Mens plain shalwar kameez - black

Mens plain shalwar kameez - black

Mens plain shalwar kameez - black      

Mens plain shalwar kameez - black      

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Mens plain shalwar kameez - black
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900gm / 1.98lbs
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Feb 2004
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Mens Plain Shalwar Kameez - White & Black

**New Improved Quality With Fine Cotton Rich Material.

Available In Small, Medium And Large

SMALL To Fit Heights: 5' 4" - 5ft 6"
Length: 41 Inches (104 Cm) - From Shoulder To Hem
Chest: 44 Inches (112 Cm)
Shoulder: 17.5 Inches (45 Cm)
Sleeve: 23 Inches (58.5 Cm)

MEDIUM To Fit Heights : 5' 7" - 5ft 9"
Length: 42 Inches (108 Cm) - From Shoulder To Hem
Chest: 46 Inches (116.8 Cm)
Shoulder: 17.5 Inches (45 Cm)
Sleeve: 24 Inches (61 Cm)
Neck 15

LARGE To Fit Heights: 5'10 - 6' 1"
Length: 44 Inches (112 Cm) - From Shoulder To Hem
Chest: 49 Inches (125 Cm)
Shoulder: 18.5 Inches (47 Cm)
Sleeve: 25 Inches (63.5 Cm)
Neck: 16.5"

Please Contact Us By Email If You Require Any Further Info In Regards To Sizing Of This Garment

This is a full outfit which includes a matching Shalwar. See additional images for size chart.

Trousers are free Size:
There is a channel at the top of the trouser, this is for a piece of string or elastic to be threaded through. The material is then gathered around the waist and a knot tied to keep the salwar in place. This is what gives the salwar is loose, comfortably fit. I suggest you selotape the string or elastic to something like a pen or pencil to thread it through the channel.
Unfortunately we do not sell the string or tool at present.
Do you need more information about this item?
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10/28/2014 12:38:07 PM
review by:
Stephen Lansberry
Excellent product - and quickly delivered!
Mens Shalwar Kameez
9/26/2014 4:50:05 PM
review by:
Steven Sheppard
Excellent quality for the price. Simple, well made and comfortable to wear, keeping its shape well after washing. I can recommend this garment especially if you do not want embroidery and decoration.
salwar kameez black
5/28/2014 9:12:59 AM
review by:
Rick Holten
To bad that the shirt is a bit small in the shoulders.
good buy
9/17/2013 8:54:56 AM
review by:
I'm very happy with this buy
Shalwar Kameez
12/2/2012 9:12:52 PM
review by:
Imran Termezy
Great item from an excellent seller. Just what I wanted; thanks.
Mr J F Hamilton
8/31/2011 1:08:29 PM
review by:
James Hamilton
Very Good
7/18/2011 12:52:45 PM
review by:
adnan chaudhry
Very good service. Excellent items and satisfy with product and servie.

Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

Salam o'alaikom, do you have size S of this article 54010 ?
By abdelaziz on 30.01.2015
No unfortunately
By Customer Services on 02.02.2015
Hi, Do you have men's Shawar Kameez's that have cuffs? Thanks,
By Adil on 29.10.2012
I'm afraid we do not have any with cuffs at this time.
By Customer Services on 29.10.2012
Can, you supply me this item in Khadi cotton?
By themonkeygod2004 on 29.05.2016
I need it to be white if you cant facilite for this please issue a refund asap and confirm back to me this has been issued
By 786**82 on 28.06.2016
do the trousers come with this?
By lisa on 28.04.2015
Yes, it is complete with trousers
By Customer Services on 28.04.2015
It is an excellent shalwar kameez i have bought for my husband. thanks
By QURATULAIN NAQVI on 27.10.2013
Hi, Is this product back in stock? Mens Plain Shalwar in Black? & do You have it in Medium size?
By Cecilia on 27.04.2019
No unfortunately
By Customer Services on 28.04.2019
Slam Alaikum how can I find out what size fits me
By umair_majid on 26.06.2016
Hi there, We'd like to order 6 of these or similar shalwar kameez. But we'd like to order different colours. What other colours do you have in all your Shalwar Kameez? Also how long will it be for fast delivery? I need these delivered by Friday 29th November? Also do we get discount for bulk buy? Thanks
By Samin on 25.11.2019
By Customer Services on 27.11.2019
Asalaamualaikum I have a question about the black shawal kameez. I chek on the website sometimes to see if the garment is already there and I wanted to know when it is available again. i hope to hear from you soon. Greetings Dre
By Dre on 24.12.2014
Hi i would like to buy same shalwar qameez larg size ?
By barclay2006 on 24.08.2016
Unfortunately we do not expect to restock this product in the foreseeable future
By Customer Services on 25.08.2016

Yes that's fine but make sure the size is L.

