iPalm Digital Quran (Silver) with Spoken English and Urdu translations

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iPalm Digital Quran (Silver) with Spoken English and Urdu translations
iPalm Digital Quran (Silver) with Spoken English and Urdu translations

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Aug 2008
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Best Selling Digital Quran. The world's first and only Digital Quran to feature spoken translations: English and Urdu.

10 DVD Bundle worth GBP 60 / $110 Free with every purchase!
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Full 1 year no-quibble guarantee.
FREE Leather Case
USA customers save $30 on shipping charges. Asian & Middle Eastern customers
save $55!

Please note all iPalms come with stainless back only the front colour is different.
New updated version with improved menu navigation and two complete Quran
recitations on the one device; Sheikh Sudais and Sheikh Al-Afsay!
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I Palm digitalquran
9/27/2008 1:51:49 PM
review by:
I bought this product for my husband who doesn't really understands the Arabic Fosha, but by rading the tafseer he could understand the meaning of the quran sentences. I like this product, I wish they added duaa estikhara-a to it because I was looking for it the other day. I also think the company could def work on making better quality buttons because they make a click sound each typeyou puch them. Thank you and jzakm allah khair

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salam alaikum I am considering purchasing the ipalm, and was wondering if the fault regarding the cut recitation at the end of the aya is still there or has it been resolved. I am also a non arabic reader and my first language is french, would I be able to read it using the translitration. Jazakallahu khairan.
By Heinia on 31.12.2008
We have issued an upgrade but there are still certain ayahs that are clipped, inshallah we are working on fixes to these also. Likewise we are working on other upgrades that we will also issue in the coming months to existing users. Instead of one of the 25 Language translations you can select transliteration (which appears under the Translations menu). You can then freely switch from the Arabic to the transliteration, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 01.01.2009
Has the audio been fixed? Thanks.
By mmitchell on 29.03.2009
We have released software upgrade version 1.7 a week ago which fixes the clipping issue which affected a small number of verses. If you already own an iPalm please download the upgrade file from this location. Instructions are included in the download. www.ipalmquran.com/iPalmUpgrade-1.7.zip
By Customer Services on 31.03.2009
sallam. i ordered this iPalm digital quran on the 27th Sept. when do i recieve it? thanx
By Abdul Ghaffar on 28.09.2008
we expecting our stock today, Inshallah we will dispatch as soon as we get them.
By Customer Services on 01.10.2008
iPalm Digital Quran (Silver) with Spoken English and Urdu translations Who does the recitation on the Ipalm..?
By Mohammed Alom on 28.03.2010
There are two complete recitations of the Quran by Sudais & by Al-Afsay
By Customer Services on 29.03.2010
salaam, can the iplam take a memory card
By umar on 27.09.2008
Yes, it accepts mini SD cards upto 4GB for user added media files.
By Customer Services on 29.09.2008
I have a few questions. Why is the sound so that it sound like after every phrase it is cut before it is finished. I understand that you might cut to put in the translation, but it does not sound nice like this - every phrase should be complete. Also when you play the purely arabic one it still sounds the same (cut before a phrase is finished). I find that this disturbs my listening. Will you come with a uptdate where this will be eliminated? And if so will this be made available to the buyers? Also one complaint:There is no user manual i my package. I received:The iPalm Quran, the leather case?, headphones, charger and usb cable, data restore disk, one dvd Media Bundle disk. The cover does not seem to be of leather, what exactly is it made of? Please send me the missing parts.
By Hanne-Lise Chakouri on 27.09.2008
Yes, that issue is present and inshallah we are working on a fix that inshallah will be implemented in the next delivery. We will make it available to all existing users as well, inshallah. Apologies, we did not have time to print a comprehensive manual although there is a basic manual on the Media DVD disk. However, we have uploaded online video demos which you can easily follow, inshallah. Please find them located here: http://www.ipalmdigitalquran.com/videodemos.html Yes, the case is made from leater.
