Talimul Islam

Talimul Islam
Talimul Islam

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Mufti Muham-med Kifayatu-Lua
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18x12 cm / 7.09x4.72 inches
300gm / 0.66lbs
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May 2003
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mash hoor farishtey panch koun koun se hain
By khalid khan on 30.12.2009
can i see inside
By Khan on 30.09.2009
I would just like to know if Talimul Islam is the same as Taleemul Haq? Thanks
By Khan on 30.09.2009
Yes, it is the same book, just a different title.
By Customer Services on 01.10.2009
Salaamualaikom. I have a construction Company in afghanistan and now i wanto work with americans also they offer me so many works now iam worry about it tell me some thing about this work is this alowd in islam or not . and what should i do
By Masood Ahmad on 25.02.2012
Unfortunately, we are not qualified to answer questions authoritively on Islam and therefore refrain from doing so in order not to mislead. We are only able to answer questions on our products. Please redirect your question to http://english.islamweb.net/ver2/Fatwa/index.php?lang=E or www.askimam.com
By Customer Services on 25.02.2012
Salamu alikum i want to know can i buy this book in Afghanistan or do you have any purchase is Afghanistan.
By kareemullah from Kandahar ,Afghanistan on 09.03.2011
assalamualaikum we are an Islamic School located in New York. We want to buy a 100 or so copies of the book. Can we get a quote based on the wholesale price? thanks
By jamaica muslim center on 04.07.2010
We have a dedicated area for wholesale purchasers or volume buyers. The area is open to all. In order to qualify for wholesale prices: 1. products must be purchased in the stated multiple quantities. 2. Minimum spend must be 150 / US$250 (current special offer - due to increase) If you are already a simplyislam.com customer, then all you need to do to register for a wholesale purchase is login as normal, but click the new 'TRADER' check box underneath in order to add some extra details to your account.
By Customer Services on 05.07.2010
can you tell me what this book teaches you ie the chapters and whether it is in english or not. thanks
By saheb on 03.05.2005
Yes, it is in ENglish and it goes through the very basic teachings of Islam inc. salah and kalimahs. It is a well known title.
By Customer Services on 05.05.2005
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