Al Quran Ul Karim: Al Mushaf-ul-Murtal - 27CDs

Al Quran Ul Karim: Al Mushaf-ul-Murtal - 27CDs
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Al Quran Ul Karim: Al Mushaf-ul-Murtal - 27CDs

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Abdul Basit Samad
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Dec 2002
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A complete recitation of the Holy Quran on 27 CDs by Qari Abdul Basit Abdus-Samad. The CDs are divided up into tracks per Surah. This makes for easy playback of desired Surah.
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Al Quran Ul Karim: Al Mushaf-ul-Murtal - 27CDs
1/7/2006 1:07:49 AM
review by:
Umm Adam
What a fantastic recitation, beautiful with excellent tajweed. Highly recommended.

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Please inform whether the Recitation is Tajweed OR
By DR A SHAH on 27.10.2009
This is the tajweed recitation and not the usual tarteel. You can tell this from the fact that there are almost 30CDs in the set and there is no translation. If you are using Internet explorer you should also be able to hear a sample of the set.
By Customer Services on 28.10.2009
assalam walaykum i would like to know if you charge for delivery to the uk and if so about how much would it cost?
By abu ibrahiam on 25.02.2004
Approx. 2 - 3, but please follow the instruction below for an exact shipping charge: To discover the shipping charge for your order, add the required items to your cart and proceed to checkout. Before you are asked for any payment details you are informed of shipping cost. Please note shipping is charged @ cost. There are no handling charges. Delivery Times: We aim to despatch all orders within 24 hours of receipt, or otherwise advise via email. UK: Within 3 days Europe: Within 7 days USA : between 5 -10 days Rest of the World: 10 - 21 days
By Customer Services on 26.02.2004
i am in kirgyzstan i cont find CD.ormp3 tlawet of qari sahib abdul samad basit . and i cont gid me how con i domlod in internet .i will be very happy . itis my emil address/
By mirwais on 18.04.2007
Can you skip forward to any surat or do you have to listen to the whole cd?
By Amina on 16.08.2005
Inshallah we will check this shortly and let you know.
By Customer Services on 17.08.2005
is it in english
By Donna Aykin on 15.11.2006
Only arabic.
By Customer Services on 15.11.2006
Selam alejkum brother when do I recive my order. when do you think i will get it, how many weeks? selamu alejkum
By mamut on 11.02.2010
You may view the status and details of your order by following the procedure below: 1. Login 2. Select 'Customer Services' 3. Select 'View Order History' 4. Click the Order No. for a detailed view of your order.
By Customer Services on 15.02.2010
if i buy this cd, can i download it onto my mp3?
By afifah suradi on 10.11.2008
Yes, but you would need to convert it to MP3 format first. There are lots of tools on the internet that will let you do that. Google for MP3 Convertor.
By Customer Services on 10.11.2008
Do you have Names of allah in Gold water letter, if you do, that is great, I think for what God gave us, his names should be in pure Gold, anyway please let me know and alsalamu alukum
By Names of allah on 06.08.2004
I am afraid we do not have Names of allah in Gold water letter
By Customer Services on 09.08.2004
Assalaamu 'alaykum Do you deliver in France. If yes, how many days it I have to wait. And do you still have this item in stock ? Please let me know Jazakumullah khair, Wa salaamu 'alaykum
By Muhammad on 04.09.2009
Yes, we deliver to France. It takes between 3-5 days for delivery, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 04.09.2009
Is this a long version of REcitation
By Dr a SHAH on 02.02.2009
A sample is available on the website.
By Customer Services on 02.02.2009
By MAZHAR on 01.01.2004
We do not offer this service of delivering to an address other than the credit card holder's address as a feature on our web site because our credit card company will not authorise such payments due to the high risk of fraud. However, we can provide this service manually. Please place your order using your address. Once this is completed, please submit a message, quoting your order no. that you would like for the goods to be delivered to an alternative address. There may be an extra postage charge depending on the delivery country you have specified.
By Customer Services on 02.01.2004
as salaam is that possible to exchange to 52600 please
By ibrahim nabhan on
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