Al Mukry: Portable Digital Holy Quran

Al Mukry: Portable Digital Holy Quran

Al Mukry: Portable Digital Holy Quran      

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Al Mukry: Portable Digital Holy Quran

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6x6x1.5 cm / 2.36x2.36 inches
200gm / 0.44lbs
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Feb 2003
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- Recited by Shaikh Ali Abdul Rahman
Al-Hudhaify (RS-300VH)
- Complete Qur'an Digital Audio recitation
- Book-marking of Surahs and verses
that will be saved even after shutdown
- Recitation through head phones
- Easy search for Surahs and verses
- Repeatable recitation of verses
for memorization
- Size : 63.5 X 63.5 X 15.6 (mm)
- Weight : 60g(including batteries)
- Power : DC 3V (2 X AAA)
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Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

By LANRE on 26.08.2004
is it sold to buyers in nigeria
By tajudeen on 21.11.2003
Only if you are able to pay by telegraphic transfer directly into our account.
By Customer Services on 21.11.2003
Hello, does this Al Mukry RS-300VH translate to English?
By Ashfaaq on 21.08.2004
No, it is just the recitation without any text on screen.
By Customer Services on 23.08.2004
Can you please tell me the name of the manufacturing company of the Al Mukry: Portable Digital Holy Quran.
By Usman Khalid on 19.06.2004
It is manufactured by the penman corp.
By Customer Services on 19.06.2004
could you tell me who the recitation is done by. and is this the only reciter on this paticular machine.
By Asif Quayum on 17.12.2004
I beleive it is Sudais and Shurraim.
By Customer Services on 18.12.2004
salam u alaykom, could you please tell me how long continusly will the reader play Holy Quran if I put 2 fresh AAA batteris? jazakomollaho khairan:) assalam:)
By seyyed toofan on 10.01.2004
Thsi product has no moving parts and so there is very little drain on the batteries, but I do not know how long those batteries will last.
By Customer Services on 12.01.2004
i would like to buy the al mukry digital holy quran. when will you get them in stock. please inform me. jazakallah. amran abdi
By amran abdi on 05.04.2005
I am afraid the distributor is no longer importing the product. We will remove this product from our catalogue.
By Customer Services on 06.04.2005
what kind of free gift do u 1 2 give me? syukran ghazilan by the way is it the expensive gift that u want 2 give me tq how many free gift u want 2 give it 2 me
By Adillah on 04.11.2003
Please proceed with your transaction, everything will be made clear. You have a choice of over 70 free gifts.
By Customer Services on 05.11.2003
do you have anything without using earpiece? thank you.
By Adillah on 03.11.2003
No, sorry, I am afraid not.
By Customer Services on 04.11.2003
do u have any free gift if i buy a lot?
By Adillah on 02.11.2003
If you live outside the UK and your postage charges exceed $10, then you can automatically choose from over 70 free gifts.
By Customer Services on 03.11.2003
can we use this digital quran without an earpiece? Tahnk you.
By adillah on 02.11.2003
No, it has to be used with the earpiece.
By Customer Services on 03.11.2003
do you have other types of digital Holy Quran.
By Adillah on 02.11.2003
Please click on this link:
By Customer Services on 04.11.2003
can u please show me different type of digital holy quran
By Adillah on 02.11.2003
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