Emporio Armani Hijab Scarf Black

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Emporio Armani Hijab Scarf Black

Emporio Armani Hijab Scarf Black      

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Emporio Armani Hijab Scarf Black

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100 x 100 cm / 39.37x39.37 inches
95gm / 0.21lbs
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Aug 2003
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Emporio Armani scarf
3/7/2006 9:14:04 PM
review by:
Sumayya Ahmed
This is a really nice, smart looking scarf, I got it for work. But it's that type of material that you know is going to snag if you are regularly using pins to fasten your scarf. Shame there aren't more colours available.
Emporio Armani Scarf Black
1/11/2006 9:24:06 PM
review by:
Tracey Thompson
Very good - light weight

Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

Are your branded hijabs real or fake. I mean is this a real armani scarf.
By Kaukab on 30.01.2006
No, the logo is just a part of the design.
By Customer Services on 31.01.2006
Salam Alaikom, Could you tell me if the designer scarves are authentic genuine Armani, Guess, etc. products? Thanks.
By Khadijah on 24.05.2004
No, the logos are just used in the design of the scarf
By Customer Services on 25.05.2004
salam walakium i wanted to order the guess and christin dior scarf but you do no have these scarfs on your site
By hamida on 22.07.2003
I am afraid we do not currently have the CD and Guess scarves in stock and are not expecting them in the near future.
By Customer Services on 22.07.2003
salam walakum do youhave this scarf in brown,blue and grey.
By hanifa on 17.07.2003
I am afraid not, but, we do have a beige, grey, blue, pink and maroon in a mixture of CK, Versace and Cartier. Inshallah, these will be uploaded to the web site by the weekend.
By Customer Services on 17.07.2003
what is us 20.10 and /or UK 14.10 in Rand value please, I have purchased something..order no: 4380 and also can u use someone elses credit card to pay for your purchase if you dont have one of your own? or what other means are there?
By nazarahna on 12.08.2003
as salaam alaikum Can you please tell me if you do this scarf in a White and Pink colour and the Chanel scarf aswell.
By Zarqa on 11.08.2003
I am afraid not, we have uploaded our full range of scarves to the website now, whatever you can see is what we have.
By Customer Services on 11.08.2003
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