By hidden-truth on 24.06.2016
Asalaaamu aleikum wa rahmatullah, I would be grateful for an email note when yiou have a small size in stock. Thank you
By bernard edwards on 24.02.2014
Unfortunately we do not stock a small size.
By Customer Services on 26.02.2014
Assalam alaikum.I received a message that you don't have this in stock. Could you please refund the money or let me know when/if you will get the item in stock?
By 100percentpear on 23.07.2016
Assalamu alaikum,I have just received an email outside of eBay stating that you do not have the medium white shalwar kameez in stock however this has already been marked as shipped. Could you please confirm the situation?
By 100percentpear on 22.07.2016
Please send replacement,
By grahamfwalker on 22.06.2016
Hi, I not received my order, can please update me asap, I have already contacted you
By grahamfwalker on 21.06.2016
Salaamkuim..when will i be receving this item by..
By 786**82 on 20.06.2016
Hi, I have not relieved my order It was due to be with me last Wednesday but no contact from you
By grahamfwalker on 20.06.2016
please advise if this materiel cotton is need starch or its a normal poly cotton suite? Regards
By barclay2006 on 19.08.2016
Its normal poly cotton
By Customer Services on 19.08.2016
Hi, I am interested in shalwar kameez. I just wanted some information on sizing and postage.

is the postage discreet? ie. no identifying labels on the parcel which may hint as to what the item may be. As I don't want my parcel to be identifiable by its labels.

according to your guide sizing says that small maybe the correct size. My usual clothes size is medium/ large, so wondered if sizing ran large on your shalwar kameez? I am quite broad but not tall so didn't want it tight under the arms.

Thank you for your help
By madmonkeybuisness on 18.07.2016
Asalamualaykum i am interested in purchasing this item but wanted to know if you have any cheap or Jazakallah
By raha-sha on 18.06.2016
These are just the type of plain qameez that I prefer. Will you be restocking this item in larger sizes, XL and XXL? and in other colours.
By Ibrahim on 16.12.2013
No unfortunately we only have M/L size.
By Customer Services on 16.12.2013
Hi there, if i wear pants size waist 32 and 33 long , what size should i get to have the sarwal fit me right?
By Antonio on 16.09.2013
Do not worry about the size it is very flexible.
By Customer Services on 16.09.2013

When I will receive this order please?

By hidden-truth on 16.06.2016
WA ; will you be getting any medium sizes soon?On 15/07/2016, 11:43, atifdarr wrote:Re: chh1978 has sent a question about item #201583086156, ending on 10-Aug-16 12:31:07 BST - Mens Shalwar Kameez Black White Indian Pakistani Salwar suit Plain Band CollarAsalaamu Alaikum,I have refunded as requested---- On Fri, 15 Jul 2016 10:31:15 +0000 eBay - chh1978 <>wrote ----
By chh1978 on 15.07.2016
Sorry to bother you , but i have still not received my item , please adviseThank you
By chh1978 on 14.07.2016
Hi there, how much it cost to receive the item in Australia, postage also included ?
By ebraal6 on 14.07.2016
It says out of stock for black large will u get more in salaam
By hassan4617 on 14.06.2016
I have received the item but hems on the sleeve are not open, they have buttons on the one received which is different to the one illustrated in the image.
By supersaver32116 on 13.07.2016
i have a plain kameez medium on order which is out of stock please send small instead.
By michael white on 12.07.2016
By Customer Services on 13.07.2016
Thank you for your service, got the item and very happy, have left positive feedback, may your God bless you.
By shippogsx11 on 12.06.2016

I still haven't received this item yet?

Please could you track this item and let me know?

