Light at the Royal Albert Hall : The Night of Remembrance (Tape)

Light at the Royal Albert Hall : The Night of Remembrance (Tape)
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Light at the Royal Albert Hall : The Night of Remembrance (Tape)
Yusuf Islam
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Night of Remembrance commemorated 20 years of Islamia Schools. Held at the Royal Albert Hall on 20th October 2003, Yusuf Islam was joined by friends from around the world to celebrate this anniversary and share the universal message of peace.

This unique experience will shortly be available on double CD with songs by Yusuf Islam (including Peace Train), Zain Bhikha, Native Deen and Khalid Belrhouzi. In addition to the songs the CD will also include talks by Hamza Yusuf Hanson, Abdal Hakim Winter and Prince Naseem Hamed.

Running Time (aprox.): 1h 20min
Language(s): English, Arabic and Zulu

Track Listings

Side A

1. Introduction - Sarah Rhalem
2. I Look, I See - Yusuf Islam
3. Praise to the Prophet (pbuh) - Zain Bhikha
4. Selawat - Khalid Belrhouzi
5. Al Fatiha (in Arabic) - Sarah Rhalem
6. God is the Light - Yusuf Islam
7. Childrens ideas for peace - Sarah & Ahmed
8. Native Deen Introduction
9. Intentions - Native Deen
10. Madad - Khalid Belrhouzi

Side B

11. Nkosi Sikelel 'iAfrika - Zain Bhikha
12. Our World - Zain Bhikha
13. Tala 'al-badru 'alayna - Faeeza Malinga
14. Drug Free - Native Deen
15. Save Me - Native Deen
16. A word of thanks - Yusuf Islam
17. Peace Train '03 - Yusuf Islam
18. Tala 'al-badru 'alayna - Yusuf Islam & Friends
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Light at the Royal Albert Hall : The Night of Reme
4/17/2006 5:40:12 PM
review by:
Helena Khan
Kids loved this, great tape
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