Yasarnal Quran

Yasarnal Quran
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Yasarnal Quran
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Jul 2004
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Yasarnal Quran
1/7/2006 6:50:50 PM
review by:
Natalie McColl
as a learning muslim i find this book very useful, it is helping me to learn the quran with ease. i would advise any muslim who is wanting to learn the quran to start with this book first and insha'allah it will give them the same ease as it has give me

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my question is in namaz we will reed sureh fateha behind imam
By mujahed on 27.04.2004
I beleive it is preferable to just listen to Surah Fateha by the Imam.
By Customer Services on 27.04.2004
is this in arabic. can english peakers understand this
By john on 20.10.2009
Its in arabic we do have one with english and arabic please look on the website for a comprehensive list.
By Customer Services on 20.10.2009
salaamz, is this recital for all of the quran. Thankyou
By rayana on 02.03.2004
It is just a starter book - like ABC, but for Quranic Arabic
By Customer Services on 02.03.2004
Salaamz, can u give me a bit of information on this book plz. thank you. allah hafiz
By rayana on 01.03.2004
It is used to teach the beginner how to recite Quranic Arabic.
By Customer Services on 01.03.2004
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