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Asif Jahab
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Jul 2005
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Holy Prophet (S.A.W) was present in the Mosque on the day when Hazrat Jibra'eel (A.S ) came to him on behest of Allah. He Conveyed His Darud and Salam (Divine Wishes) and the words that this Darud has been specially sent for him and his ummah.
Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W. ) who kept Prayer of effulgence with them. Thus told all the believers (Muslims) to keep it with them and let them know the blessings of it also. The greatness of this prayer, cannot be fully described and it is in fact beyond description. InThis book contains the Arabic text with its
transliteration, line by line, followed by English translation which would help readers to read and memorize.
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3/20/2010 3:26:07 PM
review by:
Mohammed Jalani
Small print difficult to read
7/26/2005 11:46:21 AM
review by:
Oum Israa
Bismi Ellah. Very interesting booklet. However, if you are thinking about buying this, I would recommend you pick up a book about tawheed along with it.

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if you are ghayoor abbas from new castle then it would be greatful for me if let me know your mail address.. sharif abbasi
By sharif Abbasi on 29.03.2007
I need audio tapes for Dua-e-Noor and Dua-e-Kumyal. Can you provide these tapes and what will be the haddia for these including P&P Syed Ghayoor Abbas
By Syed Ghayoor Abbas on 27.09.2005
We only have the book form I am afraid.
By Customer Services on 27.09.2005
when will this dua e noor be in stock please let me know as i would like to also purchase dua ganjul arsh and darood hazaari?
By asif hussain on 24.04.2010
It may be another 4-6 weeks before the other items are restocked as they are imported items.
By Customer Services on 26.04.2010
i bought dua e noor from rolex books a year ago and have found it invaluable, i have visited the store many times since and been told you will be getting it in stock, please can you let me know if and when you are.
By aisha ismaeel on 16.02.2007
I am afraid it will now be in our next delivery from Pakistan which will arrive in about 6 weeks time.
By Customer Services on 22.02.2007
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