The Wise Poet- Stories of the Broken Idol and the Jewish Rabbi (CD)

The Wise Poet- Stories of the Broken Idol and the Jewish Rabbi (CD)
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The Wise Poet- Stories of the Broken Idol and the Jewish Rabbi (CD)

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Kurram Murad
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1/ THE WISE POET: Story of Al-Tufayl Bin Amr, a respected chief of the Daws tribe, a man of generosity and kindness, renowned for his poetry. On one of his regular visits to the Ka'ba where he would recite poems to the idols, he was struck by the prayer of a Muslim whose performance so fascinated him that he followed the man home; the man was none other than the Blessed Prophet (pbuh). Tufayl introduced himself and the Blessed Prophet (pbuh) confirmed that he was a messenger from God. Tufayl was so impressed by the truth of what he heard that he acknowledged the Blessed Prophet's messengership and accepted Islam. Meant for 11-14 year olds, the story shows how the best poetry cannot compete with the truth and wisdom of the Quran.

2/ STORIES OF THE BROKEN IDOL AND THE JEWISH RABBI: The stories of `Amr Ibn al-Jamuh and Abdullah, both Companions of the Blessed Prophet Muhammad. Both were men of prominence but from different background; Amr was one of the chief in Yathrib, now known as Madina, Abdullah was a respected rabbinic scholar of the Jewish community in Madina.

Meant for 11-14 year olds, the stories tell how one evening they sat with some friends in the courtyard of the mosque and related how they came to embrace Islam.
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