Arabian Sinbad Arabic Learning Treasure Chest

Arabian Sinbad Arabic Learning Treasure Chest

Arabian Sinbad Arabic Learning Treasure Chest      

Arabian Sinbad Arabic Learning Treasure Chest      

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Arabian Sinbad Arabic Learning Treasure Chest
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Please click here for recommendation letters from American Universities and language academics.

Arabian Sinbad: Arabic Language Treasure is a unique and exciting learning experience of the Arabic language for children. This innovative learning tool utilizes immersive and engaging language learning techniques via animated educational and entertaining cartoon, activity books, games, flashcards and lovely songs.

Arabian Sinbad teaches Arabic Language to children in a simple and enjoyable way. While watching and enjoying Sinbad adventures with his sister Zayna and pet parrot Zagzag to find and protect the treasure, children are taken into a learning journey from easy to more challenging levels.

Speaking only in Arabic, the Arabian Sinbad animated episodes utilize the Total Immersion Method. Children are introduced into a world where only Arabic is spoken in a correct, native accent, which helps them develop an ear for the Arabic language. Children are exposed to new experiences where words, phrases, expressions and questions are carefully chosen to enrich the child’s ability to use the language correctly.
Alongside the animated episodes, the activity books, flashcards and theatre cards provide an excellent tool to help reinforce the vocabulary learned in the videos. For further activities many games have been developed to highlight specific lessons and all that has been flavored by fantastic catchy tunes to help children recognize and memorize what they have learnt. The supplementary tools are bilingual to further reinforce the Arabic vocabulary learned in the episodes. These tools come with easy-to-use transliterations and translation.
Arabian Sinbad was developed to be an indispensable learning tool to supplement school curriculum in an entertaining interactive style. No previous knowledge of the Arabic language is required, so that children of any language can learn Arabic with Arabian Sinbad.

Arabian Sinbad: Arabic Language Treasure deluxe package will include:

• 9 DVDs with 18 episodes plus 60 minutes Vocabulary review DVD.
• Activity and Coloring Books:
Arabian Sinbad: Fun Activities (Stickers Book) with 100+ stickers
Arabian Sinbad: Play and Think
• Colorful and Illustrated Dictionary
• Arabian Sinbad Sing-Along CD
24 Original Arabian Sinbad Songs
• 52 Flashcards
• Theatre Cards

Dimensions of the package:
Weight: 3.2KG
Height: 6cm
Length: 51cm
Width: 34cm
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Customer Ratings

Excellent Product
6/28/2013 3:36:23 AM
review by:
I ordered the product on Wednesday morning and received it the next day! the delivery was slightly delayed compared to the time mentioned, however Im not surprised as it always happens when im anxiously waiting for something! So far im very Impressed with the product. It is the latest version of the Arabian sinbad treasure chest. Hats off to you simply islam! great price great service! thank you! very impressed so far! would definately recommend to anyone!
Arabian Sinbad review
11/3/2009 11:37:41 AM
review by:
Hello, I'm from Athens, Greece and I studied many years arabic. These DVD's are very very helpful because you heard many phrases in the RIGHT WAY- NON EGYPTIAN- .The story roll slowly and you can follow. The books are very helpful as well. The price here is the lower as well.

Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

Are there any music in them?
By Amina on 30.09.2011
Yes, I believe there will be but you could confirm by writing to the publisher:
By Customer Services on 03.10.2011
Salam I just wanted to know if this is the second edition of the DVDs? Does it also come with the vocabulary builder DVD? Also on your page it comes up as 33% off from 89.99 down to 59.99 but when I add to cart it's coming up as 99.99 is this correct? Jzk
By Zarqa on 29.08.2014
W/asalaam. Yes, the new price is GBP99.99. It includes vocabulary builder and much more.
By Customer Services on 31.08.2014
you did mention that this is not quranic arabic. does modern arabic mean that it is not fusaha arabic too? thanks
By wati on 24.11.2011
Sorry I am not sure of the answer to that question. Please check this page or contact the manufacturers directly.
By Customer Services on 24.11.2011
I want to buy the Sinbad Arabic learning set. 1) I live in the United States, are the DVDs sold in region 1, NTSC format? 2) Can I pay with PayPal? 3) Do you have other beginner Arabic learning sets?
By Stephen on 22.08.2021
which sinbad treasure chest is the 2006 or2011
By taaliyah on 22.04.2012
Yes this is brand new stock and is the 2011 edition.
By Customer Services on 23.04.2012
Salaams, I recently went into the rolex store and enquired about this product, they said that they had one in stock on their system but that they could not find it (im assuming that this is the same one that is showing as in stock on your website) the brother said that he would sell it to me for £50 but then could not find it. I would like to purchase this item and was wondering if somebody could get back to me about whether this item has been located and whether it would be best if I placed an order online or popped back into the store. Jazakhallah and hope that makes sense.
By Sadia Morad on 21.06.2013
Our online store is separate from Rolex Books store. We operate on a different platform and we do not always have the same items in stock. We do have this available on our website but our price will vary.
By Customer Services on 24.06.2013
Is arabian sindbad a method to learn quranic arabic or not? we are looking for a way to learn to read arabic (and the quran) for kids and myself this the right material? our son goes to quran class..but it is very difficult for him because it is only once a week and we can not practice properly with him....we need some teaching material ....
By monique stroop on 15.09.2009
No, this is for modern Arabic, not Quranic Arabic.
By Customer Services on 16.09.2009
Hello, I wanted to know where I can see a sample of this product, so I know what I'm buying? Is there a website where you demonstrate children watching and learning from the DVDs and flash cards etc. Best regards
By Sonia Ashby on 11.09.2009
Unfortunately we do not have a video clip of the actual DVD, just the advert
By Customer Services on 11.09.2009
I go to the checkout to buy/pay and there is no my local currency. (RM Ringgit). Should I use 'My local Currency -US Dollar) if I want the product to be ship to Malaysia? Just want to check wether you ship to Malaysia n whats the price of the product n shipping charges. If yes, how many days it take to receive the package (Malaysia)
By Lina on 09.11.2009
Yes. the shipping charge will be displayed once you put the item in the shopping basket.
By Customer Services on 09.11.2009
Do you sell the new revised second edition?
By Fairoza Zubair-Haque on 08.08.2012
We have the 2nd edition available in this item. Please see ecode: 61780 Arabian Sinbad Learn to Speak Arabic 9 DVD+1CD 2nd Edition
By Customer Services on 08.08.2012
Is Arabian Sinbad a good method to teach Arabic to adults as well as kids?
By Barada on 07.08.2011
Please see the link within the description of the product to the recommendations, by Universities and Language Academics
By Customer Services on 07.08.2011
Hello there, do you think you will have this back in stock ? thank you in advance.
By Yassine on 07.04.2014
No, unfortunately the price has doubled and therefore I don't think we will be able to sell it anymore. I do however have 1 set available which has a game CD missing i.e not part of the course. I could sell that to you for £65.00 + postage?
By Customer Services on 07.04.2014
Can your sell tthus at the ddiscounted price? What is the delivery charge to birmingham uk? Also does this pack contain the extra Cd?
By shahnaz on 05.11.2014
Thank you for your query. We are already a discount seller and one of the reasons people choose our website over others is because we offer goods at low prices. We do however have a price match feature so if you do find the same item cheaper anywhere else we will do our best to match it, inshallah
By Customer Services on 06.11.2014
Hi when do you foresee getting more stock of Learn Arabic Arabian Sinbad Treasure Chest - Learn Arabic Complete Set for Children Includes; DVDs, Audio CDs, Books and software? Also do you ship to Australia? Thank you Kirsten
By Kirsten on 04.11.2018
Asalaam, I have sent an email to our supplier to find out if they have any available stock right now. Yes, we ship worldwide.
By Customer Services on 05.11.2018
Salam, do you still have the set for £65 plus postage? Jazakumm Allahu khairan, Abid
By Abid abdulkhaliq on 04.11.2014
No, unfortunately the manufacturer has increased the price.
By Customer Services on 04.11.2014
Hi there, I just want to know how much delivery will cost for posting. Thank you. Kind regards Farzana
By Farzana Ghani on 02.05.2020
Asalaam, £5.00 for courier delivery. Jazakallah
By Customer Services on 02.05.2020
Salaam, I wanted to know if the Arabian Sinbad that you have on offer this is the latest ( Second edition) with English subtitles?
By Begum on 01.08.2019
Asalaam, Yes that is correct
By Customer Services on 01.08.2019
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