Christ in Islam (DVD)

Christ in Islam  (DVD)
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Christ in Islam (DVD)
Ahmed Deedat
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A lecture by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat.

Islam is the only non-Christian religion which makes it an article of faith for its followers to believe in Jesus (peace be upon him). “No Muslim is a Muslim if he does not believe in Jesus (pbuh).” (Quote by Sheikh Deedat at Durban City Hall)

Sheikh Ahmed Deedat
In 1986, the King Faisal Foundation awarded the King Faisal International Prize for SERVICE TO ISLAM, to a South African who is more or better known than many dignitaries in their own countries. This was the first time that this prestigious award has been awarded to a South African.
The recipient of this award was a man totally dedicated to his faith and its propagation and who was not afraid to challenge any one to a debate to settle once and for all the matter, who has the good news right?
He was none other than Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, reverently known and called UNCLE by those who hold him in high esteem and admiration.
The award came after a lifetime of struggle to propagate Islam and to defend Islam against the onslaught of the missionaries.
Finally, he was given recognition by the international Muslim community that he deserved and focused more sharply the attention of the Muslim world on the most important aspect of his work, the challenge to propagate Islam. This was his life long ambition to focus the Muslim world's attention and resources on the propagation of Islam, and at last he succeeded. What a moment of jubilation, achievement and personal gratification for Sheikh Deedat the award was, a turning point in his life.
Sheikh Deedat did not have much formal schooling, but he was self-taught through experience and a penchant for reading, debating, discussion, and a profound sense of commitment to a mission and goal. He was driven and goal oriented. He was focused and never let up until the job was done. He was sharp, perceptive, forthright, fiery, and daring in his challenge of those whom he debated, particularly against those who equal his missionary zeal and sense of audacity. Formal schooling did not destroy his creative prowess, his tenacity, ambition, drive, and sheer daring to swim upstream.
Sheikh Deedat was more a scholar of the Bible than the Qur'an, and was more familiar and adroit with its teachings. He had an insight and perspective of the Bible which made many Christians he came into contact with rethink and re-examine their faith, particularly those aspects of the Bible and the Qur'an that deal with the divine mission and life of Prophet Jesus.
Sheikh Deedat fell ill in 1996, shortly after his trip to Australia, which was a momentous tour. He gave one of his most passionate talks in front of a capacity crowd in Sydney, on the theme Easter: A Muslim viewpoint. This was his last lecture before he suffered a stroke, and he has been bedridden since then. He is still as alert as ever and his sharp memory to identify faces and events has not left him. When people come to see him that he has not seen for many years, they are amazed to see him recollecting spontaneously who they are and where he has met them.
May the Almighty Allah restore his health, and make the remainder of his days sweet and the life to come even sweeter, Insha'Allah.
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As usual Deedat avoids the question
3/8/2006 7:46:59 PM
review by:
Franklin Ramos
Deedat is very funny. He thinks that he knows The quran and the Bible. But he can't even defend the Quran properly. He avoid the question of the reliability of the Bible in the Dead sea Scrolls. The earliest bible (200 BC) is 95% like the one we have today. the 5% of differences are one spelling errors. Like this: "I loe you. Will you mary me?" Did you find the errors? Is the message still clear? Yep. So is the message of the Bible. Deedat when asked about this struggles to give a rebuttal and defense for te Quran since the Quran implies that the Jews and Christians corrupted the Bible. If so then why is the earliest bible 95% like tho one in my hand? HMMM... seem to me that there was NO CORRUPTION at all. Deedat is good at using strawmen, red herrings, and avoiding CRITICAL questions. A sad man indeed...

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