The Hereafter and The Lives of the Prophets (2 in 1 the complete sets)

The Hereafter and The Lives of the Prophets (2 in 1 the complete sets)
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The Hereafter and The Lives of the Prophets (2 in 1 the complete sets)

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Anwar Al-Awlaki
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Imam Al-Awkali, presents the second installment of lectures to his bestselling account of life after death, THE HEREAFTER. In this series, the Imam vividly portrays the state of human beings on the Day of Judgment, from the resurrection and the dismantling of the universe through the process of individual judgment and the settling of accounts to the resulting eternal life in Paradise or the Hellfire. Follow this description of the righteous on the Day of Judgment, those who will be provided shade and learn about who are known to be among them. Listen to the description of the life of the Hellfire and the kinds of actions that lead to that consequence. The Imam crowns this eloquent narration with his description of the people and spiritual comfort and contentment of Paradise, describing the journey through the Gates of Paradise within the realm of those who have attained the highest honors and Mercy of Allah!

Get the complete Lives of the Prophets Collection by Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki.

The Prophets of Allah are the greatest men that ever lived. They are the role models for humanity. Their hearts were the purest, their minds were the wisest, and their deeds were the most righteous. But a lot of what is narrated about them is fact mixed with fiction. Neither the Bible nor historical works provide a reliable account of these great men. The myths surrounding the lives of the prophets have even spilled over to some Muslim history books. So then, where can we learn about the Prophets of Allah? The truth about them is learned through the Quran and Hadith. "The Lives of the Prophets" is a series of lectures delivered by Anwar Al-Awlaki. It is the first such series produced in the English language. The author has done extensive research in the original Arabic resources. The series is based primarily on Ibn Kathir¦s " Al-Bidayah wa-nihayah (The Beginning and the End)". Br. Al-Awlaki has done an excellent job of relying almost completely on the Quran, Hadith and statements of the Noble Companions.
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The hereafter and life of the prophets
6/15/2005 11:07:09 AM
review by:
I Abedin
mash'allah Excellent.May allah (swt) reward shaykh anwar awlaki for these excellent set of lectures on the hereafter and prophets.Every muslim home should have these cd albums.
The Hereafter and the Lives of the Prophets
6/4/2005 7:37:39 PM
review by:
Mohammed Tariq
Mashallah, an indepth study of the lives of the most important prophets, based purely on Quranic texts and authentic hadith. The Hereafter series is also compelling listening and a source of ibrah for us all. Highly recommended for Muslims of all ages.
The Hereafter and The Lives of the Prophets
4/29/2005 11:19:09 AM
review by:
Abu Zayd
Alhamdulilah an excellent set of talks. Very informative and narrated in a clear, concise and engaging style. I would definately recommend these talks.

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Asalaam u 'alaikum, I don't understand what is meant here by complete sets... I was under the impression that the Hereafter and lives of the prophets were 2 complete talks. By buying this 2 in 1 set does this mean I am buying the whole of Anwar Awlaki's talks covering these two subject matters? JazaakumAllaho Khair was salaam
By Abu Zayd on 10.04.2005
Yes, that is correct. Both these talks were originally released and are still available as individual sets. This twin pack offers better value for money for those who wish to purchase both talks.
By Customer Services on 11.04.2005
Asslamu alaikum respected bros and sis, concerning the hereafter series (what a fantastic insight into the unseen, truly amazing eye opening lectures) can anyone pls tell me the name of the quranic recitor in this series (the one who recites the majority of it). Mashallah he has a special talent but i dont know his name and was wondering if anyone could tell me jazakallah in anticipation
By zain on 07.09.2005
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