By Customer Services on 29.09.2008
salaam, I purchased the ipalm before its release date and received it from you the 10th september. However, I have discovered that with most surahs the reciter's voice is often cut off before he has finished the full ayah he is reading, this also happens with the translators voice. The reason I purchased the ipalm was so that I can learn the Quran at a slow pace, as I do not know Arabic but I cannot do this accurately with the fault I described, Can I return it for another one?
By Nora on 27.09.2008
Inshallah, the new stock has been cleared of this issue. Inshallah we will roll out a fix for all existing users after Eid.
By Customer Services on 29.09.2008
salam! i want to know that does this iPalm digital quran has the full quran transilation? does it have the full quran in it? plz write back soOnish. thank yooh xx
By Sundush Ghaffar on 27.09.2008
Indeed, it has two complete Arabic recitations (Sudais & Shuraim and Rashid al-Afasy). It has two complete spoken translations in English and Urdu. In total approx. 80 hours of audio is included!
By Customer Services on 29.09.2008
Can I read Quran from ipalm digital Quran , does it have the Mushaf in it , can I look at the quran in writting while i am listening to ricitation at the same time ?.Thank you . I do not like it's being has games on it becouse it sepose to be exlosivly and only Quran .,is there away that I delet this from it ?. Thank you .and May Allah reward you wa Jazakom Allahu khayran.
By Loubaba on 26.11.2008
Yes, you can view the text of the Quran in English or Arabic or 24 other languages, whilst listening to the Quran. It is also possible to remove the games, by connecting the iPalm via the USB socket to your PC.
By Customer Services on 27.11.2008
However, am very keen to have Sa'ad Al Ghamdi's quran recitation on it. From what I have read about the iPalm I guess this isnt possible. Is there any way round this? For eg, either buy a different quran reader or add Ghamdi as an MP3 file. Please advise.
By Shammi on 26.10.2008
It would be no problem to add Ghamdi to the MP3 / MP4 half of the device. However, you would not have the integration with the Islamic part of the device. i.e no on-screen synchronised text or translation. Just regular MP3 playback.
By Customer Services on 27.10.2008
does the ipalm take the 4mb SDHC format mini SD card?
By Ibrahim on 26.09.2008
I would need to confirm this first before responding. Inshallah we will test shortly.
By Customer Services on 29.09.2008
i need to find this product for a new convert, it will be there first Eid and this would be the ideal memorable gift . i have looked all over with no luck unless refurbished, if refurbished what is the warranty?
By mariam on 26.08.2010
Please, check the description for this item. It has complete details in description.
By Customer Services on 26.08.2010
when is this item going to be restocked
By sadiq bukar on 25.03.2009
Inshallah 3 weeks time
By Customer Services on 26.03.2009
assslamualaikum, can i make payments in 2 installment
By salma begum on 24.10.2008
Unfortunately we do not have this feature on our website, and we are unable to carry out manually either. Apologies.
By Customer Services on 25.10.2008
I have ordered I palm two days ago (21-6-09) and have recieved a tracking number. Could you confirm that the unit I will get does not have the problem of cutting of versus as mentioned in earlier reviews / questions. Is it still there. Secondaly I live in Canada how long it takes to deliver the unit in Canada. Thanks Ashar
By Ashar Saeed on 24.06.2009
It can take upto 7-10 days. We have resolved the issue of cutting of verse.
By Customer Services on 24.06.2009
I am sorry, but the box that I got had no back up CD that your tutorial shows. Also you forgot to mention the auto power-off function.
By khatija on 24.02.2009
Did you check under the plastic packaging at the very bottom of the box?
By Customer Services on 25.02.2009
You have not sent me any back up CDs with the product also this is my 4th email but no replies yet
By DR sahir Shaikhn on 23.08.2009
This is your first reply we have recieved under this email. Please confirm your order number so that we can send one out insha'allah.
By Customer Services on 25.08.2009
I just received my iPalm Quran. The recitation of verses (including translations) end abruptly most of the times. Sometimes the last word is completely cut. For me it is a major issue as I need to memorize quran. I also find it difficult to read the Arabic text as the resolution does not seem that great. Please let me know if there are any fixes.
