the world and azan 5 times a day. The azan has volume control and the time automatically adjusts on a daily basis for all 5 azan.
   Product Comments / Questions & Answers  
I placed my order yesterday before 9am,in the hope that it would be dispatched on the same day,since you only dispatch on certain days (which by the way isn't the norm on other websites) . Once payment transaction has been accepted ,immediate despatch should be made of the items,irrespective of wether it is your despatch day or not. Anyway,according to my tracking order update,my order has not yet been despatched,which I am annoyed about.Due to the Monday bank holiday,I will have to wait even longer! Please also change your greeting on your website from "hello" to "Asalaamu Alaikum" that is more appropriate. Jzk.
By Sister S on 31.12.2011
Apologies, but we don't have enough orders to despatch daily and so the time of the packer is divided up between stock duties and despatch. Unfortunately due to the holiday season it has been difficult to manage a normal routine. Inshallah your order will be despatched today or tomorrow as we are beack to normal hours now.
By Customer Services on 04.01.2012
Aslaam a laikam.does this clock work in Walsall west Midland code 01922
By Shabnam Zaman on 31.01.2014
I will check and let you know, Insh Allah.
By Customer Services on 03.02.2014
Do you ship this to Finland ? If the answer is yes , how much the standard shipping costs ?
By Mhmud on 30.09.2014
To discover the shipping charge for your order, add the required items to your cart and select your location. Please note shipping is charged @ cost. There are no handling charges. Delivery Times: We aim to despatch all orders within 24 hours of receipt, or otherwise advise via email. UK: Within 3 days Europe: Within 7 days USA : between 5 -10 days Rest of the World: 10 - 21 days
By Customer Services on 30.09.2014
Salam I purchased this Azan clock a while back but I misplaced its manual. Is it possible for you to please email me the manual. I really want to set the time and prayer times but I need the manual to adjust the codes. I live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Your help will be really appreciated. I have searched the web but I can't find any manual. I was wondering if you open one of your boxes and plz scan the little booklet it comes with and email me as an attachment. Your help will be highly appreciated.
By nadia on 30.03.2012
Apologies at the moment we wont be able to scan in the manual. However, I can give you the code nearest to you location so that you may adjust the settings. Unfortunately, there is no code for Mississauga so I will send the code for Toronto as the closest city. It is: 1 - 416
By Customer Services on 02.04.2012
I live in New Zealand, travel mostly to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and mostly Sri Lanka. Please let me know if I can get the Azan for the 5 fard prayers in the above countries using this clock. I have a VISA debit card, please let me know if I can pay for my purchases with the VISA debit card Jazak Allah
By Rafiudeen Azoor on 29.10.2012
Please state which cities in particular you would like within these countries as the azan clock inputs city codes.
By Customer Services on 29.10.2012
when will you ave these ins stock?
By Teyiba on 29.03.2012
Inshallah, we are expecting to restock this product in July.
By Customer Services on 29.03.2012
as salaam alkiyum, i VISIT THE website to see what cites are listed. but couldn't do so. please can you tell me is this will work in cal. usa. and main city is sacramento. thanks wa alkiyum as salaam
By naz on 28.10.2011
Dear Manager I have purchased from you Al-Harameen clock from you last July 2014. I am unable to change the daylight saving time to Summer time in New Zealand. Please tell me what to do step by step. Your instruction in the booklet is not clear Thank you & regards Saad Al-Harran
By Saad Al-Harran on 28.09.2014
Asalaam. Unfortunately we only have the same information as you have as we are just retailers. For further info contact the manufacturer: Jazakallah.
