Debates of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat (10 DVDs)

Debates of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat (10 DVDs)
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Debates of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat (10 DVDs)      

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Debates of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat (10 DVDs)

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Ahmed Deedat
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Debates of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat
These are in DVD Video format. We beleive these DVDs are the best quality recordings available, having been mastered and transferred from the original masters in South Africa.

1. Is The Bible Gods Word?- Sheikh Ahmed Deedat Vs Rev Jimmy Swaggart

This debate has been billed as one of the Greatest in the century. Ahmed Deedat takes on giant among the evengaelists - Jimmy Swaggart and comes out on top.

2. Is The Bible Gods Word?- Questions And Answers - Sheikh Ahmed Deedat
Vs Rev Jimmy Swaggart

The questions and answers following the Swaggart debate are covered herein as well as reviewing some of the most spellbinding moments. Undoubtedly displaying some of Sheikh Deedat’s finest talents in the debate.

3. Was Christ Crucified?- Sheikh Ahmed Deedat Vs Floyd E Clark
4. Crucifixion - Fact Or Fiction? - Sheikh Ahmed Deedat Vs Robert Douglas

Sheikh Deedat taps the wealth of information available which refutes the crucifixion of Christ (pbuh). This DVD provides the viewer with a series of arguments to counter the Christian antogonists. Professor Floyd E Clark and Sheikh Deedat contested this debate at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

5. Was Christ Crucified? - Sheikh Ahmed Deedat Vs Bishop General Wakefield

In this debate between Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Robert Douglas, the concept of Crucifixion is put to the test. Sheikh Deedat proves beyond doubt that the theory of Crucifixion is hoax.
6. Is Jesus God? - Sheikh Ahmed Deedat Vs Pastor Erik Bock

7. Is The Bible The Word Of God? - Sheikh Ahmed Deedat Vs Stanley Sjoberg

8. Is Jesus God? - Sheikh Ahmed Deedat Vs Stanley Sjoberg

9. Is Jesus God? - Sheikh Ahmed Deedat Vs Dr Anis Shorrosh

This is one of the great debates between Ahmed Deedat and Dr Anis Shorrosh. This debate is marked by sharp and skillful exchange; and also intelligent and concise responses which support the Muslim, in contrast to the unsubstantiated responses from the Christian case.

10. The Quraan Or The Bible Which Is Gods Word? - Sheikh Ahmed Deedat Vs Dr Anis Shorrosh

Sheikh Deedat and Dr Sharrosh engage in the great debate discussing the Qur’an and the Bible with chants of “Allah-u-Akbar” from the audience. Sheikh Deedat’s disposition reaffirms the INDISPUTABLE fact that the Qur’an is the ultimate word of God. Sharrosh, cocksure of himself, delivered his facricated disproof on Islam with contortion beyond recognition, mixing Arab paganism with Islam. He tried to mislead the masses, failing miserably.

11. The Quraan Or The Bible Which Is Gods Word? (rebuttals
And Questions) - Sheikh Ahmed Deedat Vs Dr Anis Shorrosh

In this DVD the viewer is privileged to see the surgical destruction of the Christian born Palestinian by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat. Needless to say that during question time Dr Sharoosh failed miserably in attempting to answer any of the pertinent issues put to him. From the audiece’s response it was clear who emerged the victor on that night.
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ahmed deedat debats
12/21/2009 11:55:28 AM
review by:
ryadh houchala
i recommend this set to all muslims and non muslims, really we need more people like chikh ahmed deedat to build a bridge of understanding between the muslim and the non muslim. may allah reward him for his effort to islam and the muslim ouma
1/6/2006 1:56:33 PM
review by:
ben john
i am john am in nigeria andiwanttoby your items so netme no the total cost amount with shipment cost