By Ayaz Ali on 22.11.2008
Please download the upgrade file from this location. Instructions are included in the download. www.ipalmquran.com/iPalmUpdate_ver1.6.zip
By Customer Services on 22.11.2008
I am considering purchasing this product, and was wondering if the fault previously discussed regarding the cut recitation at the end of the aya is still there or has it been resolved. Many thanks
By Nadine on 22.10.2008
Aselamualekum I was checking most of the day yesterday. I had just one occasion of cutting off. on this particular verses there is a few seconds gap before the next verses continues. Even though it is not 100% I could say it has improved a lot.
By Customer Services on 05.11.2008
assalamualykum i would just like to know , if i dont like the black colour digital quran can i exchange it for the silver one.
By hassan on 22.09.2008
The exchange would incur an additional 2 deliver charge if within the UK. Assuming that the returned device was in pristine condition.
By Customer Services on 23.09.2008
assalamualykum i would like to ask if there is any difference with the black or silver ipalm digital quran.
By hassan on 22.09.2008
No, just the colour. In fact both even have the same silver metal back. Just the face is a different colour.
By Customer Services on 23.09.2008
Salams, Thinking of buying, does the ipalm charge only with USB or is a home transformer charger available? (UK). Does ipalm have facility for car charging (12Volts).
By Ibrahim on 22.09.2008
The ipalm comes complete with a charger intended for a domestic wall socket in the UK (or USA socket if purchased from the US).It will also charge like any other domestic appliance with a suitable car adaptor.
By Customer Services on 23.09.2008
This is a message from simplyislam. We now have the new version of the iPalm in-stock with updated software.
By simplyislam on 22.07.2009
Salam, I can't have this update, I have an iplam on order # 64985 and as someone here "The recitation of verses (including translations) end abruptly ALL of the times" and not "most of the times" : iPalmUpdate_ver1.6.zip Can I have this update please ??
By Mourad on 22.03.2009
Please download the upgrade file from this location. Instructions are included in the download. www.ipalmquran.com/iPalmUpgrade-1.7.zip
By Customer Services on 23.03.2009
If we deliver today will we get it before eid
By Abdus Wadee on 21.09.2008
Inshallah if you order today you should receive within 48 hrs.
By Customer Services on 22.09.2008
salaam,the writing of the text which type is it the traditional arabic style or the pakistani print
By junaid on 21.09.2008
It is in Arabic style.
By Customer Services on 22.09.2008
Salam, I would like to find out if IPalm has the dua Qunut and after payer/solat dua. Secon question ; Does it has the Tahlil Thanks
By Asaraf Aboo Bakar on 21.09.2008
It just has the Quran Khatam Duas from 5 Different Qaris. I am not sure what the Tahlil is?
By Customer Services on 22.09.2008
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته I received the Ipalmdigital Quran silver today, it's a VERY GOOD PRODUCT ! very slim, very nice i have never seen it before ! For the Salat times what can I do for me in Paris ( France ) for the juristic method: SHAFI or HANFI ? Fot the method: I did MUSLIM WORLD LEAGUE, is it correct ? How can I see the qibla with the boussol ? Thank's very much.
By BROWN on 20.11.2008
Please take a look in the manual at how to find the Qiblah direction, I don't have that to hand right now. In regards to the Azaan settings this depends on your own particular fiqh, you may research it, or if you find time settings that match times you are used to you can stick with that
By Customer Services on 21.11.2008
when will i recieve my order ?
By osmon faqeery on 19.05.2009
Inshallah you will receive on Friday or Saturday.
By Customer Services on 20.05.2009
How long is the guarantee for?
By Shuaib on 17.10.2008
1 year Gurantee.
