The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam Revised Edition (HB) - Cyril Glasse

The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam Revised Edition (HB) - Cyril Glasse
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The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam Revised Edition (HB) - Cyril Glasse      

The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam Revised Edition (HB) - Cyril Glasse      

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The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam Revised Edition (HB) - Cyril Glasse

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Cyril Glasse
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This concise reference guide is designed specifically for readers and students who wish to learn more about the world's fastest-growing religion. Fully illustrated, the encyclopedia contains hundreds of alphabetically arranged entries which give succinct yet authoritative information on everything from the Qur'an and its origins to contemporary issues.
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1/20/2007 8:27:46 AM
review by:
asgar kamora
So far it is quite good as far as I have read it.
encyclopedia of islam
1/19/2007 7:47:23 AM
review by:
I am generaly pleased but am concerned about one area of incorrect information. The book states that an angel breaths the breath of life info a foetus. I have been told that God alone does this. As a new Muslim this makes me nervous should other information not be correct.
7/17/2006 11:28:15 AM
review by:
Excellent book. I got tired of borrowing it from the library and your store was the only place that I found it for sale. There should be more copies of it placed in all public libraries.
7/4/2006 1:07:55 PM
review by:
Bradley Niemi
as salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu just wanted to say jazakallah for the wonderful item it's a very good book and a must have for anybody collection inshallah
ower hopefull is paradise...!
6/18/2006 12:14:25 AM
review by:
dear brothers in islam i hope of ALLAH that give as his peace surlly our thinking should be in relation to the Quran and sunnah and so contemporary thought should be tempered as such. but we must doesnt forget that meny peapull doesn t like to coming in islam end no bellive in it spetially in this time so those songs have a good work to give the correct idea about islam for the other peaple hwos have the folse information for it i hop that owr ALLAH SEND HIS PEACE FOR US YOUR TUNISIEN HOSSAM HAMROUNI FROM LYBIA

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Salaam, Please can you tell me when you are likely to restock the above book. Thank You.
By Javed Iqbal on 28.12.2005
We have the same book by a different publisher: The Concise Encyclopaedia of Islam eCode # 54536 19.99
By Customer Services on 29.12.2005
Salam, is it possible to reserve any products. I want to buy this product, but also an audio CD set at the same time. However, the audio CD set is currently not in stock, so I can't order it yet. Please can you tell me how to reserve this product. Jazakallah.
By AbdAllah on 27.06.2006
I am afraid we have no reservation system. Let me know which CD set you are waiting for so I can advise if it will become availble in the forseeable future.
By Customer Services on 28.06.2006
Enter your question/comment here. Ho many muslims do exist in the world in how many countries???
By on 23.07.2004
I am afraid that your question is beyond the scope of this forum. We are not qualified to answer questions authoritively on Islam and therefore refrain from doing so in order not to mislead. We are only able to answer questions on our products. Please redirect your question to
By Customer Services on 23.07.2004
Salam. Who is the author Cyril Glasse? Is it a muslim author? Is the book written for muslims in mind or is it a general reference for everyone muslim and non-muslims alike? Jazakallah.
By AbdAllah on 22.06.2006
The author is a Muslim. The book is written as a reference for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
By Customer Services on 22.06.2006
I recently put in an order for a copy of "The Concise Encyclopaedia of Islam. I have not received a reply about the product. Can you please inform me of the status of the order? Thank You Mustafa
By Mustafa Ahmad on 10.06.2006
The book was despatched by standard airmail on the 5th June
By Customer Services on 12.06.2006
Salam Walikum, Can u please guide where we can get this book in Bangalore -- India
By Zubair Ahmed on 08.06.2006
Apologies, but I have no idea.
By Customer Services on 08.06.2006
i want to know about book "tajirbat-e-ibrahim". in urdu language. which is used for treatment of "jinaat"
By naeem akhtar channa on 07.07.2006
We don't have that book in stock.
By Customer Services on 10.07.2006
we the nigerian muslims how can we get ur products. was there no any corespondence office in nigeria ,so as to subscribe like other muslims in euro,america and asia. pls consider our situation in this part of the world .And Allah will reward u assalam.from Alhaji idris datti.
By Alhaji Idris Datti on 06.06.2006
salam, could you tell me if this book is written in english or arabic please.
By l. ramadan on 04.06.2006
It is English only, there is an inside page scan on the item's information page.
By Customer Services on 05.06.2006
Assalamualaykum. Could you tell me if there have been any scholars who recommend this book, and what they say about this author? I would like to buy the book, but would like to ensure its authenticity. Shukran. Wa jazakallahu khair fidduniya wal aakhirah
By Kulthum on 03.06.2006
It is quite unusual to have recommendations by scholars of this type of reference work. The author or publisher would have to actively seek the recommendation.
By Customer Services on 05.06.2006
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