Casio Prayer Qibla Compass Watch

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Casio Prayer Qibla Compass Watch
Casio Prayer Qibla Compass Watch

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Mar 2007
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No matter where your travels take you, the Casio Prayer Compass automatically calculates prayer times and the direction to Makkah. Seven pre-programmed Islamic Prayer time calculation methods provide the correct data for various areas around the world.

Determaining Qibla
Prayer Time Search Function
Prayer Time Alarm
Hijra Calendar
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Salam, Muhammad from Singapore I juz bought juz now n can't get the right have video for tis?
By Muhammad on 28.04.2012
Salam I'm Muhammad from Singapore..I juz gt ur watch from local shop and I can't gt the right there anyway u can guide?the 1st I send u the email has been close..takes
By Muhammad on 28.04.2012
hello i am in holland can i bye this whatc to? thank you
By rachid on 28.01.2010
We supply worldwide, but unfortunately we do not have this watch instock.
By Customer Services on 29.01.2010
I am Zahid in Canberra (Australia) please send me the setting i am not getting the right qibla tell me its urgent my namaz is very important
By Zahid on 27.05.2011
I've lost the manual handbook for setting the qiblat and prayer time. Please guide me on how to set for those 2 things for Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
By Aziah Ismail on 27.02.2010
Unfortunately we no longer stock this watch
By Customer Services on 01.03.2010
asslam alykom ido not have the user manual of cpw310 and would like know to does it work when in travel such as setting the city and knowing the direction to Mecca shokrn
By mohammad alnaji on 24.12.2009
Unfortunately we no longer have the manual either as we do not have this instock
By Customer Services on 24.12.2009
idonot have the user manual of cpw 310 and would like know how to does it worw when in travelsuch as setting the city and knowing the direction to mecca thanks
By mohammad alnaji on 22.12.2009
Unfortunately we no longer sell this watch.
By Customer Services on 22.12.2009
please can you help me i need the translation from this watch in german. my english isnīt very well. thank you very much
By carmen on 22.09.2010
i am in shenzhen china please send me the setting i am not getting the right qibla tell me its urgent my namaz is very important
By shaikh on 20.04.2007
I am afraid we are out of stock of these watches.
By Customer Services on 20.04.2007
i dont understand about their setting to prayer me?
By hadi on 19.03.2009
Unfortunately we no longer sell this watch.
By Customer Services on 19.03.2009
Asslamau Allaikum, I bought the casio Prayer Compass Watch a few years ago and alhamdu-Lillah it is working well. But I need to change the time, prayer locations and have LOST the Instruction book. I would appreciate if you could kindly send me teh instruction/opearating manual to my email: Jaza' Kahllahu Khairan Imtiaz Mohamed (from Australia)
By Imtiaz Mohamed on 17.05.2011
I misplaced the setting function for my Qiblat Casio watch. Pls can anyone tell me the setting for Singapore cos i need to set so that my prayer time is Correct. Thanks
By Sukarto on 17.01.2013
Casio Prayer Qibla Compass Watch when will you have this watch in stock
By baber raja on 10.11.2013
Unfortunately we do not expect to restock this product in the foreseeable future
By Customer Services on 11.11.2013
Please advise the prayer time calculation method (ie Fajr, Asr Isha) for Sydney, Australia, as its not in the user Guide. Is it No.6?? Also is sydney direction West-North West? Also i find the qibla direction does not stay consistent when i face a different direction and press the button?
By Hassan Chmait on 10.11.2011
Am from india.. Who can i set the correct qibal direction, by seyed
By seyed ahamed on 10.09.2012
Dear Casio, Please tell me how to set the direction of Qibla and also to set up clock in Jakarta, Indonesia. I look forward to having your confirmation upon this question. Thanks you very much for your cooperation. Kind regards, Ircham
By Ircham Surahman on 09.09.2009
I have a very old Casio Qiblah finder cum pocket clock/watch. I've misplaced the manual and need to re-calibrate the qiblat finder. Can you give me details for this?
By Sharizan Abdullah on 04.04.2011
unfortunately we have not sold this watch for years.
By Customer Services on 04.04.2011
Do u have stock?
By ahmad noor on 03.11.2014
Sorry Not in stock. Thanks
By Customer Services on 03.11.2014
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