By Customer Services on 18.10.2008
salam, I enquired about the problem with my ipalm (that the ayahs are cut off before they have finished completely) and have been sent an email with the link to fill in a return form, which I have filled in, and I have now received a returns authorisation number so that I can return the item. Please can you confirm for me that if I return it, you are going to be sending out another one to me that does not have the same fault? Because if all of the ipalms have this fault I will need a refund unfortunately. jazakAllah Nora
By NORA on 17.10.2008
Unfortunately I am based away from our warehouse and I do not have the information to hand. However, we were urging the factory to resolve this problem and I am hoping they have done so in the new batch we have. In regards to existing users, if you can bear with us we hope to roll out a fix at the start of next month, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 18.10.2008
Salam. I am interested in buying the iPalm digital quran but I need in-ear headphones. So will the device support any 3.5mm jack headphones(which I have buy seperately)?
By Muhammad on 17.10.2008
It comes complete with in-ear headphones, but you can replace with any alternative set as it supports standard 3.5mm fitting
By Customer Services on 18.10.2008
Asalamu aleykum. I was just wondering for how long does the device record for, because I would also like to use it as a dictator machine for uni and for quran too. Also the problem about the cutting of the verses has been resolved, if not when exactly will it be resolved inshallah, because I would really love to get 1 inshallah. Salam.
By Abdulkhadir Rufai on 16.11.2008
I believe it should last over 2 hrs, this depends on the amount of free space on the internal disk. It has 1GB free (1GB is being used by the Islamic content). I will try to goet some more accurate info for you.
By Customer Services on 17.11.2008
this digital Quran seems really useful. what opitions does it have?
By Sundush Ghaffar on 16.09.2008
Too many to explain here. Please see the website: http://www.ipalmdigitalquran.com
By Customer Services on 17.09.2008
this digital Quran seems really useful. what opitions does it have?
By Sundush Ghaffar on 16.09.2008
As-salaamu 'alaykum, I was trying to copy the videos from the dvd provided to the Ipalm but a message appears that the usb is not recognised. what should I do? (I have windows vista. Awaiting you kind and quick reply.
By Natashah on 14.01.2009
Can you please try it with any other windows. and let us know the outcome. we will take it from there inshallah
By Customer Services on 15.01.2009
Assalam I have an SD card and an iPalm. can i download files onto the SD like ebooks and mp3s and read/listen to them on the iPalm?
By Haajra Mapara on 13.11.2009
You can download and listen to your MP3s on the iPalm. You can also download ebooks in notepad txt format and read on yr iPalm.
By Customer Services on 14.11.2009
As Salam Walakum Thank you for your answer on my translitration question, one last question before I place my order, has the ayat cutting off issue mention above been resovled, I am in USA so just concerns me, I dont want to go through a return process
By Naeem on 12.12.2008
We still working on it. Inshallah we are expecting the fix software soon. The plan is as soon as we get the fix software we will upload it to our website so that our customers could download it free of charge.
By Customer Services on 12.12.2008
AAWW, I bought one of this device a long time ago. I have just given it to my cousin as I don't use it. However, I cannot finf the chaegrer, does anypne know what kind of charger it uses and where I can get the charger. Many thanks.
By Toibudeen Oduniyi on 12.08.2010
As Salam Walakum can you please let me know if the Ipalm has translitration, I cant read Arabic yet, so I use transliration Will the charger work in USA Is the promotion still active for 10 Free DVD and shipping
By Naeem Ali on 11.12.2008
Yes, one of the 25 translations is in fact a transliteration.
By Customer Services on 11.12.2008
Hello, are you able to tell me the reciter of the english translation now that you have the ipalm quran in stock, is it by a native english speaker or an indopak english speaker(eg. naeem sultan), thank you (if you could put a sample up so i could listen to it that woulld answer my questions)
By paul herron on 11.09.2008
Yes, it is Naeem Sultan.
By Customer Services on 14.09.2008
Salaam I was wondering if a digital Quran can be treated an diffrently to a written Quran, i.e. can a woman on her period touch it? WS
By s on 11.09.2008
Unfortunately, we are not qualified to answer questions authoritively on Islam and therefore refrain from doing so in order not to mislead. We are only able to answer questions on our products. Please redirect your question to www.askimam.com
By Customer Services on 12.09.2008
Where can I buy this in UAE?
By Syed M. Irfan on 11.04.2011
Please check your local islamist shop.
