A Journey to Hajj and Umrah - 4 hr DVD

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A Journey to Hajj and Umrah - 4 hr DVD
A Journey to Hajj and Umrah - 4 hr DVD

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4 hrs
120gm / 0.26lbs
DVD Disc
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Jan 2004
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1. A journey to Hajj & Umrah (English & Urdu)
2. The Historical Places of the Quran (Urdu)
3. Madinah: The Bright Features, History & Civilization. (Urdu)
a. History of Madinah
b. Development of Madina
c. History of the Prophet's Mosque
d. Old and new pictures of Madina

Please note that this DVD is mastered from footage that was taken before before the digital age. The overall picture quality is fair, but cannot be called "DVD quality". However, the amount of information and knowledge contained is excellent.

This educational documentary takes you on a trip that every Muslim aspires to at least once in his or her lifetime. Learn more about the fifth pillar of Islam. Take a journey from Makkah, to Mina, Arafaah, Muzdalifah, Mina and back to Makkah while learning about the various rituals to be performed at each place. Learn about the 3 types of Hajj as well as what the different schools of thought say about the many aspects.
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journey to haj
7/4/2006 10:49:01 PM
review by:
abdullah alomari
a journy to hajj and umrah dvd
2/23/2006 6:52:17 AM
review by:
hanke oliekan
very informative, good to see it a few times before going on hajj
6/26/2005 8:36:53 PM
review by:
This DVD is great and very informative and provides a great resource of information. I initially bought this as a guide for Umrah but i found this DVD did also cover Hajj as well .. a bonus really!

Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

Could you tell me, before I place an order, if this is an original dvd or a copy (as one of the previous reviewers has mentioned)? Thank You.
By iqbal on 30.04.2006
The film was originally recorded many years ago, and as such this DVD is a transfer from the original recording and therefore it is not the same qality as newly recorded DVDs.
By Customer Services on 02.05.2006
pls confirm when this will be in stock again. i am planning an umrah visit in mid/late july...can you meet this deadline? jazakallah
By javed on 26.05.2008
We will know this week if the DVD is available so please check back soon for an update. Otherwise we also have this DVD available: ecode 58822 Getting the best out of Hajj
By Customer Services on 27.05.2008
This item is out of stock at the moment but can you estimate about when it might be available.tks.
By Abdul Butt on 26.01.2005
Not until the end of March 2004, but we do have the VCD version which is of a very similar quality under the same title.
By Customer Services on 26.01.2005
You have mnentioned that the menu for this dvd offers english language and urdu language versions of the documentary. However, the description of the product states that 2 of the 3 tracks are available in Urdu only. Please cld you confirm whether all 3 tracks are available in English?
By mohammed KATHRADA on 23.09.2008
Assalamoalaikum, This dvd has two language. english and urdu. does that mean its menu are in two diffrent language and If i play this dvd disk in dvd player it will give the option to play in urdu or english
By Amer Mirza on 23.07.2005
Actually it contains two documentaries, both the same, the only difference being that the commentary in one is Urdu, the other in English. You can access which to watch from the start menu.
By Customer Services on 25.07.2005
I have recently discovered this online store and have found it has to offer many great items, however, with regards to your DVD and video collection, I would find it very helpful if you could display the spoken lanuage of the DVDs and videos, duration time, as well as subtitles available on the DVDs. I realize this might involve a great deal of work on your website, however, I think your customers would benifit, making purchase of items from your website a lot simpler. Many thanks, Saira.
By Saira C on 20.12.2004
Thanks for your comments. In fact where the language is different from English and there are subtitles available we will state. Inshallah we will try to detail the duration of all our DVDs and videos.
By Customer Services on 20.12.2004
aslaam when is this back in stock?
By mariam kalsoom on 17.11.2008
I believe it is instock now.
By Customer Services on 25.11.2008
when are you going to have this in stock?
By ferdous ahmed on 16.05.2011
Unfortunately we are not expecting this DVD in the forseeable future
By Customer Services on 17.05.2011
I need a purely audio guide to umrah. Could u help please...
By Sher on 14.09.2005
I am afraid we do not have one at present.
By Customer Services on 15.09.2005
Assalamu alaikum I was wondering if you have the following DVD in stock now: "A journey to Haj and Umrah" If you don't have it in stock now, will it arrive soon or is it out of stock permanently? Wassalam
By AbuYusuf on 12.05.2010
No, inshallah we hope to restock in about 4 weeks time. It is an imported item.
By Customer Services on 13.05.2010
By Gulshan Menaz on 11.01.2006
No, I am afraid that we do not have Hajj 2005
By Customer Services on 11.01.2006
By ASHRAF M KAZEE on 10.12.2004
As far as I am aware none of the DVDs we stock have subtitles.
By Customer Services on 13.12.2004
can we built a grave with stone and marble with 1/2 feet hight with a longitudinal gap in betwin
By dr vaja m ilyas on 10.06.2006
Unfortunately, we are not qualified to answer questions authoritively on Islam and therefore refrain from doing so in order not to mislead. We are only able to answer questions on our products. Please redirect your question to www.askimam.com
By Customer Services on 12.06.2006
What are the languages used in this DVD ? Regards
By civitello on 07.10.2004
The DVD is in English and Urdu
By Customer Services on 07.10.2004
Assalamu Alaikum, I would like to buy this DVD for our Hajj Pilgrimates of Indian who are working here United Arab Emirates. What I want to know is will you allow us to copy this DVD and to distribute among our pilgrimates as free? Your brother in Islam, Mohammad Fayarus Manoly
By Mohammad Fayarus Manoly on 06.12.2004
We do not hold the rights for this recording, you must seek the rights from the manufacturer, as copying seriously damages investment in new Islamic products for the Muslim Ummah
By Customer Services on 07.12.2004
do you know the producer of this dvd, we want to distribute it in our country
By Norma Arbia on 05.07.2008
Unfortunatley we are out of stock and do not have any details of who the producer is.
By Customer Services on 07.07.2008
Is there an English only version of this product? I don't speak or understand Urdu so this DVD wouldn't really suit my needs. Please advise, Jazaakallaho Khair.
By Abu Zayd on 05.06.2005
This DVD basically contains two versions of the documentary 1 in english the order in Urdu. They are selectable from the title menu.
By Customer Services on 06.06.2005
Iam interested in buying A Journey to Hajj and Umrah - DVD. Could you tell me the available shop here in United Arab Emirates? Moreoever, will you grant us to copy the DVD and distribute among our Hajj Pilgrimates for Free Distribution? Regards, Mohammad Fayarus
By Mohammad Fayarus Manoly on 03.12.2004
I don't know of the market in the UAE. We do not hold the rights for this recording, you must seek the rights from the manufacturer, as copying seriously damages investment in new Islamic products for the Muslim Ummah.
By Customer Services on 06.12.2004
Do you know when you will get this dvd back in stock, Thank you,
By Pamela Safah on 03.08.2011
In regards to current UK book, CD, DVD and tapes stock we have a regular re-order cycle of approx. 3-4 weeks, or quicker if it is a popular item. On other items it can very dramtically. Many of our artefacts are imported from overseas and so may take upto 3-4 months to be re-stocked. Therefore in most cases we suggest you order an alternative item. It is not always possible for us to re-stock certain items due to many reasons; no longer available; was not popular etc. If you are set on purchasing a particular item then it would be best to contact us via our website and as if and when we will be re-stocking an item. For all the out-of-stock items on our website you have the option of adding your email address on the product's information page. By doing so you will be automatically notified as soon as we update our stock records for these items on our website.
By Customer Services on 04.08.2011
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