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Durud Sharif: a Book of Salawat

Durud Sharif: a Book of Salawat      

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Durud Sharif: a Book of Salawat

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Duraid Fatouhi

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ecode 55823 
Size 14x12 cm / 5.51x4.72 inches
Weight 215gm / 0.47lbs
Media Book
Stock out of stock
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Pages 120
Binding Hard Bound
ISBN 817547033x
Added on Jul 2005
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This book has been specially designed for the purpose of helping people who are unable to read and understand the Arabic Text. This book contains the Arabic Text with its transliteration, line by line, followed by the English Translation which would help its readers to read and memorize the Arabic Text at the same time.

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   Customer Ratings    
Comment/Review Perfect! 8/14/2012 5:58:01 PM

review by:
User Chloe Skelton 
This book is just what i needed, and waited a long time to find! Thank you Simply Islam for providing such wonderful items which deepen our Faith... Allah Akbar!!!!
Comment/Review DURUD SHARIF 5/28/2012 4:21:39 AM

review by:
User Safiyya Hill 
Perfect, just what I was looking for
Comment/Review Durud Sharif: a Book of Salawat 7/22/2011 5:02:33 PM

review by:
User sophie ali 
great size for traveling. Really nice duroods in the book and their benefits
Comment/Review DURUD SHARIF 3/6/2007 8:35:31 PM

review by:
User nadia bajwa 
this is a rly good book. great size
Comment/Review Durud Sharif: a Book of Salawat 8/21/2005 4:40:54 AM

review by:
User E M 
It's a great little book. Very useful and compact.
   Product Comments / Questions & Answers  
on page 19 it says in this book that darud al fatihah was" in the quran but was kept secret" How and Why ? this has made a bit dubious towards the book It has no referancing so we dont know where some of these have come from ...
By marbat on 23.03.2006
Unfortunately, we are not qualified to answer questions authoritively on Islam and therefore refrain from doing so in order not to mislead. We are only able to answer questions on our products. Please redirect your question to
By Customer Services on 24.03.2006
Asalamu alaikum I want to know if there is a book that covers prayers, like what to do if miss prayer and so on.... a book that basically covers all we need to know about salah. Jazakallah khair
By nasro mohamud on 21.03.2007
The only thing we have is 55345 Pray As You Have Seen Me Pray (DVD) 1106 Selected Prayers 57649 Salaat ( Namaaz )
By Customer Services on 21.03.2007
hi im a converted muslim and woundering wich books are best for me to learn how to pray proper? or do you no of any private teachers that teach women? thank you
By gemma on 20.08.2012
I would suggest the following book as a basic guide: A Guide To Salah ecode: 1116
By Customer Services on 22.08.2012
Assalamoalaykum, Can you please tell me how many darud sharif are listed in this book? Also, can you please reconfirm that it does it fact contain translations of the darud sharif and not just the transliteration? Many thanks.
By Abdul Qader on 17.05.2010
Hi, Does this durood Shareef contain every dua.
By Anamul Hoque on 12.01.2012
No, there are 1000's of authentic duas. I know of no book that contains all of them.
By Customer Services on 13.01.2012
please let me know what durood book contains thx yusra
By yusra on 09.11.2010
Salaams, We would like to order this book in quantity, perhaps 20-25 copies. Please let us know how to back order, when it becomes available. When do you expect to have these books available? Thank you, Aliyah ISCA Publishing 17195 Silver Parkway #401 Fenton, MI 48430 810-744-4456 USA
By Aliyah McMillan on 04.06.2009
I will check if this book is available to us and then I will get back to you, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 05.06.2009
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