Urdu Driving Theory Test Book

Urdu Driving Theory Test Book

Urdu Driving Theory Test Book      

Urdu Driving Theory Test Book      

Urdu Driving Theory Test Book

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Urdu Driving Theory Test Book

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The driving theory test in urdu.
Helpful information to help you prepare for: Hazard Perception
Easy to test yourself- with all question and answers.

Contains all offical car theory test revision questions and answers along with the knowledge and understanding text.

Valid from 2012 onwards
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very good
5/3/2006 4:35:06 PM
review by:
wife used this and passed her theory test first time, what more can I say

Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

I need this theory book as soon as possible and i want to confirm that whether it is valid for U.K or not.
By zeeshan Ali on 31.12.2014
Assalamu Alaykum BROTHERS My name is Abdulkarim Mohamed I am interested to translate theory test CDs and CPC case study scenarios I need technical help to prevent been copied easily by others. I am qualified translator but confused how to prevent coping by others any advice brothers Any ideas will be help full insha allah JASUKUMLAH KHEYRAN Abdulkarim
By Abdulkarim Mohamed on 31.03.2011
yeh kitab ki sorat min hay ya net pe he tayari kr saktay hain,or kia sb schools min ik jesi he books parahi jati hain ya aleda alida hain,
By hassan raza shakri on 30.08.2009
How many days it will take to receive the book
By Dr Muhammad Aslam Khan on 30.05.2013
We aim to despatch all orders within 24 hours of receipt, or otherwise advise via email. Delivery Times: UK: Within 3 days Europe: Within 7 days USA : between 5-10 days Rest of the World: 7-12 days
By Customer Services on 31.05.2013
Does this book work in Canada???
By A on 30.03.2015
thery test
By hira ali on 30.01.2010
Salam Alaykom brother Do you have a book in Arabic to prepare for the theory driving test? Thanks
By Mohamad on 29.11.2006
Unfotunatley we do not have this book in Arabic.
By Customer Services on 30.11.2006
By sana on 29.06.2011
does it cover Ontario/Ca driving test both theory and road test,,,and also shiping included in the price,,,,,,,,,,, so how much is total amount
By imtiaz on 27.12.2009
N, it is just for the UK
By Customer Services on 27.12.2009
Do you have a cd for the driving theory test in Urdu?
By Mohammad on 25.12.2006
Insha'allah we will try to get some in, within the next week.
By Customer Services on 27.12.2006
are there special centres to take driving theory test in urdu or it can be taken anywhere in Uk?
By Faheem on 21.08.2012
You would need to contact the DVLA for this question.
By Customer Services on 22.08.2012
Hy my qest is how can I solve the case study qest s it's very difficult for me I need som thing for them. Can som 1 give me any tips for thm. Thank you Your regard irfan khan
By Irfan khan on 21.02.2013
Hy my qest is how can I solve the case study qest s it's very difficult for me I need som thing for them. Can som 1 give me any tips for thm. Thank you Your regard irfan khan
By Irfan khan on 21.02.2013
is this the latest edition? in the description it states for 2009/2010 but on the cover of the book in the picture it says valid from september 2007 thankyou
By helen spark on 20.10.2009
Inshallah we will update the image. The edition we have in-stock and will be supplying is the 2010 edition.
By Customer Services on 21.10.2009
If i read this book is it working for sweden driving licence ?
By Shakir Khan on 20.08.2013
No only for UK
By Customer Services on 21.08.2013
hello there, can you tell me is this driving book for which country??? is it for canada??? my husband needs a driving book translated into urdu... thanks, Lena
By Lena on 20.08.2010
It is for the UK only.
By Customer Services on 01.09.2010
salaamz... mujhe bas ye pata karna hai k yaha par aap k pas urdu theory book and cd wohi wali hai jo waha par test main hoti hai same wohi sab kuch hai matlab ye book and cd karnay k baad taiyari puri ho jati hai koi mushkil to nahi ati phir. and aap k pas 2 tarha ki cd's and books hain in dono main kya fark hai plz tell me... reply me soon Allah hafiz.....
