Jilbab & Hijab Scarf: Grey

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Jilbab & Hijab Scarf: Grey

Jilbab & Hijab Scarf: Grey      

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Jilbab & Hijab Scarf: Grey

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650gm / 1.43lbs
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Sep 2003
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Made from light, synthetic material. Made in the UK by An-Nur. One size - From shoulder to hem = 53" Width accross chest = 20". Will ideally suit person of medium build of the height of 5' 4". However, can be easily altered to suit someone of upto 5' 7". For other sizes please email customerservices@simplyislam.com and we will endeavour to accomodate your request.
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How does it fasten? Shoulder or just slip over? Is it easy to get on and off? Jazakallah kheir.
By Aisha on 28.02.2004
it is a slip-over so I assume that it is easy to put on
By Customer Services on 01.03.2004
Is the scarf square or rectangular and what are its dimensions? Jazakallah kheir.
By Aisha on 28.02.2004
the scarf is square and it is 80 cm by 80 cm
By Customer Services on 01.03.2004
could this jilbab be made in a large and be 56 inches long.
By Sumaiya on 20.12.2003
Unfortunately not this particular hijab, however we will be uploading a new range after the new year that you may specify larger sizes
By Customer Services on 22.12.2003
I have been searching the internet for a considerable time in my bid to find islamic wear that is long enough for a lady of my height/ I am 5ft 10 and most of the jilbabs, etc are made for women shorter than me. Do you have any garments that are long enough?
By Taira on 20.11.2003
Sorry, but we are aware of this problem and are active looking for a supplier/manufacturer that can provide us with longer and bigger sizes.
By Customer Services on 20.11.2003
Can I easily alter this garment to fit my height of 5'2"?
By sonya on 19.11.2003
I don't think it should be much of a problem as it is a clean and simple design.
By Customer Services on 19.11.2003
how much will it cost me if i order gray jilbab and scarf that cost $52.43 and one more scarf which is $8.93. thank you
By mirnesa kardasevic on 19.10.2003
if you mean, how much the shipping charge will be, it will be approximately US$ 7.00
By Customer Services on 21.10.2003
Aslamualeykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu What UK sizes do these Jilbabs and Scarf come in in? Im a UK 8/10 5'3/4 Jazaak Allah
By Aisha Rahman on 08.12.2003
They only come in one size, which fits most people. Considering the details you have provided, it should fit you well.
By Customer Services on 08.12.2003
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