Poster: Quraysh the Tribe of Prophet Muhammad

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Poster: Quraysh the Tribe of Prophet Muhammad
Poster: Quraysh the Tribe of Prophet Muhammad

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90x59 cm / 35.43x23.23 inches
885gm / 1.95lbs
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May 2008
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Quraysh the Tribe of Prophet Muhammad
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Quraysh lineage
12/29/2010 10:35:20 PM
review by:
jerome james
Very good lineage poster for Quraysh. very descriptive and clear made easy to read as it has colour coded lineage lines. Gives a nice picture of the influential people and early muslims around rasoolullah (saw).
loved the poster but i dont think it was new!
9/23/2009 12:38:32 PM
review by:
nazia ali
i have been looking for a poster of this kind for a while so i was really pleased when i found it on simplyislam..only problem i had is when i received it was wasn't in good condition..creased with bent corners and 2 ripped edges, it kinda looked used.

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ASA, Two queries: 1. Will you be receiving any more of the Quraysh Tibe poster? 2. Do you deliver to Australia?
By Shahzeb Panhwar on 29.01.2014
Walaikum Asalaam, we do deliver to Australia, in fact we have many customers down under, however we are not expecting stock's of this particular product in the foreseeable future, unfortunately.
By Customer Services on 29.01.2014
Please confirm the size of this poster, as all other websites state it is a A2 size, is your a larger version?
By Raja on 05.03.2010
Assalamu alykum. I think it is similiar size; 90x59 cm / 35.43x23.23 inches
By Customer Services on 08.03.2010
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