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Assalamu alaikum. I was curious to know the availability of this DVD set. If I place an order online today, when can I expect the delivery in Dubai. Thanks for the help. Wa'salam
By Farhaan on 31.12.2008
Apparently we had some problem with parcels sent to Dubai. But I am sure this has been sorted for quite long time. I never had any problem about six months. Normally if we despatch a parcel today it is out of the country the next two working days. Thus as my colleagues mentioned it depends on your internal service in Dubai.
By Customer Services on 02.01.2009
Hi Could you please tell me if there are subtitles in french on the these DVDs? Thanks Regards Mehdi
By Mehdi on 31.07.2009
Unfortunatley they are not.
By Customer Services on 03.08.2009
I have been eager to see these famous debates as told to me by friends. Do you have a list of the DVD players that dont have a problem playing the disc in this set?
By Al Yasa on 25.03.2006
Actually only a very small percentage, maybe only 1% have difficulties in viewing our DVDS. Obviously this is highlighted in the reviews as only people with viewing issues will post a comment and not the vast majority who viewed without any problems. I beleive most modern DVDs will play our DVDS. If a customer does come up against any problem, before returning the DVDs, we suggest this course of action: One step you could take to play the DVD is to make your DVD player region free. You can do this by entering a code from your remote handset of your player. The code is different for different makes/ models and so you will need to locate the particular 'hack' for your machine. Please see links below USA Customers: European Customers: If after successfully programming your machine to accept Region 2 Discs your ordered DVD does not work, you may return for a full refund. Please go to 'Customer Support' > 'Returns' and complete the returns form.
By Customer Services on 27.03.2006
i was happy with the product however,my dvd player would not read the british system(i am in the usa) i had to go out and buy a new dvd player
By eric zireg on 23.02.2006
I think this is a problem that affects a small no. of players in the US. Of the 100's of DVDs we have supplied to the US only a few customers report any issues.
By Customer Services on 24.02.2006
salam, je veux savoir, est ce que les DVD de M Ahmed deedat sont multilangue ( français ,anglais). merci
By Mourad on 22.07.2006
Please put your question through in english thank you.
By Customer Services on 24.07.2006
Hi, I already watched all these. Don't you have ALL of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat's lectures? I want to buy every single DVD in 1 package. Do you have all of them?
By Mohammed Jabbour on 22.03.2012
Unfortunately, we only have what's available on the website of this dvd.
By Customer Services on 22.03.2012
I live in Egypt and I cannot guarantee that if I purchase the DVD's they will arrive. Is it poassible in the future that they could be put on the Web for downloading, also by payment, this would be a great convenience for people who live in countries that don't have a good postal system.
By Sarah McGreavy on 21.11.2008
Unfortunately we do not have the systems in place to offer this service.
By Customer Services on 22.11.2008
salam aleykum. does this dvds have the great debate with ahmed deedat vs sharoosh is jesus god?Jazaak Allah khair.
By jammal on 17.01.2006
Yes, that debate in this set is DVD No. 9
By Customer Services on 18.01.2006
do these dvds have all the question and answer sessions included with them?
By bilal on 14.01.2006
Yes, they are complete with the Q&A sessions.
By Customer Services on 16.01.2006
Assalamualaikum, I have not found this set anywhere else except here, and now you have ran out of stock. Are you planning to get more in soon? (Insha'Allah) Would consider accepting Maestro credit cards? (Insha'Allah) The Islamic Bank of Britian issued me with one. I like to disable the images on my machine, and then use a left click on my mouse to see the image I would like. However, you have disabled the left click function on your website. Could you reverse this? (Insha'Allah) Otherwise, your website is great: thanks.
By Taj on 09.09.2006
We have updated our system and we now have 5 copies available.
By Customer Services on 11.09.2006
Assalamu alaikum. Are the Sheikh Ahmed Deedat collections in video dvd format or are they simply audio disks? Also, what is the quality of picture and sound? Jazaak Allah khair.
By Shakeel Ahmed on 09.01.2006
They are in DVD Video format. We beleive these DVDs are the best quality recordings available, having been mastered and transferred from the original masters in South Africa.
By Customer Services on 09.01.2006
i would love very much to get the 11 DVD's i and a senior citizen and i have person with power of atonery. he has a account to by by mail i shall inform him to get these DVD's for me shooh-ron. his name is Robey Meeks. He got me 15 CD's by sheikh fsisal from england from a company in england fron the internet. I think the account is called-pay pall. I am also trying to locate the (Ta war we) prayers at mecca on DVD's with the english at the botton i seen it on brittish t.v. on the computer. shook ron Allah.dr. abdul-hake mohammed sham sud deen
By i ammadeena on 07.01.2006
I am afraid that we have not come accross a retail version of the Taraweeh prayers on DVD with the English translation.
By Customer Services on 08.01.2006
i love the product. its an A++++ and recommend to every believer and non believer. the only problem is that the dvds did not work on all systems. i wonder if you guys can correct that.
By wael awad on 04.02.2006
We will pass your comments to the manufacturers, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 06.02.2006
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