Adam the Muslim Prayer Bear

Adam the Muslim Prayer Bear

Adam the Muslim Prayer Bear      

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Adam the Muslim Prayer Bear

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29x20 cm / 11.42x7.87 inches
450gm / 0.99lbs
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Sep 2005
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*He's Different…He's Unique
*Ideal learning tool for young Muslims
*Press his paws and ears
*Six Different Islamic sayings in Arabic with English Translation
*Have fun learning Islam with Adam

size: Hight is 11"

The sayings are:

01 Allah-o-Akbar
02 La-illaha ilallah Mohammad ar rasulullah
03 Asalam-o-alaikumwa rahmatullah
04 Al-humdullilah
05 Bismillah ar Rahman nirahim
06 Subhanallah

All with english translation
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Adam the Muslim Bear
11/23/2005 2:38:24 PM
review by:
Really sweet, great idea for a muslim baby/child. Get more of these! Different animals! The only criticism I have is the little bow tie round the neck-it should be secured to the bear and be made of fabric all round rather than just the bow and then plastic covered metal to attach it around the neck. I had to secure it and try and tuck the ends inder so the baby wouldn't get hurt. It's a bit of a safety hazard.
11/18/2005 10:23:07 PM
review by:
Ma shAllah really good idea its a great way to teach adults and children the words we often use to Praise Allah swt and Prophet Muhammad saw
Adams Bear
11/18/2005 1:20:00 PM
review by:
Zamila Ismail
i thought this toy was brilliant but the voice needs to be a little animated kids. however. my cousin brother, Sabir, also loved it. Wouldn't let it go all through eid day
adam the islamic bear
11/18/2005 8:19:28 AM
review by:
uzma ashraf
arrived on time and in good condition. The description and picture does not do it justice- it is great especially for young children.
Brilliant invention!
11/17/2005 9:34:52 AM
review by:
Farah Khan
I bought this for my nephew ironically called Adam as well and its brilliant! I would advise anyone with a small child to buy this for them! At the moment my nephew is too small to copy..but InshAllah i know he will!!
wonderful islamic toy
11/14/2005 6:42:32 PM
review by:
mayya al safadi
it is really good my son loved it , i think it is ideal fo rchildren between 1-5 it is much better than the bears that says i love u .. and it is by kid voice so it is quite good ..
adam the prayer bear
10/31/2005 2:56:53 PM
review by:
this is an excellent product mashahallah is great for teaching the kids many thanks
adams bear
10/16/2005 6:06:56 PM
review by:
danielle worth
a must for any little muslim my daughter loves it
Adam the Muslim bear review
10/7/2005 5:36:52 PM
review by:
Jeffrey Barton
Very good quality bear, with nice soft fur. Every button operated the messages without fail, showing good quality manufacture. The quotes the bear says are good and clear, in a gentle boys voice, which won't scare kids. I'd happily buy more of these for presents.
Adam the Muslim Prayer Bear
9/25/2005 8:50:38 PM
review by:
Janna Altinsoy
It is a very high quality cuddly toy, better than I was expecting to be honest. Unfortunately the voice is not as cute as I had been expecting, I was expecting a more animated, characterised voice, it sounds like a tape recording of a young boy trapped in a cuddly toy! A more animated voice would make this product perfect! Though, on the whole it is a great toy, my 3 year old Faruk loves it!

Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

assalam mu alaikum, could you please tell me when this item will be in stock again, and if its possible to reserve products that are currently out of stock as i would like to order 2 of the bears and an amina doll, jahzak allah khair, wa salam
By tanya monkman on 29.08.2010
Please, follow the link and check new teddy bear. The Amina Doll will also be in stock within few days. In order to be informed automatically by email when an item is re-stocked, please browse to the products information page and enter your email address in the space provided on that page.
By Customer Services on 29.08.2010
Salaams will you be restocking the Adam bear ? If not Do you know of other stockist jzk
By Angela on 27.12.2014
Walaikum Asalaam, this toy is no longer available from the manufacture.
By Customer Services on 05.01.2015
Asalam Alaikum, * What is the size of the bear? * Is it suitable for 1year olds? * When will it be in stock * Will I be able to get one before Eid?
By Dinah Rahman on 25.10.2005
The size is as stated in the description: 29x20 cm / 11.42x7.87 inches Inshallah we will recieve more stocks in the next few days.
By Customer Services on 25.10.2005
Assalamu Alaikum, When will this product be in stock? Wassalaam, Barbra
By Barbra on 23.09.2005
Please try now.
By Customer Services on 23.09.2005
when will you get this back in stock?
By muhammed on 22.12.2005
I am afraid this bear is no longer available from the manufacturers
By Customer Services on 22.12.2005
when do you expect to have Adam prayer teddy bear again in stock?
By madinah mroz on 22.10.2009
This product is no longer in production.
By Customer Services on 23.10.2009
By Qamar on 19.10.2005
please found following measurments. 11" x 8"
By Customer Services on 27.10.2005
why can i not get hold of this prayer bear? I am desperate to buy one for my grandaughter for her 1st eid
By amanda boughton-brown on 18.09.2008
Unfortunately that product sold out years ago and was not repeated by the manufacturer
By Customer Services on 19.09.2008
Why is it still posted on the website as an item?
By Shadi on 16.11.2005
Because people can see that it is out of stock, otherwise many people would ring and email us to ask us where the bear is. Inshallah after a few more weeks we will remove from the website.
By Customer Services on 16.11.2005
Who is the Adam Bear Manufacturer? I am keen to get in touch with them. Please provide whatever details you have. Jazakallah Kair.
By Idris on 15.04.2010
Inshallah we are the process of re-manufacturing this toy. We expect stock around August 2010
By Customer Services on 16.04.2010
is this nice toy will be in stock again
By hazar on 13.11.2005
Is the nice toy will be in stock again, and if yes, when
By hazar on 13.11.2005
I am afraid it is no longer available from the manufacturer.
By Customer Services on 14.11.2005
How much is the post&packaging? &when will he be in stock?
By UmmSharifa on 11.11.2005
We have been informed by the manufacturer that there is no longer any stock left of this bear.
By Customer Services on 12.11.2005
do you guys know when adam the prayer bear will be back in stock?
By Phoebe on 10.12.2014
Sorry that is no longer available. It was replaced by Umair.
By Customer Services on 11.12.2014
I was wondering when the Adam Bear will be available?? Please respond Thanks in advance
By Fatma on 09.12.2005
This bear is no longer available from the manufacturer.
By Customer Services on 09.12.2005
Could you tell me the phrases said by the bear
By marium zamir on 09.10.2005
The sayings are: 01 Allah-o-Akbar 02 La-illaha ilallah Mohammad ar rasulullah 03 Asalam-o-alaikumwa rahmatullah 04 Al-humdullilah 05 Bismillah ar Rahman nirahim 06 Subhanallah All with english translation
By Customer Services on 12.10.2005
i am at the point of getting a prototype doneand i need to know how do i get in contact with the right people as i am a young entrapenure
By fatima uddin on 06.12.2005
Sorry we are only retailers we have no knowledge of manufacture.
By Customer Services on 07.12.2005
Assalaam Allaykum Could you please inform me if you are able to provide these bears in wholesales prices if i was to purchase 50+ thanks Saleem
By Saleem Siddique on 05.12.2005
Unfortunately the bear is no longer available from the manufacturer.
By Customer Services on 05.12.2005
where else can i buy this or when are you going to have them in stock?
By imran on 04.11.2010
Unfortunately this item is no longer produced. It has been replaced by Umair the Talking Muslim Teddy Bear
By Customer Services on 04.11.2010
I really want to buy it but I can't find it anywhere?
By Aamirah on 04.09.2009
It is no longer available.
By Customer Services on 04.09.2009
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