By shaan on 19.06.2008
Please send your question in english.
By Customer Services on 20.06.2008
aoa this book can ues to given test in ireland or not please answer
By rehan on 19.01.2014
Walaikum Asalaam, this book is only for use within the United Kingdom. If you are living in Southern Ireland then it is not for your use.
By Customer Services on 20.01.2014
ather Dear Sir, I will be very thankful if you can kindly tell me weather you have motor bike thorey book in urdu? Kind Regards
By zahid on 16.04.2009
we do not have it.
By Customer Services on 17.04.2009
By rashida ali on 15.12.2013
Pleas can give me Urdu to English theory book
By Amtul on 13.12.2012
Please place this order through our online system.
By Customer Services on 14.12.2012
my friend lives in scotland and wants to do his hgv but needs to do teory test he needs theory test book in aribic can you help. thanxs
By kevin on 13.07.2008
Unfortunatley we only have this book in Urdu and English.
By Customer Services on 14.07.2008
HI I wana buy this book but i want to know is this book has swedish rules for sweden or for uk rules . Thanks
By sadia on 13.05.2014
Asalaam. It is for UK only.
By Customer Services on 14.05.2014
By ahsan on 13.01.2010
For which country this preparation book is made for???
By Ehsan on 12.02.2018
By Customer Services on 12.02.2018
i need a urdu 2011 driving book for theory test for my wife do i need a cd to
By mohammed on 11.01.2011
People mostly take the CD/DVD Set only as it covers all the questions in the book and is a dry run of how the ywill actually take their test.
By Customer Services on 11.01.2011
By sHAHZAD kHAN on 09.07.2012
We only have the latest Urdu driving theory test in stock.
By Customer Services on 09.07.2012
is this cd compatable with windows 7?
By az on 09.07.2010
Is this book good for any state driving test?My friend needs to take the test in Texas and want to make sure this is the correct book.
By Ange on 09.07.2009
The book is meant to be used by UK customers. I do not think It will serve the purpose in USA.
By Customer Services on 10.07.2009
how can i order this book 2000-2010 pass first time with abel book in urdu
By ifra on 05.12.2009
We will place an order for the book. In order to be informed automatically by email when an item is re-stocked, please browse to the products information page and enter your email address in the space provided on that page.
By Customer Services on 07.12.2009
it says here that this book is out of stock, but i need it quite urgently. Is there anywhere I can go to buy this book instead of buying it online? do you have a shop in manchester? x
By Babs on 04.05.2010
You may be able to buy it from Rolex Books Tel: 0161 225 4448
By Customer Services on 05.05.2010
i need thoory teast
By tadeer on 03.12.2008
please place the order and inshallah we will send
By Customer Services on 04.12.2008
how many days does it take to recieve the urdu driving theory book if ordered today and how much is postage
By munawar hussain on 03.12.2005
To discover the shipping charge for your order, add the required items to your cart and select your location. Please note shipping is charged @ cost. There are no handling charges. Delivery Times: We aim to despatch all orders within 24 hours of receipt, or otherwise advise via email. UK: Within 3 days Europe: Within 7 days USA : between 5 -10 days Rest of the World: 10 - 21 days
By Customer Services on 04.12.2005
Hi there i am looking for a way for my firend to learn the theory for driving in ireland...She speaks Urdu and limited English i have arranged for her to take the test with an interpreter present...but the learning is still an issue.. Any help would be great
By niamh on 03.10.2008
i just want to know is this book in english and urdu or just one langue? i require a book in urdu and english
By khan on 03.01.2012
It is just in Urdu.
By Customer Services on 04.01.2012
Has it got some English Included alongside the Urdu Context and Have You got a similar Highway Code In Urdu and English? Please E-mail me When In stock A.S.A.P
By Riffat on 02.04.2010
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