By Customer Services on 12.04.2011
sallam do you know when the IPALM DIGITAL QUARAN item will be back in stock and also is the ipalm digital quaran better than the new eq300 digital quaran . thank you
By asia akram on 10.09.2010
In order to be informed automatically by email when an item is re-stocked, please browse to the products information page and enter your email address in the space provided on that page.
By Customer Services on 13.09.2010
Salam i just wanted to know does this device accept mini SDHC cards or just mini SD cards??? jazakhallah khair
By mariam on 09.12.2008
It just accepts Mini SD cards
By Customer Services on 16.12.2008
Salaam, with the Al Furqan digital quran I have noticed that it is possible to buy additional SD cards in order to listen to different reciters such as Al Husri etc. Could you please advise if this is the also the case with this particular product as well. JazakAllah Khair
By M on 09.10.2008
Unfortunately there are no additional SD cards available for iPalm Quran at present.
By Customer Services on 10.10.2008
I cannot see this game " Mecca to Medina Board Game" posted on your online website, As Inshallah il be placing the IPalm Dig Quran Soon By Tommorow or dayafter, So i wanted this board game along to be shipped with the order, Its Aprx 25USD i ges, Its a reqest and a favour me asking from you that if you could add that item aswel and ofcrz charge me for it, But i wantd that game also along with it, I hope you understand, Thank you so much awaitin a positive reply
By jibran khan on 09.09.2008
I just checked the shelves, we have 1pc in-stock. I have updated that on the web so you can check now. ecode; 55724. Please note you will be charged shipping for that item.
By Customer Services on 09.09.2008
Thanks for your kind detail reply, I have few final imp Qs to clear: You asked me wats shaahe.. Shaahee Intl is da latest revised edition of m.khan modern english translation of da holy quran, Its very simple and easy english... m.pickthhall's translation is not very easy to understand i guess cuz if u know there are those old english words used, isnt it? 1.How do i select the Black/ Silver model? , I guess there is no option to select the colour, I want the Black Model! 2. Can i add aditional files like Islamic contents from my computer and other dvds ; cds and put it on da ipalm quran n view n lisn to it? will acc wmi mp3 and other more formats work on the player? 3. Its writen you will be providing a softwear wich converts the movie dvds into the player specified format for watchin videos, So how do i do that(converting files)? 4. Do i have to also convert acc cd format to mp3 format before transfering data and other contents to the player? Thank You!
By jibran khan on 09.09.2008
1. Ok, you mean Sahih International - no this is pickthall's translation, which is regarded by many people as the most accurate translation, but I accept it is not as easy to understand as some more modern translations. 2. Yes, this device is like 2 devices in one. It acts like a standard MP3 and MP4 player so virtually all files you will download from the internet will be compatible. Infact it comes bundled with software to convert your own DVDs to watch on the iPalm. The other part to the device is the closed Islamic contents which are proprietory and cannot be added to. 3. Yes, as I have just mentioned the conversion software is bundled on the Free Media DVD. Instructions are provided with the DVD. 4. To be be honest I don't know if the iPalm plays ACC files, but the bundled conversion software will facilitate that, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 09.09.2008
Brother i gues you forgot to answer me 1 thing, How do i choose the BLACK colour model at the time of placing the order, I cant see any option for selecting the colour, Can you please help me so that i can place the correct order... And iam sorry i din't get to what you said? "The other part to the device is the closed Islamic contents which are proprietory and cannot be added to" - U mean i cannot add any islamic content on this player?? , But i ges on the other hand u also said that i can virtualy put any files from the net or my computer or my dvds n cds i can transfer in it rite? then why cant i add Islamic stuff contentes??? i mean i have so many islamic contents like (nasheeds, lectures , documentrz, audio tafseer and many more) on my pc n dvds and cds n mp3z to transfer all to this device... And u mean i cannot transfer it to the device, Is it so? Please clear my last final doughts so that i can finaly place the order Inshallah.. Thanks once again, Jazzakallah khr
By jibran khan on 09.09.2008
Apologies, I forgot to mention that we are making separate entries now for Black and Silver. Inshallah that will be uploaded in the next few hours. What I mean about Islamic proprietary material is that you cannot add an MP3 rectation and expect the iPalm to show you the on-screen Arabic text. Any material you add to the iPalm will stay on the MP3 MP4 side. It will not interact with the existing Islamic contents of the device. But of course you can add your nasheed collection, lectures video lectures etc, just like you would with any other MP3 / MP4 device.
