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Chandni Cone Henna Paste
Chandni Cone Henna Paste

This item is currently unavailable.
We have no information as to when it will be restocked.

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ecode 58789 
Size 12x2 cm / 4.72x0.79 inches
Weight 50gm / 0.11lbs
Stock out of stock
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Added on May 2008
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Export quality henna paste in plastic 'toothpaste type' tube with nozzle attachment

Buy 3 or more for 1.27 each (Just update your required quantity & system will automatically apply the reduced price)

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   Customer Ratings    
Comment/Review Henna Henna 5/4/2011 1:24:39 AM

review by:
User Bushra Alsahkhly 
I got 3 of them, one for me and the rest for my best friends. We had a Henna party which worked perfect. I wish this Henna pack would come with ready to use Henna sticker patterns though that we can use instead of scribbling randomly on our hands.
Comment/Review Chandni Cone Henna Paste 9/23/2009 10:14:46 PM

review by:
User Zeynep Hanifah 
great item, thanks
Comment/Review great product 8/25/2009 5:53:59 PM

review by:
User Norjehan Zainul 
Salam. I ordered many of these cones. Good quality thanks
   Product Comments / Questions & Answers  
When will this item bne in stock?
By Nelam on 26.06.2008
In regards to current UK book, CD, DVD and tapes stock we have a regular re-order cycle of approx. 3-4 weeks, or quicker if it is a popular item. On other items it can very dramtically. Many of our artefacts are imported from overseas and so may take upto 3-4 months to be re-stocked. Therefore in most cases we suggest you order an alternative item. It is not always possible for us to re-stock certain items due to many reasons; no longer available; was not popular etc. If you are set on purchasing a particular item then it would be best to contact us via our website and as if and when we will be re-stocking an item. For all the out-of-stock items on our website you have the option of adding your email address on the product's information page. By doing so you will be automatically notified as soon as we update our stock records for these items on our website.
By Customer Services on 27.06.2008
is this black henna? does it have chemicals in it such as PPD? cause it has a black colour and does not smell like henna, and this is a very dangerous product if it is black henna cause it stains so quickly and normal henna doesnt do this. this might scar poeple for life and cause skin reactions that are severe. please notify me ASAP
By fayza on 24.11.2009
the only thing i could see on the packging is "how to use instruction".
By Customer Services on 10.12.2009
assalam alaykum do you sell them in big quantity? and if yes wht will b the price with shipping for 50 cones and 100 with shipping for france barak Allah o fik
By najate on 16.02.2012
No, unfortunately we don't have access to stock at presnt. Our next stock will be arriving in May, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 17.02.2012
Hi.I got 3 cones and did the henna on my foot but after 3 hours it still wasnt dry.i had to shower it off and pat dry.the colour was a bright orange :( why ? other hennas dry within 20-30 minuts and have a lovely deep stain.
By mags on 15.08.2011
Salam . I ordered 2 of these big henna cone and instead receive 2 small henna cones. This is my order number # 71397.Will you send replacement for it? salam
By Norjehan on 09.09.2009
It could possibly be that it looks large in the close-up image. I will ask someone in the warehouse to confirm this for you.
By Customer Services on 10.09.2009
Is this mehndi a type of black mehndi, or is it just a darker brown mehndi? We applied it and it was dark brown within 10 minutes, is this normal?
By Pavan on 09.06.2009
I assume it contains a chemical to accelerate the process.
By Customer Services on 10.06.2009
I cant find the nail one, can I use this one for my nails also.
By Natasha on 09.05.2014
Yes, I am sure it is, but you can just type nail into our search box and we have 9 results there.
By Customer Services on 09.05.2014
When will this item be in stock again?
By Mariam on 08.11.2009
insha'allah we will try to get some this week.
By Customer Services on 09.11.2009
Have you got this item in stock yet?
By Juhena on 08.09.2009
It is currently unavailable
By Customer Services on 08.09.2009
Why does the mendhi fade off so quickly?
By denisha on 06.03.2010
this products has ppd?
By lamya on 02.05.2012
Unfortunately, we do not have this product in our stock.
By Customer Services on 03.05.2012
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