By Customer Services on 29.09.2014
Asalaamu alaikum I purchased the Al harameen Azhaan clock a few months ago aand it has been working a treat alhamdulilah,my parents love it. However,since the clocks went an hour ahead ,I can't seseem to set it properly as the leaflet has been misplaced. Would it be possible to if you could send me city code for birmingham or even send me an email of the instruction manual. I would appreciate your help on this matter. Jzk
By Mrs Tamez on 28.03.2012
There's a DST (daylight saving time) button which you can press to change the timing to one hour forward or backward. The city code for Birmingham is: 44-121
By Customer Services on 28.03.2012
Salam, Before I bought this Azan clock Al-Harameen (HA-3005). It said if it's not working or I am not satisfy with the product. I will get a full refund. I just want to confirm this is correct. I do want to return this item because on the time set when you manually set the time the AM and PM doesn't show and the Azan doesn't sound. It is hard to tell if you are setting the AM OR PM time. This is why the azan is not properly sound. But can I do an exchange to a different azan clock this one is AL-HARAMEEN HA-4009. Please respond to me asap so I can replace it with the new one. JAK
By RODIJAH AHMACH on 27.10.2012
We will examine another of these azan clocks to see whether this is the case for this model. If it is the case, we will accept the return Inshallah. I will keep you updated once I have examined the azan clock.
By Customer Services on 29.10.2012
i just had this clock from the start of ramadhan but after a few weeks it stopped azan n instead there were just beeps every azan time.the button is on and the volume is max. what do i do?
By ms.mohamed on 26.08.2012
I beleive there is an option to switch between beeps and the actual azaan. Please look for the appropriate button and activate.
By Customer Services on 27.08.2012
hello when you are going to have this back in stock? thank you
By mafeez bi on 26.01.2012
Unfortunately we do not expect to restock this product in the foreseeable future. We do however have the similar azaan clock at the same price.
By Customer Services on 26.01.2012
Asalaam-o-alaikum, just to clairify am I able to adjust the timings of prayers, as I have noticed my area is not on the list. Would I need to adjust the timings everyday or would it the clock do that automatically?
By Farhat on 23.02.2014
Walaikum Asalaam, you would just need to make the adjustment once.
By Customer Services on 24.02.2014
i would like to khnow how to adjust hours of prayer i by selecting my local country
By soumaya on 21.02.2012
ASAK, Does this azan clock give exact time for Liverpool? A prompt response would be appreciated.
By Ahsan on 20.10.2012
Yes, this azan clock will give you the code for Liverpool.
By Customer Services on 22.10.2012
what is they city code for dallas or fort worth plz answer i need to know for ramadan inshallah!
By sarah on 20.07.2012
I live in liverpool. I want to know if this click has azn times for liverpool city
By Mrs.Ahmed on 20.07.2012
Could please send to me county code and city code to seattle WA. I have this clock and I lost city code paper. Thanks
By Fartun on 20.07.2011
There are different sets of codes by different manufacturers. We have the listing for the Quemex manufactured Azaan clocks that contain 1000 city presets. Please see the link below:
By Customer Services on 21.07.2011
Assalam-o-alaikum, I already own azan clock. I got this from my mother. She lost the booklet with city codes.I need the code for Orlando, Fl. USA. or close by city. If you can provide me with the city code I will appreciate it. Where can I purchase the power adaptor. Or what rating adaptor do I need for the azan clock Model: Digital Azan Clock (HA-3005) AC-01
By Mohiuddin Syed on 19.10.2012
Please contact the place you purchased this item to enquire about the adaptor.
By Customer Services on 22.10.2012
Assalam-o-alaikum, I already own azan clock. I got this from my mother. She lost the booklet with city codes.I need the code for Orlando, Fl. USA. or close by city. If you can provide me with the city code I will appreciate it. Where can I purchase the power adaptor. Or what rating adaptor do I need for the azan clock Model: Digital Azan Clock (HA-3005) AC-01
By Mohiuddin Syed on 19.10.2012
Can the Fajr Alarm be permanently switched off so that only the Azan is heard. I am hoping to keep this in the hall for the purposes of hearing the Azan five times a day
By Zeena Farook on 17.05.2011
Yes as far as I am aware you have a choice between an alarm or hearing the azaan.
By Customer Services on 18.05.2011
Can the Fajr Alarm be permanently switched off so that only the Azan is heard. I am hoping to keep this in the hall for the purposes of hearing the Azan five times a day
By Zeena Farook on 17.05.2011
Hi, is power adopter available for this item or does it only work with batteries? Regards
By Fadime on 17.04.2011
Azan clocks can either be run on batteries or a 6v mains adaptor which will have to be bought seperatly.