By Customer Services on 09.09.2008
Brother, I wanted both the items to be shipped to gether as one parcel or two diffrent parcels but recive it at one time atleast, Can't you just shipp that game along with the digital quran? I know ur not going to charge shipping for the d.quran but i dont mind paying the minimal amount of shipping charges with the insurance and same time delivery for the game ( as the same delivery method fr the d.quran), As you had said it will take like 10 days to reach my doorsteps, Can you please workout sumthing cuz i dont want to delay in placing the order as i told you i was so dissapointed while ordering. Please make the delivery charges as minimal as possible and shipp it along with quran, and add the colour slection option, This the last reqst i can ask you for, So that i can go ahead placeing the order, Thanks for all your co-operation. Peace On You!
By jibran khan on 09.09.2008
Aselamualekum Please place the order separate and Inshallah we will send them together. this is the only I could think to optimize shipping charge. please e-mail us if any problem.
By Customer Services on 10.09.2008
Assalam, Thank you for all your kind reply and for clearing al my doughts but iam having problems while ordering... I gues you havnt still updated the colour selection option, cuz i dnt see any selecting option yet, But anyways i added to the cart and then i added the Mecca to madina game aswell, And then i was askd to choose the shipping to India, there was only one option to select wich i did, and after clicking on update its showing 79USD$ to just to shipp a 25$ game and the grand total is cuming like 285USD$, I mean that is so unacceptalbe, Im really dissapointed, Can you please help me with this, cuz i wanted to finnish the final order by today and i see such a big dissapointment at the end, Iam waiting for your positive reply/ help , Thank you once again.
By jibran khan on 09.09.2008
Please try ordering the game separately. The cart system is not charging for the ipalm weight, but the value of your order is high and so I beleive it is the insurance is increasing the postal charges. Inshallah I will upload the new colour soon.
By Customer Services on 10.09.2008
i bought an iquran at isna, i m having some problems with language choice, i was told by amaani there is someone in va that can help, his # was not in the box.
By shazia on 08.09.2008
That is only a distribution centre. All customer support is via the web. In order to listen to the Quran with spoken translation in English, repeat the following steps. 1. In the setup option select one of the English language text translations in LANGUAGES LIST 2. In TRANSLATION VOICES select ENGLISH 3. In TRANSLATION VOICE SETUP select Quran & ENGLISH playback Then go to the Quran menu to play We also now have demo videos online on www.ipalmdigitalquran/demovideos.html
By Customer Services on 08.09.2008
salaamu3aleikoem brother, I saw at the description that the Ipalm hasn't got the book bulugh elmaraam and neither hisnu elmuslim. Can you verify this please. I saw the Color Digital Quran EQ300 has got these books, could i put them on the Ipalm myself ? if so how? thank you very much salaamu 3aleikoem agie
By boudzara on 08.04.2010
No, unfortunately you would not be able to add these books to the device manually.
By Customer Services on 12.04.2010
i would like to buy the ipod , but now you also have the al furqan can you plz tell me the difference between them and which is better , as they are both the same price.
By nabeela on 07.11.2008
The iPalm is the latest product the Alfurqan is the previous product. The difference between the iPalm Digital Quran and the Alfurqan iPod are as follows. 1. iPalm contains spoken English & Urdu Translations 2. iPalm has 2GB flash memory, Alfurqan has 1GB 3. iPalm is expandable using a 4GB mini SD card 4. iPalm is smaller, slimmer and lighter than the Alfurqan 5. Improved menu navigation, especially for multimedia features 6. iPalm features 10 retro games - Mario Bros. etc. 5. Auto power saving and shut-off 7. Additional minor features such as calculator, notepad, dictionary etc. 8. Comes with free Leather case
By Customer Services on 07.11.2008
When are you likely to re-stock this item? I am itching to get hold of one? jazakallah
By Mohammed Faraz on 07.04.2009
Inshallah within the next 3-4 weeks.
