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Diseases of the Hearts & their Cures

Diseases of the Hearts & their Cures      

Diseases of the Hearts & their Cures      

Diseases of the Hearts & their Cures

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Diseases of the Hearts & their Cures

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Shaykhul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah

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ecode 50921 
Size 21x15 cm / 8.27x5.91 inches
Weight 165gm / 0.36lbs
Media Book
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Pages 92
Binding Paper Back
Added on Aug 2002
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The Diseases of the Hearts and their Cures by Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah
Know O beloved reader that it is most important to spend one's time and energy in treating the heart, and hastening to correct and purify if from sickness and all sins. This is due to the heart occupying a great and lofty position in Islaam, for it is the place to which the Lord looks and the storehouse for tawheed, faith and sincerity.
Actions are distinguished, one from the other, with respect to their excellence in the Sight of Allaah in accordance with the condition of the heart, not by their number or form, but rather due to the strength of the caller, his truthfulnes, his sincerity and the extent to which he prefers Allaah over himself...
Al-Haafidh ibn Hajr al-Asqalaanee, may Allaah have mercy upon him and provide us with his knowledge, said: "The heart has been singled out for this because it is the leader of the body, and through the purification of the leader the subjects become purified, and with his corruption they become corrupted. So if you, O servant of Allaah, wish to cure your heart then it is upon you to be truthful with regards to seeking refuge with Allaah and putting your trust in Him, to pray a great deal of supererogatory prayers, to perform the actions of obedience to Allaah frequently, to pray the night prayer while the people are sleeping, and to treat your heart by making it continuously stick to the remembrances and by befriending only the righteous... and to frequently recite the Qur'aan. And Allaah will indeed allow all of this to be preserved by him."
Taken from the Compiler's Foreword

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   Customer Ratings    
Comment/Review Diseases of the Heart 12/26/2013 2:59:12 PM

review by:
User Muhammad Hiran 
Great Book... Superb content
Comment/Review Cures 4 diseases of the heart. 10/29/2005 1:57:38 PM

review by:
User Leemon Choudhury 
A great book, from an eminent scholar. One of the best i've read from the author, May Allah bless and grant him Mercy. I would recommend this person to NEmuslim who has a heart..So that means you!
   Product Comments / Questions & Answers  
i want you list diseases & their cures by ibn tamiyyah explain
By abdul rasheed on 22.04.2011
You will need to buy the book.
By Customer Services on 26.04.2011
Asalamu 'alaykum, Is the mentioned book in arabic?
By Eman Ismail on 20.05.2009
I am pretty sure that it must be, but we specialise in English language books
By Customer Services on 21.05.2009
As Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaah, when will you have the book diseases of the hearts and their cures back in stock ?
By zainab Amatullaah on 18.09.2011
We will place an order for it and if it is available from our supplier we should have it within 10 days, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 18.09.2011
what store in the metro area of washington dc& maryland can you buy this book
By latosha mckoy on
is this book available in theU.S.?
By Usamah Ansari on
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