Maze Of Destiny (2 Bonus Games Ummah Defense 1 & 2) CD-Rom

Maze Of Destiny (2 Bonus Games Ummah Defense 1 & 2) CD-Rom

Maze Of Destiny (2 Bonus Games Ummah Defense 1 & 2) CD-Rom      

Maze Of Destiny (2 Bonus Games Ummah Defense 1 & 2) CD-Rom      

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Maze Of Destiny (2 Bonus Games Ummah Defense 1 & 2) CD-Rom

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Nov 2004
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Once upon a time, there was a land filled with Justice and Love. Where men and women worshipped Allah, the one God, and feared Him only. This is because they used to read the Quran, the Book of Allah, and obey its teachings.

But one day, an evil wizard named Darlak, the Deceiver tried to destroy the Book of Allah, but he couldn't do it. So he tried to hide it from the people, but they wouldn't let him. So he cast a trick on them, and convinced them that they should obey him, and not Allah's Book.

When the people were fooled, Darlak imprisoned the people who knew the teachings of the Quran and understood its message. He also managed to take the letters of Surah Fatiha, the Opening of the Quran. Allah, however, protected these knowledgeable people and, with them, the knowledge of Surah Fatiha.

So, Allah caused Darlak to preserve the teachings of the Quran in his attempt to destroy them and thereby, a new generation of believers might learn the Quran and obey its teachings.

Most of the people of the land, because they didn't have Surah Fatiha, which is the key to unlocking the meaning of the Quran, had forgotten The Quran's message.

The land was made desolate, and the places of worship were destroyed, and the people were divided, and made to work as slaves to foreign countries who did not believe in Allah or His Book, the Quran.

Finally, after years of struggle, you have found out where Darlak imprisoned the teachers of the Quran. Hoping that you might gain the knowledge of the Quran, you have set out to free the wise teachers whom Darlak has imprisoned. But it won't be easy, Darlak hid them in his dungeon and set his evil minions there to guard them.

Armed only with your wits, and your faith in Allah, you must dare the depths of Darlak's dungeon. Can you recover the missing letters of Surah Fatiha, rescue the teachers of the Quran, and re-establish the true worship of Allah on Earth?
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I do not recommend this!
8/3/2005 12:05:55 AM
review by:
Samina Saeed
Not at all what we expected, far too boring for children by today's gaming standards...

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By SARAH NURUL-HAQQ on 23.10.2004
Yes, it is compatible with Win XP
By Customer Services on 24.10.2004
Can I download this? And how can I download this?
By Raihan Mahmud on 23.04.2005
No, I am afraid this product is not available for download.
By Customer Services on 25.04.2005
Assalamu alaykum, Really a type of game which muslims child must have to play.But UNFORTUNATELY WE CANT AFFORD IT . tHE RATE IS TOO HIGH IN iNDIAN RS.pLEASE make it Available at low cost for the developing nations,So the muslim children residing here can get benefit out of it.Antcipating your positive response.
By rizwan saiyad on 20.07.2006
I am afraid the software company sets the price, we just receive a percentage from their price.
By Customer Services on 24.07.2006
Can you find the game through and download it as a bit torrent?
By Jasmin on 17.08.2005
By MOHAMED on 17.01.2005
The game is largely like the screenshots displayed on the site
By Customer Services on 17.01.2005
hi my name is Josh and i do not now how you are. please tell me.
By joshua on 06.04.2006
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