Deluxe Jinnah (Karzai) Cap: Black

Deluxe Jinnah (Karzai) Cap: Black
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Deluxe Jinnah (Karzai) Cap: Black

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56cm cm
205gm / 0.45lbs
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Mar 2003
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Jinnah cap - made with 100% goats hair

Height 14cm x 29cm length approx.
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Customer Ratings

A traditional cap at an affordable price
3/27/2016 4:01:34 AM
review by:
Haleema Shaikh
Thank you simplyislam for my Jinnah cap. It is of excellent quality, at a reasonable price, and arrived rather swiftly. To those who have their doubts: I can guarantee that if you look elsewhere on the internet, you won't be able to find any at such an affordable price. JazakumAllahu khayran SI, I'll definitely keep repurchasing from you guys.
Jinnah cap
3/7/2016 1:06:46 PM
review by:
Leon Taylor
Nice hat, great pricing
Deluxe Jinnah (Karzai) Cap: Black
7/7/2015 3:33:28 PM
review by:
James Mainland
Nice caps and reasonably priced.
Jinnah Caps (Black and Brown)
3/20/2009 7:30:19 AM
review by:
Gonzalo Algora Lillo (Research Int.)
I am very satisfied with the purchase both with the service and the products. The caps are very nice of a very good quality, and the price is quite affordable. My only suggestion is that you should add the size to the information of all your "hats". Whenever possible I will buy again from you. G.Algora (Madrid, Spain)

Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

when Jinnah cap restock? i really love Black Jinnah cap,can u tell me about the size?
By Rangga on 29.10.2010
Unfortunately we are not expecting stock in the foreseeable future
By Customer Services on 01.11.2010
hi if u want Jinnah caps in any color or in any size then u can mail me. i live in pakistan (Lahore),,
By Shayan on 29.06.2010
By Customer Services on 30.06.2010
i need a lot of hats for a movie production different colors and styles extra ,large sizes i refer like shammi kapoor stlye kashmir type goat skin,will u be able to supply in los angeles,thanks
By magic bhaila on 27.05.2012
Dear Sirs; I am wondering when, and if, you are going to re-stock the black jinnah cap on your web-site. I would certainly like to purchase one and have had a difficult time finding one to my satisfaction. Thankyou for your attention, Russell
By Russell Buckingham on 26.12.2006
Inshallah we will re-stock early in the new year.
By Customer Services on 27.12.2006
Assalamualaikum... I really want black jinnah cap size 22inch... how much total shipping to malaysia... how to buy... i dont have any card credit... pls email to me how to buy with simple and easy step... tq
By fariz on 26.07.2014
Apologies we only accept credit card or paypal for Int. payment
By Customer Services on 26.07.2014
do you have anymore of these in stock?
By abdul aziz on 25.10.2005
We are currently out of stock.
By Customer Services on 25.10.2005
I am inquiring regarding the size of this hat (52966). The product description says 8" x 6" but I do not know what that means. For Jinnah caps, I am accustomed to number sizings and I am size 9 or 10. Do you have this hat in one of these sizes? Also, does this hat come in different colours?
By Nadeem Siddiq on 25.04.2004
i am in dubai please let me know where is your shop thanks
By irfan on 24.07.2012
can i get hold of a hat like this in 4 days
By jonathan seal on 23.04.2004
If you are based in the UK then there should be no problem, however delivery to the US if need takes at least 5 days
By Customer Services on 24.04.2004
Can i get this in mix grey please
By Adil Riaz Ahmed on 22.07.2011
Unfortunately we do not have mixed Grey in stock and are unsure as to when we will be re-stocking it. We recommend ecode number 50056 Grey Brown as an alternative.
By Customer Services on 25.07.2011
what is the size of the cap?
By azam on 21.09.2003
it is ideally suited to someone with a head circumference of 58 centimetres
By Customer Services on 22.09.2003
Assalaamu aleykum Dearest Brothers and Sisters, I am interested in purchasing this cap, but since I have a very big head, I need to know the circumference. Your reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
By Mark Castaneda on 20.10.2003
the approximate circumference of this hat is 60 cm
By Customer Services on 21.10.2003
Asalaamu alaikum, Do you have this hat in 58-59cm size? I am not concerned about colour.
By S Wring on 19.08.2014
Inshallah I will check when sending to get that size.
By Customer Services on 20.08.2014
Hello. I live in the UK and I was wondering how long it would take for you to deliver to me if it's just normal delivery. I hope to hear from you soon. Bye
By Muhammad Akhtar Hussain on 18.02.2016
We aim to despatch all orders within 24 hours of receipt, or otherwise advise via email. Delivery Times: UK: Within 3 days Europe: Within 7 days USA : between 5-10 days Rest of the World: 7-12 days
By Customer Services on 19.02.2016
When will you have these back in stock? I would like to buy the brown and a black one for my husband
By Zawjah Muhammad on 11.12.2013
Inshallah in approximately 4 weeks time.
By Customer Services on 11.12.2013
How big is the de luxe Jinnha cap and how many do you have. My head size is 22 inches or 48.4 cm
By James Stubbs on 11.09.2005
the size we have will suite you..........we got only one in stock
By Customer Services on 16.09.2005
I am looking for a Jinnah cap, that also has Ear Flaps and a CUFF added to normal Jinnah Cap. I want to show you... What is an Ear Flap and Cuff ?.... This text box does not accept a picture. Please, send me your E-Mail address or your mobile Telephone number so that I may send you the pictures.
By Mohammad Aslam Chaudhry on 11.03.2017
By Customer Services on 13.03.2017
Assalamu alaikum, I would like to know the height of the black, dark brown and cream Jinnah caps. Are the caps different shapes because some appear to be round at the back and more pointed at the front. And what size are they. Also do you have a size 55, if you do please indicate which caps.Thankyou.
By Syed on 07.12.2011
Inshallah I will flag your question and provide the information requested shortly.
By Customer Services on 08.12.2011
Would like to purchase Jinnah Cap but need a large size and would need it delivered to Barcelona Spain before 25 August. How do you measure the head size?
By salman on 06.08.2003
Just measure around the head. The approx. size of the hat is 55cm around the inside circumference. Delivery within Europe is usually with 5 days.
By Customer Services on 06.08.2003
Jinnah Cap : Black Exterior covering: real goat goat's hair ecode : 52966 What is the size/diameter of this hat?
By M. Aziz Schierwagen on 04.11.2003
The circumference of this hat is approx. 58cm
By Customer Services on 05.11.2003
I would like to know what sizes of this cap you have. Thnak you
By Salim on 04.05.2006
The size of the jinnah cap is 58 cm approx
By Customer Services on 09.05.2006
Dear Sir/Madam I am interested in the Jinnah hats preferably black brown but I am not sure of the size but on a normal topee I wear size 22. So before I place an order I would like an explanation regarding sizes. Regards Shaheed Ndongeni
By shaheed ndongeni on 01.11.2016
By Customer Services on 01.11.2016
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