Jilbab & Hijab Scarf: Sky Blue

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Jilbab & Hijab Scarf: Sky Blue

Jilbab & Hijab Scarf: Sky Blue      

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Jilbab & Hijab Scarf: Sky Blue

This item is currently unavailable.
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650gm / 1.43lbs
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Jun 2004
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Made from light, synthetic material. Made in the UK by An-Nur. One size - From shoulder to hem = 56" Chest 46".
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As Salaam alakium I was wouldering if there is a address so I can send a money order. Assp
By kreginia@yahoo.com on 27.08.2003
simplyislam.com, 81-83 Wilmslow Road,Rusholme,Manchester.M14 5SU. UK
By Customer Services on 28.08.2003
I'm 5'5" and expecting in Aug. I'm a little busty and like my clothes loose. Will this fit me or do you have it in a larger size(my favorite color is blue). Thanks. JazakaLakheer...
By Maymuna on 24.02.2004
No, this particular Jilbab is a small size. We have other jilbabs on the site that are available in various sizes.
By Customer Services on 25.02.2004
Enter your question/comment here.salam i want 1 item code number is 53470 this jilbab $ scarif sky blue i want you show this photo my sister. her e.mail adress is (smileplznisha@yahoo.com)please you send this photo my sisters e.mail you send so give me reply please bilal wasalam(
By send photo on 18.04.2004
I am afraid this item is no longer available. please select another jilbab
By Customer Services on 18.04.2004
As-Salaamu 'alaikum Do you sell Nikaab or Burqa? If so, I can't seem to locate these items on your site.
By Latoya "Zahr" Collins on 16.09.2004
The niqaab is currently out of stock. Niqaab eCode # 54035 2.95
By Customer Services on 17.09.2004
Asalaam alaikum, can you please help me, i am converting to Islam and wish to wear the hijab and jilbab, but i am six feet tall, will any of your ladie's clothes be long enough? Shokran
By Chelee Burns on 14.11.2004
No, I am afraid our current stock will not be suitable, however, we do have the following items, ecodes 53958 - 53961, which can be made to measure
By Customer Services on 15.11.2004
What sizes are available I require size 8 'petite'
By Rifat Bibi on 14.04.2005
Just the size that is detailed in the description i.e One size - From shoulder to hem = 56" Chest 46".
By Customer Services on 15.04.2005
Are you able to get any of these women's fashions in larger sizes? I am a 54" chest and stand 5'8" tall.
By UmHussayn on 13.07.2004
I am afraid in this design we only have the one size.
By Customer Services on 13.07.2004
Is this jilbab still available? It's really beautiful and I want to buy it.
By Erin on 11.06.2004
Yes, it is currently in-stock.
By Customer Services on 12.06.2004
i was wondering if this would fit me? i purchased the double layer maroon jilbab w/ micro embroidery (item # 54800) it is a little large for me. is this one smaller. i am 5'4" and 135 lbs. thank you.
By erin sarr on 09.10.2004
Yes, it is a smaller size than the al-karam jilbabs
By Customer Services on 09.10.2004
do you have a published catalog?
By NS on 04.02.2004
No, as we our stock changes daily, it is not practical for us to go to print, but inshallah we are working on a CD-Rom catalogue.
By Customer Services on 05.02.2004
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