Al Quran Ul Raheem: With Urdu Translation - 35 CD Set

Al Quran Ul Raheem: With Urdu Translation - 35 CD Set
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Al Quran Ul Raheem: With Urdu Translation - 35 CD Set
Abdul Basit Samad
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A complete recitation of the Holy Quran by Qari Abdul Basit Abdus Samad . Translation Voice : Shamshad Ali Khan. Urdu Translation : Fateh Mohammad Jalandhari on 35 CDs.
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9/25/2006 3:49:59 PM
review by:
hi is ko gor say sonno plz isyy play karo

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Salam just want to know dose that cd will work in my car please let me know and if I order how long dose it take to come thanks.
By Huma on 31.07.2012
This is a standard CD format so it should work in your car Inshallah. We aim to despatch all orders within 24 hours of receipt, or otherwise advise via email. Delivery Times: UK: Within 3 days Europe: Within 7 days USA : between 5-10 days Rest of the World: 7-12 days
By Customer Services on 31.07.2012
How can I procure these CDs pl reply soon wassalam
By Rashid Ali on 30.09.2004
Please select the items you require by adding them to the cart in the usual way. At checkout you will informed of shipping charges, if at this stage you wish to ammend your order you can always click back to the basket and ammend quantities and remove items and then proceed forward again to discover the new shipping charges. Once you have decided on your order, you may elect to pay by cheque or credit card
By Customer Services on 01.10.2004
I wonder whether you sell al-fajar azan clock (ct-01) I wish to buy quran with urdu translation which I notice u do have. I wonder how long will it take for me to receive it if i do buy it from you.
By Allam Duymun on 27.06.2011
We aim to despatch all orders within 24 hours of receipt, or otherwise advise via email. Delivery Times: UK: Within 5 days Europe: Within 10 days USA : between 10-14 days Rest of the World: 12-17 days
By Customer Services on 28.06.2011
Assalam O'Alaikum, I want some information about the islam for human desease and its sloution with quranic referance, i mean the one man is ill, what will be a sloution of the desease accordint to the quranic referaanc. Your immediate reply in this regrad will be highly appriciated Thanks Suhail Naseer.
By Muhammad Suhail Naseer on 25.06.2004
I am afraid that your question is beyond the scope of this forum. We are not qualified to answer questions authoritively on Islam and therefore refrain from doing so in order not to mislead. We are only able to answer questions on our products. Please redirect your question to
By Customer Services on 26.06.2004
i want to know what is the best for a newcommer to the quran in english stanlation? shukra ma-slaama
By mohammed akhtar on 22.06.2005
The following set is a very good english translation.
By Customer Services on 22.06.2005
Is the recitaction on this CD set in Qiraat or normal praying?
By Imran Gulma on 18.04.2005
Please take a listen to the online sample. Thanks.
By Customer Services on 18.04.2005
what's your desion bout this community
By noureen on 18.02.2007
Do any of your Koran CD's have tracks on them? So for example, if I stopped the CD and wanted to pick up from the same place the next time, I could skip to a certain track? Most CD's just stay on track 1 for the entire CD. Please advise. thanks!
By Ashiyana on 12.10.2004
The following CD Set with English Trans. http://bunny/simplyislam/iteminfo.asp?item=53155 has separate tracks for each surah and when playing on media player the names of the surahs are listed.
By Customer Services on 14.10.2004
i tried to pay the amount by the debit card, but it was not accepted what shall i do?
By Ather on 12.04.2004
All payments are handled by a third-party company: - do you have any other cards you could try?
By Customer Services on 14.04.2004
why are there two different prices
By Naaz on 09.06.2003
there are 2 prices one for $34.95 and another for $52.43 could you please let me know what is the difference in these prices for ?
By Rizwan Ahmad on 08.06.2003
Salam Aleikum, Non of the recitation plays audio and it makes it difficult for the choice. Thanks Ahmed
By syed A Ahmed on 01.05.2004
Do you mean that the CDs do not work?
By Customer Services on 04.05.2004
Its tape or CD
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