By Customer Services on 08.04.2009
Salaam alikum, I would like to purchase the new Ipalm Quran. I have got a question that does this device come with a head phones?
By Nazir Ahmadi on 06.12.2008
By Customer Services on 09.12.2008
im thinking of buying ipquran can i bookmark pages in quran and hadiths and can i addmore ebook files on a sd micro card and read it on palm
By mohammad ali on 06.10.2008
Unfortunately there is no bookmark feature on the ipalm Quran. You can add ebooks in the form of txt files to the device's memory.
By Customer Services on 07.10.2008
Salaam, When do you expect the ipalm again? Can I buy it from an other supplier?
By yusuf on 06.04.2010
We are expecting this item within the next 7 - 10 days, inshallah. In the meantime we have - iPalm Digital Quran (Silver) with Spoken Translations (Factory Refurbished)at 40% off. The ecode of this item is 59719.
By Customer Services on 08.04.2010
asalam alikum i was order this digtal quan all most 3 weeks but i did not recve so how long it takes.
By azer on 05.10.2008
I will check with our US distributors and advise.
By Customer Services on 06.10.2008
1. Is this the very latest Product? 2. I heard the sound quality is not very good? is it true? im sure u may have heard it, I would apreciate honest views of you. 3. Dosnt it have the very clear english translation of shahee english? 4. Does the spkoen english translation use dey thee n those old english words? ( as its mention as m.pickthall) 5. Does it have Shaykh Meshary Rashid Alafasy recitation of the whole quran? 6. Do you think the voive quality is as good as you may get in da cds?? please be honest., thank you. 7. I will be ordering frm India (Inshallah) soon as you clear all my doughts. 8. So how much time wil it take to reach here at my door step? 9. If im not mistaken you say Shipping is Free Worldwide, But i want my shipment be insuerd and quick delivery, So will you include the priority (fast) / insured shipping ? its request please. 10. Thank you , I hope to hear from you soon with a positive reply. Ramadan Kareem! Jazzakallah kher!
By jibran khan on 05.09.2008
I am answering your questions in the order you have posed them. 1. It is so new we have not even got it yet! Stock expected on Wednesday 10th Sept 2008 inshallah 2. If you don't like the sound quality send it back! I think you maybe referring to listening to it through the built-in speaker? obviously due to the size of in-built single mono speakers you cannot expect to get high quality sound - right? For extended usage, please use the bundled headphones. 3. The English is very clear like the Arabic, I don't know what you mean by shahee? 4. Yes, it is the Pickthall translation, which is in fact viewed as the most accurate translation by many people. 5. Yes, there are two complete recitations of the Quran to choose from Sudais and Shuraim and Alafasy. including the spoken translations there are over 80 hours of audio media on this device! 6. I don't think the voice quality will be good as CD quality which is sampled @ 44.1khz, most people nowadays are used to listening to MP3's which are sampled at 96kbit/s or 128kbit/s. So it will be every-bit as good as your MP3 collection, inshallah. 7. I believe shipping to India will take upto 10 days. We will insure the goods free of cost to you. But unfortunately to send by a quicker service will be very expensive. Approx. 30 or $60. Jazakallah for your questions, I am sure others will find them very useful.
By Customer Services on 06.09.2008
I forgot to ask one more Q. What is the colour of the Quran Player? it was writen u can get in two colours Silver/ Black I would like to go for the Black colour model Inshallah ill place the order once u clear all my Qs n doughts wich i askd u earlier, Thank you once again
By jibran khan on 05.09.2008
Yes, its available in Black or Silver
By Customer Services on 06.09.2008
Asalamualaikam Unfortunately somehow in my files when i put the USB in to my pc, all the files are gone, the folders are only there but nothing is in them also some extra files have been created and i can not deleted, can i buy something to get the files back? or can i download something?
