Building a New Society

Building a New Society
Building a New Society

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Zahid Pervez
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Building a New Society casts light on an issue that has generated much heated debate: how a social change based on Islam should be brought about? The book expounds the vision of Islam for man and society and presents the broad process Islam has laid down for realising this vision. It reminds the readers of the purpose of the Muslim world-community, highlights the problems and key challenges that are presented by secular-materialism and clarifies the Islamic methodology for guiding and directing social change in a systematic and comprehensive way. Some of the issues addressed include: What kind of change does Islam aim to promote in social life? Where does the process of change start from? Should change be revolutionary or gradual? What bearing should the social context have on strategies and methods? Zahid Parvez is a Senior Lecturer in Information Management at the University of Wolverhampton Business School. He has been extensively engaged in community activities since 1976. Zahid Parvez was the national President of the Young Muslims UK (1988-89) and then of the Islamic Society of Britain (1996-98). He obtained an MBA in 1992 and is currently pursuing a PhD on the implications of the new information and communications technologies for democracy.
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How do I possess a copy of this book. I am seriously yearning for it. I would have wish to order for it but I am residing in far Nigeria, West Africa.?
By Shu`ayb Shittu on 16.04.2004
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