By Customer Services on 18.04.2011
when i bought this clock it used to give proper azan n thats why i bought 1 more suddenly what i have noticed now is in both the clock it just say allahu akbar and then it stops. sometimes it doesnt even give azan i changed the batteries n i even did all the settings again but its of no help what could be the problem and how do i resolve it please tell me
By asif on 17.02.2013
Salaam Can this Azan clock be programmed for any city in the world? i live in Rochester, NY, USA. I'd like to be able to set it for here or any other city in the USA where I take the clock. Thanks
By Khan on 15.05.2014
W/asalaam. Yes the software has an excellent range of options to fine tune the timings. You will need to read the manual, but otherwise it is not too difficult
By Customer Services on 15.05.2014
hi ,this is summer from astorni ,i have a suggestion for you ,we have a very good gift for Muslim ,it will bring Muslim a very conveneinnce life ,no need to do anything ,just try to know us ,we can bring a more profit to you . kindly allow us to briefly introduce ourselves to enhance mutual understanding . we are a manufactory of Qur'an mobilephone in china ,our Software is from France ,you can try to put our production in your website or introduce to your customer .you will know ,if interested ,contact with us be freely our website is waiting for you good news
By summer dong on 14.08.2010
Can you send us the a free sample for test?
By Customer Services on 14.08.2010
AOA when will this itme be in stock please?
By Parveen on 13.12.2011
Unfortunately this is an imported item and not usually available locally. We will try to source locally, but the chances are that it will be 3 months before this item comes back into stock. In order to be informed automatically by email when an item is re-stocked, please browse to the products information page and enter your email address in the space provided on that page.
By Customer Services on 13.12.2011
salaam I would like to know the above mentiond azaan clock which azaan does it reciet. is it the sunni or the shia version. Pls reply urgently thanks secondly how much would it cost to buy wholesale. about 50 pcs. pls quote your prices. jzk
By sabira karim on 13.08.2011
It is the sunni version
By Customer Services on 13.08.2011
Salaam. This azan clock was working fine for a couple of months but now it no longer gives azan. The little icon to the right of the time which showed the azan was active is just gone now. I don't know how to bring it back. It doesn't beep either. It gives no indication of prayer time. Inshallah you can help me. Thanks
By Soroosh on 12.05.2014
Asslamu lakum I bought it and set it fine but there is no full azan of any time. It just says Allah o Akbar for 5 times a day and that's set. What's wrong I do t know
By Mahwish on 11.12.2014
W/asalaam. That is faulty. Please open a returns case and we will replace, inshallah
By Customer Services on 11.12.2014
when would you have it in stock again? does it have 5 times prayer azan?
By Abdul Jamal on 11.07.2012
Inshallah we are hoping to get this back in stock in about 10 days. And the azaan activates for all the prayer times.
By Customer Services on 12.07.2012
salamu alaikum i have bought the al-haram digital clock, but i lost the manuel. Is it possible to have a copy so i can sdjust my clock. Shukran.
By musa on 10.10.2012
Salam When will you have the azaan clock in stock? I have visited the website a few times hoping that they were available but unfottunately they aren't. Jzk
By s tamez on 10.04.2012
Inshallah, we should have this item back in stock around July.
By Customer Services on 11.04.2012
I bought al-haram digital clock but unfortunately i lost the manual instruction, So i live in CARDIFF -UK I do not know the code for my city Jazak Allaha khair
By Gamal Saleh on 09.12.2014
how to set the azan time with birmingham azan times and with masjid e hamza
By yasir on 09.05.2012
Salam I live in telford shropshire nearest pace is birmingham which is abt 40 minutes away in car and there is time difference in the prayer timings. can i program this clock according to Telford prayer timings? Thanks
By Akram on 08.07.2014
Salaams Please read through the instruction booklet, there is an option to manually adjust te times for each prayer. Thanks
By Customer Services on 08.07.2014
salam does this product recite azan with birmingham oldbury ? and is it five times thank you
By mazana begum on 07.05.2011
The nearest time is for Birmingham. Yes it is 5 times a day.