By A.Hussain on 05.05.2009
We apologise that you are experiencing problems with your recent purchase from simplyislam.com. We aim to achieve 100% satisfaction for all our customers. Please may we trouble you to complete the returns request form on this page: http://simplyislam.com/profile/return.asp so that we may handle your request efficiently.
By Customer Services on 06.05.2009
I have heard soon there is better version coming out of the above named product? is this true. I am waiting for this product to be re-stocked and wanted to know if I should purchase this or wait for a new product if there is one? Jazakallah Salaam
By Mohammed Faraz on 04.05.2009
We are making some fixes to the software of this device. Inshallah the new stock will be arriving within 2-3 weeks time. This is our latest product.
By Customer Services on 05.05.2009
I purchased the product few days ago, however there appears to be no Backup CD, can you please send one. I bought the product from you sister shop Rolex (Rusholme) in its sealed packaging, but when i opened it and looked under the plastic packaging, I could not find a CD.
By Khatija on 04.03.2009
Please send us your name and address so that we can forward the cd-rom to you.
By Customer Services on 04.03.2009
Salaam, I purchased this with other items from simplyislam.com on Sept 26th. The items arrived today, but no iPalm. Are you shipping this separately? When can I expect to get it? Its an Eid gift and I'd like it asap. Jazakallahukhairan.
By Mujtaba on 03.10.2008
Goods we despatched separately. Sincere apologies for the delay. I will ensure the US distributor send s your order our by priority mail today.
By Customer Services on 06.10.2008
can you read the quran at the same time
By Nasir Khan on 03.09.2008
By Customer Services on 04.09.2008
can you fix my digital quraan pleas from madina pleas help me. i will be very happy iv got two to fix how much would it be i am only 10 if want my phon number and hme adrress pleas tell me and i will give you it tell me wat time pleas re play bak brother. iam going to sing up in your website
By abdul karim on 03.01.2010
As there are many type of digital Qurans, from many different manufacturers, we can only reliably offer an after sales service to those products purchased from ourselves as we can send them back to the original factory for repair.
By Customer Services on 05.01.2010
Assalamwalaikum, I have placed order for ipalm (silver) and waiting for delivery. Can you just clarify if the promotional 10 DVD's, leather pouch are included with the package. I dont find them mentioned either on the invoice or in the order status enquiry. Zakahallah Khair
By Zaheer Ahmed on 02.06.2009
Yes, those items are included in the package for this product.
By Customer Services on 02.06.2009
how many gb
By abdurahman on 02.02.2009
1 GB
By Customer Services on 02.02.2009
Please forgive my ignorance for I am not a muslim, but my husband is. I would like to purchase a digital Quran player for him for Christmas. Could you please advise me which one to buy. My husband is African (from The Gambia) but we live in the UK. I know he would want the languages to be Arabic and English. Hopefully the sound problems have now been resolved, as I think he would be thrilled with such a product to help him with his Arabic and daily prayers. Your early reply would be appreciated to ensure delivery for Christmas 2008 (only 25 days away) and I really want to ensure I get the correct product for him .As it is so expensive for me I wouldn't want to waste my money on the wrong choice through my own ignorance .
By Jacqueline Harber on 01.12.2008
it is fantastic product. And you will have one year guarantee, if any problem you can always return it. Hope this will give you peace of mind. we will despatch your parcel today.
By Customer Services on 04.12.2008
Salam 3laykuim. I wanted to know if I am able to hear the hadiths on audio playback. jazakallah 7ayr
By Sarah Yones on 01.07.2009
No. you can only read it.
By Customer Services on 02.07.2009
I'm trying to memorize chapters from the quran. I would like whole chapters recited over and and over again to help with memorization. I know this can repeat verses, but is there any way for this to continuosly play the same chapter over and over again. It would be nice to leave it on one chapter while working out or driving.
By abdullah on 01.02.2009
Unfortunately the repeat facility only works on a per verse basis
By Customer Services on 03.02.2009
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