Colgate Miswak Toothpaste

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Colgate Miswak Toothpaste

Colgate Miswak Toothpaste      

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Colgate Miswak Toothpaste

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17x3 cm / 6.69x1.18 inches
140gm / 0.31lbs
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Jun 2008
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Miswak - (PEELU: Salvadora Persica) is being effectively used since ages for cleaning teeth and keeping the gums healthy. Colgate's scientists have successfully prepared the extract of Miswak and blended it with other ingredients known for their efficacy to whiten your teeth and freshen your breath. Nt. Weight 100 gms
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Colgate Miswak Toothpaste
6/14/2009 1:08:27 AM
review by:
Joynal Ahmed
I love the taste of this one. Recommended. Would buy again inshaAllah.
Colgate Miswak Toothpaste
9/28/2008 10:40:24 AM
review by:
ingrid astok
Very soft and good taste. I will order this product again.
DOeent have much miswak
8/1/2008 5:20:09 PM
review by:
Joynal Ahmed
but still better than other colgates

Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

Are you able to help me with information on where I might purchasw Miswak toothpaste in the city of Brisbane, Australia? Thank you.
By Colin Nelson on 30.09.2009
Unfortunatley we are not aware of any suppliers in Australia
By Customer Services on 30.09.2009
when will this product be available again?
By Ivana Gil on 27.10.2011
Unfortunately we have no info of when the next stock of this item will be available.
By Customer Services on 27.10.2011
Please tell me who is the distributor or importer of Miswak toothpaste in South Africa. It is a wonderfull product and I should like to obtain some for my patients.
By Dr Driaan Engelbrecht on 26.05.2010
Salam, Ad Moubarak ! I have a question from France plaese. Can you send orders to France ? Thanks Salam Amari ANAS
By ANAS AMARI on 20.09.2009
yes we can. Please place the order online.
By Customer Services on 22.09.2009
Is the toothpaste miswak compatible with homeopathy ? Where can I buy this toothpaste in France ?
By Leguillon on 19.07.2011
You would have to consult someone who is qualified and has knowledge on homeopathy. You can buy this online.
By Customer Services on 20.07.2011
Is there a toothpaste at Wagreens that has miswak in it?
By om on 15.08.2010
By Customer Services on 15.08.2010
Assalaum Aleikum! I would like to ask one question: does colgate misvak contain only halal ingredients. Today I bought one and found that information about ingredients provided was only for active ingredient. It means that potencially it might contain some alcohol-based ingredients like alcohol or ethanol or sorbitol and the like. Jazak Allah.
By Adam on 12.09.2010
Unfortunately, we don't have such complete info. But all the items we categorized on our web is halal. Thanks
By Customer Services on 13.09.2010
Selam aleikum, do you ship also to germany? I want to buy colgate miswak. Do you also have the larger 250gr box of colgate misvak?
By Turan Kaya on 11.10.2009
We ship worldwide, we only have the 125g at present.
By Customer Services on 12.10.2009
hi i live in iran and now there isn't misvak and say that manufactoer doesn't product it please help me how can i purchase in iran? thanks
By mahtab on 08.02.2011
Unfortunatley we are not aware of any suppliers in Iran.
By Customer Services on 08.02.2011
When will you be getting this back in stock? Many thanks
By Joseph Brown on 05.06.2010
In order to be informed automatically by email when an item is re-stocked, please browse to the products information page and enter your email address in the space provided on that page.
By Customer Services on 07.06.2010
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