By Customer Services on 09.05.2011
Salam, I bought your product. but don't have the city codes . was wondering if you can supply me with codes. thanks,
By Ismail sharif on 05.08.2011
The city codes are contained in the booklet that comes with every azan clock.
By Customer Services on 08.08.2011
Assalamualikum, brother, I brought this product last mouth, it was working fine givin the adhan at the correct time, but recently it has been givin adhan early than the prescribe prayer time. I tried reseting the clock a number of time.but the magrib time is to early and so is zuhur. I even adjusted each prayer with extra miuntes but what happens is the prayer time dosnt change. The clock was for my mother in law , so she ends up prayin her salah too early. What can I do. I have reset it a number of time, I hve tried changin the tahween to different method and adjusted each salah by forwading mintues.
By Shumina on 05.01.2013
We apologise that you are experiencing problems with your recent purchase from We aim to achieve 100% satisfaction for all our customers. Please may we trouble you to complete the returns request form on this page: so that we may handle your request efficiently.
By Customer Services on 07.01.2013
Do u have any colours apart from black please.
By Naima on 03.12.2011
Just black in this azaan clock
By Customer Services on 03.12.2011
Sorry to seem finicky, this seems to be quite a nice clock from the pleased customers, just need to know if the date format is the proper international way i.e. Day/Month/Year. Shukra
By Ibrahim on 03.08.2013
In the picture the Islamic calendar is being displayed, but it is just a simple flick of a switch to display the Gregorian calendar
By Customer Services on 05.08.2013
How can I change the azan time manually as it is coming one hour late, I live in Manchester uk. I even can't find the DST option
By Imran on 03.08.2012
As salaam alaikum I have read and re-read every instruction manual to this clock, and it still will not call the azan, rather it gives 3 beeps... How do I change the settings
By Aayannah on 03.03.2015
Walaikum Asalaam, then Unfortunately possibly the clock is faulty.
By Customer Services on 03.03.2015
Does it have wirral Merseyside iN UK or what is the nearest city to wirral? Swcond question does it give full athan at all times including fajr and weekends/
By Z Gul on 03.02.2013
The code for Liverpool is available for this Azan Clock which can be inputted. And yes this does play the full Azan including the Fajr Azan with the extra lines.
By Customer Services on 04.02.2013
salams may i asked that if u are able to inputer your own longitude and latitude
By bux on 02.07.2011
There are different sets of codes by different manufacturers. We have the listing for the Quemex manufactured Azaan clocks that contain 1000 city presets. Please see the link below:
By Customer Services on 04.07.2011
Salaam As we all know different mosques have different prayer times which are set on different prayer calculation methods on either Hanafi, Shafi etc school of thought. Does this clock give a person an option to which method to use or does it just have 1 standard time for the whole of london?
By Qasim Hassan on 01.07.2011
There are different sets of codes by different manufacturers. We have the listing for the Quemex manufactured Azaan clocks that contain 1000 city presets. Please see the link below:
By Customer Services on 04.07.2011
Just want to know if the azan can be set in mauritius. the capital of mauritius is port-louis. can it also be set for chichester, west sussex. will I get a discount if I buy 2 azan clock
By Allam on 01.06.2011
There are different sets of codes by different manufacturers. We have the listing for the Quemex manufactured Azaan clocks that contain 1000 city presets. Please see the link below: In the interest of fairness to all our valued customers I am afraid we do not offer any discounts on an individual basis. However we have many discounted products displayed on our site with regular exciting and innovative promotions. Please ensure you are subscribed to our weekly Simplyislam Products and Special Offers Email (SPUSOE) newsletter for all information in regards to discounts and promotions. To sign-up please visit the following URL:
By Customer Services on 02.06.2011
By EBTESAM on 01.05.2012
Yes it is.
By Customer Services on 02.05.2012
Hello can you please tell me do i have to ajust the time afther so ofthen.Do i have to put the times in my self thanks
By mehnaz on 01.04.2011
You just need to setup once and then it will adjust itself automatically, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 01.04.2011
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Digital Azan Clock (HA-3005) AC-01 Digital Azan Clock (HA-3005) AC-01 

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