Thank you.
By hidden-truth on 11.07.2016
Why does the list price say 17.99 but you are selling it for 19.99?
By Hussain on 10.06.2017
Asalaamu Alaikum, This is new and better quality stock from a different supplier. I will update the mistake on our website. Jazakallah.
By Customer Services on 11.06.2017
Ihvnt received my item as yet it was supposed to arrive yesterday
By sanasab.rvrqchc on 10.06.2016
Dear sir, I got this but pajama is very very large. i don't know how to use. pls explain me
By kropotkins on 10.06.2016
how much is the whole sales price? and if I want variety of colors
By mohammad awal on 10.05.2013
how much is the whole sales price? and if I want variety of colors
By mohammad awal on 10.05.2013
Hi do you have white shalwar kameez in large size?
By barclay2006 on 09.08.2016
No unfortunately they are all sold out. However we do have cream in all the sizes
By Customer Services on 09.08.2016
Hello, would you be able to send my order to: Kieran Geary, Travis Perkins, Dallow Road Industrial Estate, Dallow Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 1SPIgnore the 21 Ridgeway drive I gave you, as that's my home address and no one would be in.Thank youKieran Bedfordshire LI
By militaryww2123 on 09.07.2016

prejudice the package not come from me it was to be July 1 . if you can have the number of tracing thanks .

I await your response and goodbye
By lucreguzzon0 on 08.07.2016
Hello,I just wanted to ask if I can cancel the order as I have bought the wrong one.
By kayyy.kayy on 08.06.2016
greetings. what material is this item made out of? thanks in advance.
By NS on 07.08.2004
It is made from 100% cotton.
By Customer Services on 09.08.2004
hello Do you ever get the above item in larger sizes? thanks
By Edward on 07.05.2011
We sometimes do, but are not expecting any within the next 3 months.
By Customer Services on 10.05.2011
Wondering if you wholesale
By lhas9353 on 06.10.2016
Asalaamu Alaikum Yes, we do on certain Shalwar Kameez usually 25% off retail prices. We have instock: Cream and sky blue colours only Minimum purchase 150 after discount. Jazakallah
By Customer Services on 06.10.2016
Salam, What is the sizing of the Waist and the chest? Cause you have listed the sizes as 64cm for chest and that is for a large which seems way too small, is that all the way around? Thanks, Aymen
By Aymen on 06.08.2012
I'm afraid these are the only sizes we have available in these measurements.
By Customer Services on 07.08.2012
Good morning,

Is there a posibility to track my order?
I am intrested,where my order is currently.

By majk6214 on 06.07.2016
So is the black one exactly like the white one same design?Regards
By rahu-mehr on 06.06.2016
The arms are different on both illustrations. I want the black one but the arms should be the same as the white one with button at wrist level?Regards
By rahu-mehr on 06.06.2016
I want this item before 7th July is it possible reply me thanks
By faishussrabya on 05.07.2016
Hello Does this product on a shirt with Pants
By noubedwak_0 on 04.07.2016
If I buy this today and pay for 24hr delivery will I get this on tuesday
By abdurashi on 04.07.2016
Hi, i am wanting to buy the white salwar kameez but in picture the white salwar kameez has cuff arms and black ones have loose. Is the pictire correct for the colours? Does the white salwar kameez definately have cuffs on the arms or is it baggy like black picture?
By mazhar0192 on 04.06.2016
Hi, i am wanting to buy the white salwar kameez but in picture the white salwar kameez has cuff arms and black ones have loose. Is the pictire correct for the colours? Does the white salwar kameez definately have cuffs on the arms or is it baggy like black picture?
By mazhar0192 on 04.06.2016
AssalamuAleykum, I want full shalwar khamees, I mean from top to down, and do you have them?
By Abdur Raheem on 04.01.2014
I think you mean you require a thobe? Please search on the word: Thobe.
By Customer Services on 06.01.2014
Assalamu alaikum rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, I am wondering if I buy a shalwar kameez how long would I have to wait. If you could get back to me on that information if possible please let me know; In Sha Allah. Thank you, Abdullah Rashid
By Abdullah Rashid on 03.05.2017
Asalaamu Alaikum, Usually, it takes approximately 10 days to reach the US, however this product is not in stock right now.
By Customer Services on 03.05.2017
Salam alaikom wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh, I want to have some good shalwar kameez black, but I can not find it anywhere in my size beceause I am a big boy (187cm long and weight 140 kg) Is it possible that you can sell my size? In shaa Allah I hear from you. Wa alaikom salam wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh, Bilal Baaij
By Bilal Baaij on 01.04.2013
I'm afraid we only have the sizes that are currently available on our website.
By Customer Services on 02.04.2013
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